My Top 5 Underrated Games

Posted on May 9, 2012 - 8:16am by AgentKane

This list was hard because I could have taken the easy route by adding games that most have never heard of. Heard of Jamestown: The Legend of the Lost Colony? It's a good game and I could have added to this list but that's the thing, no one heard of it. I got to thinking that I should add games that I know more than a handful have heard of.

But that itself could have been easy because I could full half the list with Tim Schafer's games since whenever a list of underrated games comes out, Psychonauts and Grim Fandango seem to pop up all the time. Are those games underrated? Well yeah but we keep hearing how underrated they are. I think there are some games that deserve more attention.

So the games I chose are games that had the chance to become popular and recieved praise but they never rose above a cult favorite status.

#5-Brutal Legend

I know I said before I could have added Tim's games but I didn't say I won't. The man is amazing yet for one reason or another, his games aren't as popular as they should be. I chose Brutal Legend because out of all of Tim's underrated games, Brutal Legend is the most popular.....I know that doesn't make sense but this game had a chance to rise. The multiplayer alone is one of the best ever made yet no one plays it anymore. Brutal Legend 2 would have been huge and there was a 2 in the works yet it got canned for other games. Another reason I picked this game is that when Tim is remember for his games, most will think of Psychonauts and Grim Fandango AKA the games that everyone say is underrated. Understand what I saying? It's underrated for being popular....yeah that makes sense.

#4-Star Tropics

This game is underrated because for how popular the game was when it came out (according to youtube folk), the game has gone into obscurity. The game did recieve a sequel which itself is kinda underrated but given the fact the game was a NES game and it came out during the SNES era and that the game was kinda crappy, it makes sense but the same cannot be said for the first. I'll be honest, I think it's the best NES ever made or at least my personal favorite NES game.

Now a lot of people want to point out how underrated Earthbound is and yes that game is underrated but it isn't underrated in Japan. Star Tropics shares the honor of being with a group of underrated NES games that Nintendo hasn't return to. I could add Mach Rider, Ice Climbers, and so on. Instead, I'll add Star Trophics for how much I love it but there are many other NES games Nintendo needs to return to. Star Tropics is just one.

#3-de Blob

I think the only reason most ever played this game was because it was released in 2008 when the Wii had few good exclusives. Since 2008, there are a lot more good Wii exclusives and many turned their back on this game and its sequel saying that they had no reason to play these games anymore which yes I only played it because I wanted something new for my Wii but here's the thing, I still play this game and it's sequel.

Platformers like these are dying. Remember the old N64 platformers? The collectables, the bosses, the areas and the music.To me, de Blob is this and we need more. We also need more because the game is happy and colorful. For the depth of games like Fallout 3 and Dues Ex: Human Revolution, the games sure to look bland. Yes I know the subject matter of those games are dark but Dues Ex 1 was more colorful. We need to play more of these games to see games with more color. You could say all games with color are underrated.

#2-Baten Kaitos

I can understand why many could be put away from this game. For starters it's a card based RPG and the general idea of card games are.

And if the the card gameplay doesn't get you then merely watching the intro will.

However, there is good news, the game is made by Monolith Software. You know, the guys because all of the Xeno Games. Better news is that you can turn off that voice acting. And it just so happens that there was a sequel with better voice acting. Trust me, try this game.

#1-Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

This gem  had a sad fate of doom because it was released around the same time of one of the biggest games ever made; Half Life. People picked Half Life because the game had more to offer and it shaped how games in general were made with the story telling and the fan made mods. Shago was just a loud bloody shooter with mechs....AND I LOVE IT MORE THAN HALF LIFE!!! Yes this is coming from someone who has been called a Valve fanboy for the longest time.

The game was made by Monolith Productions (Not the guys behind the Xeno series. That is Monolith Software.), the guys behind F.E.A.R., Condemned, and Gotham City Imposters. It's also worth noting that this game had a strong anime influence and tried to repliacte anime inspired graphics before Jet Set Radio did. I am not saying it was the first though because I don't know. If you love loud bloody shooters, check this one out. Also it has mechs, GIANT MECHS!!!

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