Mythos finally crosses the shore -- Mythos Global closed beta announced

Posted on November 29, 2011 - 10:00am by LordYanLiang


The highly-anticipated dungeon-crawling MMO Mythos is finally leaving SEA and is coming to the shores of North America. Mythos Global will be conducting a four-day closed beta starting on December 1st. Players who want to get in on the closed beta can get a key from any of T3Fun's partner sites.

Who here has heard of Mythos, the critically-acclaimed Korean dungeon crawler MMO published by renowned Korean MMO publishers Hanbisoft? Ok, probably not many of you. The game had a brief operations stint in Europe before shutting down, but the original Mythos has been in operation for over a year. Well, it seems now that Mythos has been picked up by an international publisher and is going abroad once again, with scheduled stops all over the world.

Its first stop is North America.

Hanbisoft made the announcement with T3Fun, the publisher for Mythos Global, in Los Angeles on Monday, to create some overseas buzz for a game already beloved in South East Asia. Mythos Global is still in its preparation stages, and T3Fun has announced that the game will undergo a four-day closed beta, available to anybody in the United States.

Mythos is set in the fantasy world of Uld, a world born from the ashes of a dark and terrible world (as fantasy worlds tend to do). The gods who seek order  and the gods who seek chaos are at war with each other even now, and the peoples of Uld are divided through the conflict. On one side of the conflict there are humans, gremlins, satyrs, and Cyclops, whereas the other side is made up of the savage and chaotic Discordians. Players will be able to explore the hack-and-slash gameplay with a number of classes available to them, including the Bloodletter, Pyromancer, and Gadgeteer. What class will you choose when you take on the perilous dungeons and fantastic beasts sprawled across Uld?

The four-day Mythos Global closed beta begins on December 1st. Gamers looking to get in on this Diablo-esque thriller (perhaps to tide themselves over for the release of D III)  can get a closed beta key through any of T3Fun's partner sites, like MMOsite. If you like what you've been reading in all the above screenshots, grab a key now before it's too late.

More info on the three classes available during the closed beta (mentioned above) can be seen in the image below. Get here, get geared, and get fighting.

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