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  I feel like I'm giving a mini review for these game's, Well if I am, good for me, if not, good for me

 I was also to lazy to spell check

  Those who know me know that I love zelda more than anything in the world. So it's a known fact that I would have a favotie zelda game. I love all the games, it's a legendary series so It has to have some good games, it has legend in the title, so you know you are playing a legend. So without any further questions, let me tell you my favorite games in the series.


#7 The legend of Zelda

The game that started it all is the fist up on my list. This was one of (Notice I said one of) the fist games I have ever played. I played it when I was in the hospital and have had tons of fun playing it, but when I was 4 years old, I could never find the first dungeon. But that didn't stop me from getting my father to help me through out the entire game. I can't really say much about this game, it's just one of my favorties. It's simple and fun, you got to do what Miyamoto did when he was a kid, go around killing pig people, go inside graves, climb mountain's, kill octopie (That how you spell it?) that are running around on the ground, etc. Man, he had one hell of a childhood.

#6A link To the Past

What? You only have A link to the Past at number 6 on the list?!?! Hey now hold on a second. I haven't played this game until to recently. I never knew this game was real until I was about 8 or 9. What can I really say? I don't know why, but I didn't like it as much as the other's in the series, it's still a great game and all, the music is great, dungeons/bosses are fine, but I guess I expected more since I heard some much good stuff about it but I didn't get why so many love this.Just a simple case of the Internet making me think it was so good, but then I played it and it didn't live up to what I thought. Also, why is Link's hair Pink?

#5 Skyward Sword

First things first, why do you people hate this game? Is it because of the graphical desgin? Motion controls? Story? Music? Is it because it has colors? Do you not like colours? Please, if you do dislike this game, tell me why in the comments.

Now then, yes, Skyward Sword is in my top 7 zelda games list. I really enjoyed this game, everything about it was really fun for me. They made the world feel like a dungeon it self, that was awesome, the main reason I play zelda is for the dungeon's and the puzzle's they bring in them.

The item's you got, you actually use through out the game and not just in one dungeon and one other time outside that dungeon (well, the whip still held true to that) I hate using a item and never need to use it again.

They game made me feel actual emotion for zelda for once, she is not just some random princess you have to save, she is your girlfriend (I think) your childhood friend, your.......Your head master's daughter, ya, fine. What I'm trying to get at is that they finally made it so you actually wanted to save zelda for more than just "She's our ruler, she has to be protected" and that to me was awesome, I hope they do the same thing in future installments

The motion controls were fun to use, I didn't think that motion controls would work, but the do, really weel in fact, they made me feel like I was actually swinging the sword, and it was true, I was swinging the sword by swinging my arm that was swinging the sword the was swinging the....This joke it over

#4 Ocarina of Time

"OK, A Link To The Past and Ocarina of Time aren't number 1? You are crazy!" Well, that's beside the point. The game is still a great game and I like everything about it, even the water temple. There really isn't anything to say about this game that is bad. It's one of the best in the series and consider the best game ever made, but that doesn;t make it my favorite by default. I mean come on, the first zelda game in 3D for most was the best thing they have ever seen aside from peanutbutter. I can see why people would consider this to be the best though and who can argue? It has one amazing story, has some of the best music the series has, the 3D enviroment for the first time for dungeons and the world, simply amazing. (The way I'm saying make's it sound like it should be my #1, same with Skyward Sword)

#3: Zelda 2

What? Zelda 2? You are indeed crazy. Again, that's beside the point. I feel weird saying this, but yes I do in fact enjoy zelda 2 so much it lands on my # 3 spot for my favorite zelda games. it is definetly the hardest zelda game there is and that's fine by me, I love a good challenge, and you also get to solve puzzle like the original had, sometimes. But the fighting in this game the key point, you fight enemys, and.............gain XP,........................It's a zelda final fantasy game, there you go have fun.

#2 Majora's Mask

Man on man this is a very fun game. This game is so close to my # 1 spot but it's not. I still love this game no matter what. The story was amazing, the over all feel was amazing, the side quest were awesome and the music was amazing (Well, I didn't like the dungeon music, aside from stone tower) everything about this game is amazing. I can play this game any time of the year had complete it 100% no problem. It's one of those games that make it so you want to 100% the game. If Nintendo were to make another Majora's Mask style game with the same emotions/feel/side quests this game had, that would be the best game ever made. Let's see if they can make something other than the moon to scare people for the rest of their lives, and bring back the best thing the series every got, Fierce Deity.

#1 Wind Waker

Wind Waker? WTF? THOSE GRAPHICS ARE TERRIBLE, hold your horse's buddy, like I said before, do you hate colors? Anyways, this was my first zelda game, and to my memories capabilities, my first game I ever played. So you would think it would place high on the list. I mean come on, the boat can talk? Yes the boat can talk, he take you on an adventure across this spooky land and you can be a pirate, and pirates are awesome, anyone who hates this game hates being a pirate *cough* Screwattack crew *Cough*

You know, I honestly don't know why this is my favorite, I mean my biggest fear is being on the water on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and this game is my biggest fear, so why do I like it so much? I think the game is trying to tell me something here, like the Rito's are a down evolved race. I mean they evolved from Zora's, and being a fish in this game would be better than a bird, they should have been birds in say OoT, not WW.

I should probably say why I like this game now shouldn't I? Well I don't really know why. I mean, it has colors and I for one like colors, it also has one hell of a first dungeon, if a game can make the first dungeon your favorite, that's telling you something. It's telling you that you are having fun already. My only complaint for this game was when I was a kid, I didn't know how to equip the sail, I thought you could only cruise.



And there you have it, my top 7 favortie zelda games, if you like this game let me know, if you didn't let someone else know. Instead of getting mad and say where was ______ Zelda game, just tell me your favorite zelda games. Until next time.






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