Skylanders' bios show "rich" history

Posted on August 26, 2011 - 2:20pm by Lauren Moore

More new stuff from Activision's PAX lineup!  Pictures of more characters revealed for  Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

Element: Earth
Primary Attack: Tail Swipe
Secondary Attack: Rock Roll
Upgrades include:
o Iron Tail
o Mace of Destruction
o Gaia Hammer

Bio:  Bash spent most of his early dragonhood gazing into the sky, watching the flying creatures of Skylands soar amongst the clouds. Determined to join them, he learned how to curl himself into a ball and roll with incredible momentum in a vain attempt to take flight. Over the years, his skin hardened, forming a natural protective armor unlike any other creature. He now thunders through Skylands, leaving a wake of destruction against any who threaten it. Despite his thick skin, he still gets a bit touchy about his inability to fly.

Element: Magic
Primary Attack: Flameball
Secondary Attack: Horn Charge
Upgrades include:
o Flight
o Fire Shield
o Triple Flameballs

Bio: Spyro is a rare magical dragon with the ability to harness the power of the other elements, though he prefers to master fire. However, this innate power also leaves him vulnerable to the influence of dark magic. When the Darkness is nearby, Spyro can channel its energy and combine its power with his own, becoming Dark Spyro. Over the years, he has learned to focus and control his power, using this dark magic to fight the forces of evil.

Element: Air
Primary Attack: Sonic Roar
Secondary Attack: Egg Toss
Upgrades include:
o Loudmouth
o Griffin Flight
o Egg Shocker

Bio: Long ago Sonic Boom took refuge high atop a mountain peak in the far reaches of Skylands. Away from the mystical dangers of the outside world, she had hoped to keep her griffin hatchlings safe. But despite her precautions, a devious wizard tracked her down and placed a wicked curse on the griffin eggs. Once hatched, the young griffins can live for only mere moments before they magically return to their shells... only to be hatched again in an endless cycle. Wanting to prevent such evil from happening to others, Sonic Boom joined the Skylanders and has trained her young to defend Skylands each time they are hatched.

Element: Life
Primary Attack: Blade Slash
Secondary Attack: Stealth
Upgrades include:
o Dragonfang Daggers
o Arboreal Acrobatics
o Elf Jitsu

Bio: Stealth Elf was separated from her parents when she was very young, and was taken‐in by an unusually stealthy, ninja‐like tree creature in the deep forest. Under his tutelage, she has spent the majority of her life training in the art of stealth fighting. After completing her training, she became a Skylander and set out into the world to uncover the mystery behind her origins.

Element: Magic
Primary Attack: Axe Reaver
Secondary Attack: Zipline Axe
Upgrades include:
o Magical Tripwire
o Extended Blade
o Electro Axe

Bio: A highly decorated soldier of his people, Voodood once commanded a well‐known team of dangerous warriors. After becoming its last living member, he joined the Skylanders. Ever since he was a young orc, Voodood has collected rare and interesting bones that he uses to create weapons and devices ‐ his favorite being the grappling hook, which grants him tremendous agility in combat. When not fighting evil, he is constantly searching for new and exotic bones to expand his collection.

Gotta catch 'em all?

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