NBCUniversal: Bring back TechTV from the ashes of G4TV

Posted on September 7, 2012 - 3:30pm by digitaldebaser


Now that the failed experiment disdainfully known as G4 is dead, it is time that we bring back TechTV and once again embrace a geek culture that is thoughtful, intelligent, and educating. TechTV embraced those principles, and we need TechTV back.

TechTV was a milestone in both the technology world and geek culture. With various programs dedicated to aspects of geek culture, tech-related entertainment, and technology education, TechTV earned a special place in the hearts of geeks and tech enthusiasts. Fans of TechTV saw this channel slowly abandon what they enjoyed as TechTV morphed into G4TV.

G4TV was a nice experiment but a failed one. As time went on, G4's focus deteriorated into plethora of syndicated drivel and ultimately unwatchable daily programming. Interest in the channel dipped so low that DirecTV - one of the nation's largest providers - dropped G4 and stated that interest in the channel was not high enough to warrant a contract renewal.

If there is any network in recent history that deserves a second chance, TechTV stands at the forefront. Thoughtful minds like Leo LaPorte, Chris Pirillo, Kevin Rose, and Patrick Norton worked every day to help us better understand the world of technology in an entertaining way, and they also helped shed light on lesser known software that could improve our tech experiences. I should know. I was there when my friend, Aleks Ozolins, became an overnight sensation with his Magical Jellybean Keyfinder thanks to Chris Pirillo.

NBCUniversal, bring back TechTV.

You can sign the petition I have started at Change.org by clicking on the following link:

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