Mystery publisher letting an indie developer rent an XBLA slot

Posted on May 3, 2012 - 4:00pm by Sean Hinz

Might and Delight is a new independent studio who is self –publishing a game called Pid. Now when it comes to Steam or PSN, self-publishing is no big deal, but with XBLA it can be a little tricky. Microsoft requires that any product on XBLA have an official publisher. These publishers are given a select number of publishing slots for the platform. If for some reason those slots are going unused there is an opportunity for the publisher to rent that out to a developer in need.

Now typically that ‘rent’ is a share of the profits, which is less than Steam on average, but doesn’t include Microsoft’s cut. So developers essentially have to pay two parties to publish in this case. Without the Publisher actually helping the developer, it is all profit for them by simply providing the avenue of entry. I guess it’s still better than never getting on the platform or far worse, publishing in the Indie Games section of Xbox Live… Here is a trailer for Pid.


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