My Top 20 Internet Celebrities

Posted on April 5, 2013 - 7:07pm by gabrielh

20. JewWario - Justin Carmical

If it weren’t for Justin Carmical’s show “You Can Play This”, I would have not been introduced to many fun games such as Tokaido 53 Tsugi, Getsu Fuuma Den, Wai Wai World, Umihara Kawase (which became one of my favorite games of all time), Kenka Bancho, etc. His show is also the reason of how I got into the Sakigake!! Otokojuku franchise (which is now my 3rd favorite manga/anime) and it reawakened my love for the Hokuto no Ken (which is my 2nd favorite manga/anime) franchise.


19. PeanutButterGamer - Austin Hargrave

I have been watching Austin Hargrave’s videos since Day 1, and let me tell you, his videos are very humorous. I especially enjoy his Hardcore series on his other channel, anticipating who will be the last man standing just keeps me on edge. I remember the time when I voted for the time when I voted for PBG’s quote “Bangalanga-Do-Dah!” during that NBA Jam Catch Phrase Contest. I was so excited because of the fact that a fellow g1 was participating in this contest, and was going to be in a game.


18. Gaijin Goomba

I don’t really have that much to say about Gaijin Goomba, but I just enjoy each and every one of his videos, I learn something every time I watch them. He just does a great job of explaining to the viewers about the Japanese culture, and it just keeps you so engaged/focused on the information he is giving you. Gaijin Goomba is a very nice and well-mannered guy, and all of you who have not heard of him or watched any of his videos; I recommend you go do that once you are done reading my Top 20. I wish the best for him in the future.


17. JonTron - Jon Jafari

I discovered JonTron through Continue?, and like PeanutButterGamer’s videos, they are very humorous. His videos always keep me on edge, because I don’t know what he has in store in each episode, always keeping me surprised.


16. Dj CUTMAN – Chris Davidson

I am just speechless when I am talking about Dj CUTMAN’s music. He just takes video game music, and makes it more kick-ass! Like I said in my Top 10 Favorite Video Game Music Artists, when I listen to his music, I just get so pumped and my heart rate increases immensely. When I listen to the dubstep he produces, it awakens the violent beast inside me. I am really looking forward to seeing him perform at SGC3.


15. EgoRaptor - Arin Hanson

Arin Hanson is one of the first people whose videos I have constantly watched on YouTube before I discovered ScrewAttack. Of all of his shows on his YouTube channel, my favorite would have to be the Sequelitis series. As a gamer, it is important to know learn about the elements, mechanics, color schemes, etc. of a game. Also, there are moments in the show that just make me laugh my ass off.


14. Underbelly - Frank Patterson, Shawn Caple, Newt Wallen, and Justin Silverman

I first discovered these guys through, they were partners (and apparently that was short-lived), and they are simply outstanding. Their show always fills my head with ideas that I can apply to skits that I do at school (I would sometimes make references from their show, or wear my “Justin is my Friend” shirt during the skits). Some episodes of their show just make me think of nostalgic memories of my past, the forms of entertainment I grew up with. Reminds me of the glory days of my childhood. Guys, if you are reading this right now, I just want you to know that you guys are f*ckin’ awesome, and what you do always makes my day.


13. Ninja Sex Party - Danny Sexbang (Dan Avidan) & Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht)

Their songs are just downright hilarious and the lyrics are so easy to remember. Usually when I sing aloud, my friends always tell me that I lack emotion and passion. I never really understood what they meant by that; I used to think that singing was just reciting the lyrics to a song, that there is no other meaning behind it. But when I listened to Ninja Sex Party’s songs, I finally understood what my friends were talking about. Thanks to Mr. Avidan, I am able to understand the messages of songs and able to sing with feeling.


12. Bumming Crew – Prikle (Pearl Zhang), Harry Davey, c0ke (Lasse Milling Madsen), Johnny (Jonathan Bruhn Bak), and Timbo Jones

I love these guys! Their videos are just hilarious; I almost get the same amount of entertainment and joy like I get from Nathan Barnatt’s content. Almost all of their videos are just clips from Skype calls, only 2 of their videos were planned. I would classify these guys as an improv comedy group. Their sense of humor never ceases to amuse to me. If it weren’t for these guys, I would have not been introduced to Eddsword or Mega64. I’ve communicated with the whole crew during one of their livestreams (Prikle was playing Abobo’s Big Adventure), and it turns out that they are very kind and interesting people. Prikle is a magnificent artist/animator, Harry and I share the same interest in cats, c0ke is a Zelda fanboy and is loud, Johnny has a nice-looking apartment, and Timbo is a cool guy who has a adorable dog named “Sparky”. Now, I would like to take a moment, and talk about Prikle’s drawings. Prikle’s drawings are very unique and I tend to find it quite appealing. Her drawings are nothing but sheer cuteness. She even drew something with whiteout! That’s amazing, I have never heard or seen anything like it! She is that damn talented! This is one of the reasons why she is my 2nd favorite artist/animator. She even made this bad ass drawing of me:

I can just tell that they are going to be huge in the future, and I will continue to support them in any way I can every step of the way.

All of you ought to check out their videos on their YouTube channel right now (and subscribe):

They also have a podcast that is just as entertaining as Continue?’s TangentCast. So, if you are looking for those types of podcasts, I recommend listening to theirs:

I also made them a subreddit, and I will leave a link to it right here:


11. Stuttering Craig - Craig Skistimas

As most of you know, he is very enthusiastic and will do anything to support the fellow g1s. Craig was the person who encouraged me to be open to many communities on the Internet, and check out different shows. And because of this, I discovered a lot of interesting and kind people such as Pat the NES Punk, Nostalgia Critic, Duane & BrandO, Spoony, Mark Carr, etc. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet him in person (I met him at SGC 2010, he was very nice to my parents).


10. The Game OverThinker - Bob Chipman

I can’t really think of how I can explain to you guys about how I view Bob Chipman in a fully detailed paragraph, but I will say this: I think he is one of the most intriguing individuals that I have known on the Internet (and had the opportunity to meet him). His show is very enjoyable and always tends to make valid points. It always keeps me focused on the changes in society. He has motivated me improve and strengthen my work ethics. I want to become a brilliant ideologist just like him.


9. MatPat - Matthew Patrick

I don’t have that much to say about him… I really enjoy his show “Game Theory”. He supports certain topics in video games with science and such, and is able to present it in a very entertaining manner. I can’t imagine how much work and research he had to do to prove his theories, and I praise him for that.


8. Joey Zadjino

As I said before on my Top 10 Favorite Video Game Music Artists, Joey Zadjino is the best internet/nerdcore rapper of all time. His rhymes are so clever and always seem to surprise you every time you hear them. I listen to one of his albums everyday. Even the people he has collabed with are awesome: Niggalus Cage, MC Rikky, B-Type, MashUp Maloney, MC Makky, 8-Bit Duane, My Parents Favorite Music, Philos Cult, Young Catface, Professor Shyguy, etc. He is also friends with the most basest guy I ever met “David Alvarez”. Mr. Zadjino told me this story of when he was at Nerdapalooza 2012, he was walking to his room, and Dj CUTMAN was behind him and started beatboxing or whatever they call it. Then Mr. Zadjino started rapping over it, and it was just amazing. He told me he didn’t recognize him at the time because he was intoxicated. Once you start listening to Mr. Zadjino’s music, your mind will be f*cking blown!!! So, what I need all of you who are reading this part of my Top 20 right now is to stop right here, and go download/listen to his music right now (and then move on to #7 once you are done). Here are some links:

His 1st EP “Rapping Over Game Tracks (Because Nerdcore Says I Should)” -

Bandcamp page -

SoundCloud page -

Darkwing Duck Theme Song Remix -

Keith Apicary’s Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks “Neo Geo” Remix -

Skrillex’s Bangarang Remix (feat. MC Rikki & Young Catface) -


7. The Completionist - Jirard Khalil

I don’t know what needs to be said when it comes to talking about Jirard Khalil; he is a cool guy who is very social with his fans, and completes games 100%. He has been associated with many wonderful personalities on YouTube such as: Lucahjin, Proton Jon, Zan, Soah, The Warp Zone, etc. (Trying my best not to sound repetitive in this Top 20). His friend Greg Wilmot always comes up with jokes that make me laugh hard, from “BEARS!” to “Push the Cube into my Chest”.


6. brentalfloss - Brent Black

brentalfloss is the reason why I became a music lover/be open to all types of genres of music, and got me really interested in video game music, the reason why I got into nerdcore; and the one to introduce me to Dj CUTMAN, Mega Ran, Daniel Tidwell, Duane & BrandO, and Dave Bulmer. As I said in my Top 10 Favorite Video Game Music Celebrities, he is one of the major role models of my life who made a huge impact in my social life that made me the person I am today, but I don’t want to get into full detail about it because is too personal.


5. Pat the NES Punk - Pat Contri

Pat Contri is one of the silliest people I know on the Internet, and I really enjoy his show (as I said before, I’m trying my best to not sound repetitive). His show has introduced me to many fun NES games that I would want to buy and add to my collection. I have even supported Pat during the Annual NES 24-Hour Marathon for Child’s Play Charity 2 & 3. He knows this awesome guy named “Frank” who has a show called “Ask Frank”, and it has helped me with a few problems in my life. Pat the NES Punk deserves to be #5 on my list; I really admire the stuff that he has done on the Internet. If all of you have never heard of him, I would suggest checking his videos right now at or buy his DVD!!!


4. Nathan Barnatt

I used to be a shy person, and had trouble speaking in front of a huge crowd of people. I would sweat immensely and have difficulty breathing. But after watching epsiodes of Talking Classics and other videos on his YouTube channel, I was able to overcome my fear and shyness. The fact that there is a person who does crazy things in public just gave me the confidence and the strength to be able to do it.


3. The Angry Video Game Nerd - James Rolfe

James Rolfe is the reason why I am here today on ScrewAttack, is the reason why I know all these Internet Celebrities, the reason why I became a hardcore gamer. This is how it all began: In 2007, I was trying to look up places for where I can buy a Nintendo Power Glove for a cheap price, then I accidentally stumbled upon his Nintendo Power Glove episode back when he was still called “The Angry Nintendo Nerd”. I was watching it, and I was just laughing so hard, I couldn’t even breathe at all. That was the first time in my life that I laughed so hard. Ever since that day, I started watching all of his videos. I have learned to appreciate the retro games that I had, and been encouraged to buy a Sega Genesis and a Sega Game Gear. After watching his videos for 1 year (until August 2008), that was when I decided to check out Because of this, I have started watching brentalfloss, Talking Classics, The Game OverThinker, Nametags, and Captain S. And that was just the beginning of my knowledge of the Internet and discovering about the famous people who are known on it. I didn’t have an e-mail at the time, so I did not make an account on ScrewAttack until November 18, 2009.

The only regret that I have in life was not contributing to the AVGN Movie Kickstarter.


2. Continue? - Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, Josh Henderson, and Dominic Moschitti

There are only 3 things in life that get me so pumped that I want to hit someone over the head with a bottle or throw the closest living thing next to me out a window, and those 3 things are: Joey Zadjino’s raps; Dj CUTMAN’s music; & hearing Paul, Nick, Josh, and Dominic yell when they see something epic. I never get tired of their show; each episode overwhelms me with excitement. Who knows what they are going to do in each episode, what jokes are going to be made, if they are going to make a shirt because of the episode, or if Paul Ritchey is going to dance. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to German Suplex somebody right now!! Even their ContinueCasts & TangestCasts keep me excited. They talk about certain topics that leave me a lot to contemplate on, and that is what love about it. It has helped me learn how to start up conversations with other people, bring up certain topics and then discuss about it.

Here is a link to the Continue? Subreddit that I have created:


1. ProJared - Jared Knabenbauer

Ever since I made an account here on in 2009, Jared was the first person to talk to me and welcomed me to the site. During that time, I used to be Catholic (I’m currently a Buddhist). I was brainwashed by a certain member of my family (don’t want to mention any names) that people who did not believe in Christ were bad. So, one day, I asked/PM’d Jared what were the religious beliefs of each member of the ScrewAttack staff were. I can’t exactly remember what he said, but I think it was “I cannot speak on behalf of the staff, but I definitely know that Nick is a devout Christian. But as for me, I am an atheist. Diversity is what makes our vast world so unique and interesting that encourage us to learn the different cultures of others. But, religious differences should not get in the way of getting to know other people or becoming friends with them”. Ever since that day, I have been contemplating on what he said, then I started realize that people who don’t believe in Christ are not bad at all. That what that member of my family said was not true at all. So, in a way, Jared saved me from corruption and strayed me from the path of ignorance (I’m basically saying that Jared’s words have prevented me from becoming one of those people who push their religious beliefs on others). He taught me tolerance towards people with different beliefs. Has helped me take one little step towards maturity. But that isn’t the only reason why Jared is #1 on my list. He is #1 on my list because I really enjoy his ProReviews, One Minute Reviews, livestreams, Nametags, stuff that he has done for the ScrewAttack community, Reviews and improv performances. I just can’t get enough of them. His content has influenced me to become more practical/efficient (not sure if I am using the correct terminology) when it comes to making predictions about games or making reviews. Because of him, I am able to point out the strengths and weaknesses in games. Like Bob Chipman, he has also motivated me to improve and strengthen my work ethics. I am more than proud to say that he is one of the major role models of my life. And Jared, if you are reading this, I just want to say Thank You for Everything.

Oh, and REVULSIVE and I made a subreddit dedicated to ProJared. If you want to check it out, I will leave a link right here:


If all of you are wondering who my favorite artist is, it is Yudetamago (Takashi Shimada & Yoshinori Nakai), the creators of the Kinnikuman & Tatakae!! Ramenman franchises (which you all probably know by now because I always talk about it, are my #1 favorite manga/anime of all time).




Honorable Mentions:

MC Rikki


Philos Cult


Young Catface (Adam Ellis)


MC Makky


Niggalus Cage


MashUp Maloney


David Alvarez AKA Based Dave; He’s always upbeat and in a positive mood, so you better not mess with him.


Jim; A nice guy I met during one of Joey Zadjino’s livestreams who turns out to be a fan of my work






Mike Matei


Kyle Justin


Chan Dram Rutnam


B-Type (Stephen Brunton)


Duane & BrandO


My Parents Favorite Music (MC & Steffo)


Professor Shyguy


Dr3amLand (Tyler & Zach)


Atelier Heidi (Heidi O’Ferrall)


Dj RoboRob


Luke Brown


Leo Camacho


Greg Wilmot


Alex Faciane


Ian Ferguson


Proton Jon




The Warp Zone (Davis, Schroeder, Ryan, Fish, and Odom)






Jose El Mexicano (Jose M. Mejia)


Daily Destin (Destin Legarie)


Maxifent Corey (Corey Pettit)


Mark Carr


Adam J. Teterus


Ryan Stout


Angel the Director of Awesome (Angel Rodriguez)


Captain S (Brett Vanderbrook)








Nama Niku


Edd Gould














Hans Van Harken




Paul ter Voorde


Mega Ran


Kabuto The Python


The Megas






Year 200X






Mister Wilson


The Retro Hunters (Rob & Josh)


Black Nerd (Andre Meadows)


Xatharos (Mike Poulsen)


Unpoopled (Henry Zhang)


oldroots (Evan Bailes)


Team Four Star


Andrew Johnathon Eggebrecht (Mr. Zadjino told me to put you last on the Honorable Mentions list)


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