My Top 5 most overrated games (IMO)

Posted on May 8, 2012 - 8:00am by AgentKane

Before I start, let me say three things. First is that THIS IS MY OPINION! I will keep saying that throughout this blog because I don't want people to come at me and say that I am wrong FOR MY OPINION! We all have our own opinions. Second is THAT THESE AREN'T THE WORST GAMES EVER! Overrated and bad is not the same thing. There are overrated games I enjoy as well. Lastly is that most of the time, the reason I will say the game is overrated is because of the fanboys which is what makes the games overrated so most of the time I will call out the fanboys and I won't apologize for it.

There is a difference between being a fan and being a fanboy. Being a fan means you enjoy the game but are willing to see what is wrong with the game. A fanboy ignores all aspects that are wrong and cannot accept that people hate their favorite game. If one of your favorite games makes it to this list, deal with it. One more fan won't make your favorite game even better so let it go. ScrewAttack has one of the best communities so please be respectful.

#5-Call of Duty

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It's hard not to find someone online who doesn't have an opinion on the most popular FPS series and for good reason. The game is everywhere and not just online. But what makes this series overrated? Well despite the sales the series haven't done anything new recently. There are changes here and there but most of time it isn't enough. Is that the only reason? No of course not.

Given the short development time and the pressure from both the public and Activision, the end result is never right. Various glitches and poor design choices make the game unplayable to everyone except well, the fanboys. CoD fanboys are some of the worst out there. Whenever I do play a CoD game I have to mute everyone because of how annoying they are. However, they are everywhere. Forums, videos that have nothing to do with CoD and even in real life, there they are. Also, before any of you fanboys calls me out on hating the CoD series because it is popular all I have to say is what was the first CoD game you played? For me it was CoD1 back in 03. I saw this series rise and fall. Shut the hell up.


Okay I will be honest here, I do like Pokemon. Yes like the CoD games, each game is becoming much more the same, but each new game is a brand new adventure and I like adventures... but that doesn't excuse it for being overrated. I want something new and I want to venture out and that doesn't mean more spin offs. That doesn't even mean new gameplay features either like having three pokemon at one time on certain battles. The only reason I enjoyed the last game was because of how fast paced it was compared to the previous games. Seriously, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl played so fucking slow. Also, it was good because of how dark the final boss's theme was.

That is almost nightmare fuel right there. With that being said, I don't think that will save the future Pokemon games. Please Nintendo, do something new and bold that isn't a spin off.

#3-Bad Sonic the Hedgehog games

These is overrated for one sole reason; THE FANBOYS! During the dark age of Sonic, these fanboys were like rats... I think. Whenever one of these bad games came out, they would lash out on anyone who knew that these games sucked. For starters you have Shadow the Hedgehog which had a terribad story and was glitchy as hell yet fanboys played it! Mario fanboys don't even defend Hotel Mario. Same goes for Sonic next gen. The game felt like a love letter to all of the creepy fanboys. Silver the Hedgehog? What did Sega go to deviantART and steal some little kid's drawing?

And that story...WHY? Was there something wrong with Amy? She's a hedgehog like Sonic so why replace her with a human? Furry romances are no good! But isn't the worst thing about these fanboys. What is worse is that they go against GOOD SONIC GAMES! Sonic the Hedgehog 4 episode 1 was good yet before the game was even released fanboys boycotted it. Why? I know this is more of a rant about the fanboys but what makes a game overrated? It's the fanboys.

#2-Final Fantasy 7

This is the perfect example of fanboys ruining a game because if you look at this game objectively, there are a lot of good things about it. But the fanboys latch on to bad aspects of the game. Instead of Cid who is one of the best written Final Fantasy characters ever, they latch on to Cloud who is is the archetype of emo heroes and he wasn't even that emo. The fanboys wanted him that way so they made him that way. Instead of remembering sad scenes like the deaths of thousands when the sector 7 plate fell, they latch on to the death of Aeris, one of the most boring characters in any game.

The game is good but time and the fanboys have not been kind to this game. Maybe it's people with rose colored glasses because a lot of things have not aged well. For starters, Sephiroth is one of the worst game villains ever. Yes I said it. What is his goal? To bring down a comet to crash and kill everyone so he will become a god? Um okay but what led him to want to do that? Oh... because he found out he is a test tube baby. Seriously, one day he is fine and the moment he finds out his origins, he becomes a mad scientist cult guy. I would have accepted anger not insanity. Also the game's pre rendered backgrounds are a pain to get through. I am serious. I keep getting stuck on random crap. It is a good game but god it has not aged well.


Oh boy here we go. Okay first off MINECRAFT IS NOT A BAD GAME!!!! The idea of doing whatever and only being limited by your imagination is amazing. The choice this game gives you is amazing and everyone should at least try the game... but I don't like it. The reason I don't like it is because of me. The building aspect never interested me because I would rather play with Legos and the survival aspect makes me very bored. Yes I can do whatever, but the reason I like most games is the different goals it gives me and the story. Minecraft has neither. Either you survive and build or die, and that isn't enough for me.

Now does this make it the most overrated game ever? Hell no, because these are my opinions. What makes it overrated? Well, the fanboys. While they aren't as bad as CoD or Sonic fanboys, are they still bad. For starters, when the endermen came out, I mentioned they are very similar to the weeping angels from Doctor Who and I was flamed at even though the weeping angels did inspire the endermen in some way. There is nothing wrong with that. Second, when I saw Minecraft, I said to a fanboy as a joke "this looks like Lego the Game." and I again I got flamed at. Lastly, I was playing Team Fortress 2 and there was this server I was on where they started to talk about Minecraft and just because I wanted to talk, I said I wasn't a fan of Minecraft and what happened? If you guess I got flamed at then you are half right because one of those who flamed me was a admin I got banned. I am dead serious.

Another reason I hate Minecraft is Notch. Yes the creator. For the many years Shigeru Miyamoto has been making games, he has always been humble. His popularity has never gone to his head and he has never treated himself as a rockstar. Notch has made fewer games and he treats himself like a rockstar. Because of his popularity, he tends to say shit that many forgive when they shouldn't. Sometime last year Notch made a racist tweet. If many other developers made that tweet they would rip that developer apart. However, many defeated Notch by saying it was just a joke and that it wasn't him. He called out Fortress Craft on the 360 for being a rip-off, when his game is a rip-off (Yes, I went there because he went there). The man is a douchebag and I hate him.

Okay I know most of the reasons I think the games are overrated are because of not the game itself but the community like I said before, there is a difference between overrated and bad if you disagree with what I said here, remember these are my opinions. I am constatly reminded that Team Fortress 2 is overrated but what can I do? 

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