My wishlist cast for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Posted on June 1, 2012 - 9:36am by AgentKane

In case you haven't heard the news, Netherrealm's next game will be based on the DC universe. This isn't the first time they handled the DC lisense since they made Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. That game was hated since the game was censored so what will be different here? Two thing; the first being the lack of Mortal Kombat. This is DC 100%. Second is the setting. Unlike the previous, the game won't be taking place within the main universe. Instead the universe will have the DC heroes and villains fighting each other. The setting could mean a more violent attitude. We haven't seen anything about this so could be very very violent. And it just so happens that a couple of months ago, I made a blog about which characters I would want to see they were to return to the DC lisense.

However those were characters who were violent from day one. In this blog, I will make a list of 10 heroes and 10 villains that I want to see in Injustice.

Now because of my previous blog, I won't add them. Those characters are;

-The Joker



-Black Adam (Seriously guys, do not leave him out of this game!)


-The Spectre

-Doctor Light


-The Flash's Rogue Gallery

Also, the characters annouced so far are; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, and Solomon Grundy.


Green Lantern

Since 4 out of the big 5 have been comfirmed, it makes sense that Green Lantern would make it in there but which Lantern? Well given the context that these heroes are not evil, the only real choice is Hal Jordan as Parallax.

After Cyborg Superman and Mongul nuked his hometown, Hal went a little crazy and it didn't help that the guardians who gave Hal the power to help people were taking his power away. Actually as it turns out Hal was infected by a giant space bug of living fear.....comics make sense.

Blue Beetle

Again, which Blue Beetle? Well each didn't go insane and each have a deep sense of honor. As for this one, I am going with the recent Beetle since his tech would be cool for a fighting game.

Also I want to point out that his suit is alive and within the Young Justice show, the suit is shown to be kinda angry. My point is that I think Jamie would be the right choice.

Martian Manhunter

Like Beetle, his powers would be awesome to see in a fighting game. He can phase through solid objects, he can shoots lasers, he can read and attack your mind and he shape shift. Sounds like a cool fighter to me!


Why woman instead of man? Well because we need more female fighters. Also Hawkwoman can be pretty violent. But which Hawkwoman? And why not Hawkgirl? I have no idea so I picked a random pic.

Power Girl

Okay, I will try to talk about her without sounding like a......prevert. First of all she is very very strong. Superman strong in fact. Second is her personality, she isn't scared to show off her ches I MEAN bravery. She is very brave. You can see that with her ches OH ENOUGH OF THIS! I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! I WANT TO BONE HER! SHE IS MY FAVORITE COMIC BOOK HEROINE! I MEAN LOOK AT HER! LOOK AT HER!

Can you blame me?

Doctor Fate

Despite me being a huge comic book fan, I never really cared for Doctor Fate until Young Justice. He had a huge moments and now I do care for him. The powers he has can be used well for any game.

Green Arrow

Ah Green Arrow, by all accounts I should hate you but since this is a blog talking about games and not politics, I'll drop it there. He's a fast paced fighter with some cool weapons so why not add him as well?

Black Canary

No I won't go creeper again I swear. Like her lover Green Arrow, she is very fast paced and with her sonic screams, I am interested to see what combos can be made with her powers.

Any Wildstorm Hero

Why did I pick this choice? Well Wildstorm does have what are violent versions of DC heroes and with the recent reboot of the DC universe, Wildstorm is now apart of the main DC universe. I won't lie however, I am not the biggest Wildstorm fan.


Yes, I want Aquaman! Before any of you assholes say he isn't badass, all I have to say is fuck you! You know that power where he can control sea animals? Pretty lame huh? I mean it isn't like there are giant killer whales, sharks, and giants octopuses in the sea at all. But what over power does he have? Well does Superman like strengh do anything for you? Aquaman is badass!

Now I left out a lot of over heroes but there are a lot of these are the ones I want. Now, let's get on with the villains.



A undead Wonder Woman mixed with the ashes of the victims of various Genocides across the world? Um.....damn son. I would rather hang out with The Joker any day.


He would have the same powers as the Flash but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve to make him different from the Flash. For starters, he is not actually fast. Everytime around him is slow so that can add to some cool combos and specials.

Gorilla Grodd

Mind control and super strengh? Sounds neat. Last Flash villain by the way. The does have some awesome foes.

Poison Ivy

Her control of plants and her power to make men fall in live with her could again make for some cool combos and specials. Also if you are going to add Poison Ivy, do not use her design from Arkham Asylum. It looked like she had vines growing from her special area.


Given the fact she was in MK vs DC, her role in the upcoming Bataman movie, and her being a playable character in Arkham City, I think it is safe to say that she will be in this game.


Nuked a city? Check. Leads a army of death dealing robots? Check. Looks like the Terminator? Big fat check. Yeah Cyborg supes is one hell of a badass. He is just as strong as Superman and he has a whole bunch of weapons.


My reason for wanting him is I just want to see how he would turn out. First of all he is a highly trained assassin but that isn't what makes him interesting. He sounds out everything he does. He would either be the most annoying or the coolest fighter out there.

Tattooed Man

His powers are that he can use his tattoos as weapons. Come on know, do I even need to tell you know cool that would be in a fighting game?


Yeah this game needs a intergalatic space Hitler.


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If you read my blog on my dream bosses for the next Batman game, I added him as well because well, I love him. I want more of him!

Again I left out a lot of good choices but if that was the case then we would be here forever.

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