New information on NetherRealm's Injustice

Posted on June 19, 2012 - 1:00pm by X-buster


 New info on combat, super moves, and story might make this an interesting title.

Apparently there is more info on Injustice that still many have yet to hear about. From the "Clash System", to the "Hero Trait", to the development of the story. It seems that we get more and more.

GameInformer had an interview from John Edwards (no, not the politician who cheated his wife), the lead designer of the game. Here is a rundown (and stuff that you might have already heard):

  • The Clash System is a combo breaker that bets on how much meter you spend. If the Attacker wins he/she gives out all the damage plus a little extra. If the defender wins, he/she will stop the attacker and gain all the health he/she lost in that combo.
  • Stages will have Items that you can use. But they are not like smash bros where they are at random; they are already in the stage. You can also use them to help extend combos. You can also toggle these options on and off.
  • Hero Traits are the comparison to Mortal Kombat's X-Ray moves. Some examples are Superman Launching you into space or Batman doing a combo and finish hanging you with his grappling hook and finishing with a damaging kick.
  • What seemed to be most interesting seems to be the story. The Story is actually being written by the DC Comic Book writers like Jimmy Palmiotti. They have also said that there is a lot more single player stuff for the game.
  • The Roster is around the same amount as MK9's roster so in the 20's-30's. They are really aiming to get the more popular characters in.
  • They are also aiming this game to be competitive title so it can be played at tournaments such as Evo, SoCal, WNF, etc.

So what do you guys think of Injustice? Do you guys think that this will be a new addition to the competitive scene? Leave your thoughts below.

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