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A new Kingdom Hearts title will be revealed soon!

5/3/12 10:00am

Numura said that they will soon announce a new entry to the KH universe. There also won't be a "Final-Mix"-Version of KH3D at the moment.

An interview with Tetsuya Nomura from the "Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guide book"revealed that a big announcement for the Kingdom Hearts series is just around the corner. He also added that there are no plans to release a "Final Mix"-Version of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance so far.

To remind you, there have been "enhanced" versions of Birth by Sleep, KH: Coded, and KH2. It isn't too farfetched to say that this new announcement could be at E3. Even more so, we might even get a Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, there have been about 4 handheld spin-offs. And the patience of the KH fan base is starting to crumble.

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