My Top 5 Least Favorite Mega Man Games

Posted on October 20, 2012 - 9:58am by MegaSilverX1


These games are by no means crappy (well accept for one), but I just don't like them.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an actual blog, let alone a Mega Man related one. So to continue my Mega Man blog series for the Blue Bomber’s 25th Anniversary, I searched my collection for the games I play the least and threw them on a list. Before I begin, this is my opinion and that I may dislike a game for a dumb reason.  Also back in April I made a blog similar to this asking what you’re least favorite Mega Man game was and I said Mega Man X5 was my least, but after playing through the entire game for its review I’ve grown a bit more attached to the game and it even scored the #5 spot on my top 5 favorite Mega Man X games.


5. Mega Man X8


This game is fine on easy mode, but when I play it on normal, the game becomes a bit too difficult, not because of the mavericks or Sigma, but by trying to find all the rare metals scattered in all the stages. It becomes more of a treasure hunt rather than going from stage to stage, collecting upgrades, and destroying the rouge robot at the end. Also the level design is rather cruel and unfair at times. I’d say that the story is confusing, but I don’t play Mega Man games for their story.

Mega Man X8 review


4. Mega Man 7


Let me be clear hear, I don’t hate this game for being 16-bit or different like how it seems like most people do. After playing Mega Mans 1-6 in order, along with the five Game Boy games it’s nice to see a fresh coat of paint for the series. My complaints stem from four things: Mega Man’s sprite being a little too big, not being able to skip cut scenes or dialogue especially during the intro stage, the Robot Master AI is horrible when you use their weakness . All they do is just repeat one attack over and over until they die; I think Freeze Man is the only Robot Master not to that AI problem. Lastly, this is a very minor complaint, but some spots in the game seem a bit to colorful like Spring Man’s level.

Mega Man 7 review


3. Mega Man 9

Remember when I said that some of the reasons for me not liking a game may be dumb? Well I don’t like Mega Man 9 because of its difficulty. After beating the game once I haven’t had the urge to beat it again. I would imagine I’d enjoy the game more if I playing it again, but I can’t stand playing through the Wily stages.


2. Mega Man III

I’m not talking about Mega Man 3 on the NES, it’s the Game Boy game Mega Man III. So what’s so bad about a game that combines both Mega Man 3 and 4? Well, like Mega Man 9, I found this game to be more difficult than enjoyable. For starters, the game has jumps that you need to be a the pixel edge of the ledge to make and the game doesn’t save E-Tanks, which wouldn’t be a huge problem since Mega Mans 4, 5, and 6 don’t either but it’s more of a pain to collect them since stages feel like they go on forever.

Mega Man III review


1. Mega Man X7


If you’ve seen the Terrible Thursday’s episode of Sam and Jared playing X7, you know how bad it is. If not, Mega Man X7 was the first and only game in the X series that had 3D gameplay (not counting Command Mission). The 3D levels where slow and awkward to play and camera was either fixed in a weird position or during the times where you could control the camera, you’d have to be co7nstantly changing it. Also the game suffers from long load times. When you get to the final level where you have to fight the mavericks, each room you enter has a load screen and then another when you beat the boss. So in one fairly short level you’ll have to sit through over 16 load screens which take some time to complete. Mega Man X7 is also notorious for having some of the most annoying boss voices in history. Tornado Tonion and Flame Hyenard especially are known for their ear bleeding voices. 

Mega Man X7 review



I know I asked this before, but what are your least favorite Mega Man games?

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