New SSB: The Subspace Deception: Part 2

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For the scant few of you who actually want to read this, here's the next part of the story. In case you're new and your curiosity has been peaked, click on the below link.

Part 1


Level # 2: The Sanctuary

Zelda led the way with Peach right behind her and Marth

following as well. “Remind me again why we’re here,” said Peach. “There’s a wizard who lives here,” said Zelda. “Our title as the rulers of the kingdoms here should convince him to aid us.” “Zelda, are you sure that this is what you want?” asked Marth.

Zelda turned around and replied, “I’m positive. The Continental Kingdom has achieved relative peace after Winthorn’s defeat and our friends are now trapped in purgatory. We need to figure out a way to reach-” She was cut off as a Primid materialized behind her and tried to attack her but was stopped as Marth quickly slew it with his sword.

“Primids?!” gasped Peach. “But I thought Subspace was closed off for good after the Tree of Life flourished.” “I was wondering the same thing,” said Marth. His eyes scanned back and forth cautiously as he continued, “I smell something rotten going on.” “Either way,” said Zelda, “let’s persevere. There can’t be too many to be considered a legitimate threat.”


Temple of Time~The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This level takes place in a tall marble hallway that is eerily reminiscent of the Temple of Time from the Zelda games. This also probably the easiest level in the whole game as you just have to walk to the right a lot and kill some Primids in your way. Choose Marth for the sake of retaining your masculinity.

At the end of the stage, the trio come into a large room where a young man in green attire is sitting down meditating. He is quickly identified as Dana (from Solomon’s Key).


“Excuse me, sir,” said Marth. Dana opened his eyes. “We have a favor to ask of you.” Dana stood up on his two feet with an expression on his face that indicated that he was listening. “I don’t know if you’re aware of what occurred a few days ago-” began Marth. “I’m perfectly well aware of what occurred,” said Dana. “I saw that cataclysm.”

“Good,” said Zelda. “Some of our friends were left behind when the Tree of Life sprouted and were left in an alternate dimension between our world and Subspace. We were wondering if you could bring them back for us.” “Sorry, no can do,” replied Dana. “Why not?!” shouted Zelda. “We thought you were a skilled wizard!” “Who told you that nonsense?” asked Dana.

Zelda stared at Dana in disbelief as he continued, “I’m the single worst wizard I know. My abilities are mediocre at best.” Zelda was getting visibly angry but Peach stepped in and intervened, “I’m sure you’re not that bad. Surely you know a way that can get our friends back to us. Please, is there anything you can do?” Dana looked at Peach before continuing, “I can use some degree of clairvoyance to peer as to where they are but even that’s incredibly difficult.”

“I’m sure you can do it,” encouraged Peach. Dana sighed hesitantly before sitting back down on the ground, crossing his legs, closing his eyes and locked his thoughts deep into concentration. A long, tense silence ensued before Dana said, “How many of them are there?” “I think there was twelve left in the group,” said Marth.

Another pause. “I see them,” said Dana. “They’re in purgatory. No, not true purgatory but rather a purgatory that leads to all other dimensions. One path leads to a dead end. There’s a portal at the end of another path there that leads to our world but I can’t seem to identify where it is. Then there’s two other pathways on there. One leads back to Subspace and I can’t seem to see where the fourth one leads. They’ve come to the pathway. They’re splitting up into groups of three, each going on a different path.”

Dana snapped out of his prophetic vision as Zelda, Peach and Marth all stared at him. “So,” said Marth, “just to recap, three of them are heading into Subspace, three of them are coming back here, three of them are heading straight into a dead end and another three are going somewhere that no one knows anything about whatsoever?” “That is correct,” nodded Dana.

“Well, two of them can be handled just fine,” noted Zelda, “but that leaves the other two.” “If I may,” said Dana, “while I myself am not a very good wizard, I know someone who is and he might be able to help us.” STAGE OVER

After the stage over screen, you come to your first map screen which isn’t set on the continent where most of the story takes place but rather in the grassy netherworld where Link and co. are trapped. From here you have four levels you can go to. These are entitled The Middle Path, The Lower Path, The Upper Path or The Path Least Traveled. For the sake of this story, let’s go in that order.

Level # 3: The Middle Path

This level begins as Mario is walking down the yellow path alongside Luigi


and Donkey Kong.


“I just hope-a this-a leads somewhere,” said Mario. “Hey bro,” said Luigi, “I just realized something. If this leads back home, how are we going to get everyone else back?” “That’s not important right-a now, Luigi,” noted Mario. Donkey Kong grunted as they continued walking forward.



This level takes place on an elongated green pathway that stays in a straight path and has a generally pessimistic atmosphere to it. Again, still considering how it’s early in the game, it’s pretty easy. There are a few doors here and there to enter to get some trophies and, other than that, it’s pretty simple. Only other thing to mention is that as the level advances, there’s gradually less trees, shrubs and grass on the ground and, by the time you reach the last door, it’s nothing but empty white space.

Also, there isn’t really an ending cut-scene. As soon as you enter the last door, you just get the stage over screen. STAGE OVER

Level # 4: Limbo


World of Nothing~Super Paper Mario

This level takes place in what I can essentially call absolutely nothing. The whole area takes place in a large amount of white space as you keep on walking right, mowing through enemies. While you get the occasional laser sword-wielding and laser rifle-wielding Primids, overall they’re still not too much threat. Just keep walking right constantly and you’ll reach the end of the level sooner or later.

At the end of the stage, Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong are still walking forward, wondering if they’re ever going to leave this strange area. Suddenly a bright greenish-whitish portal erupted right before them. “Come on,” said Mario as he led the way straight into the portal. STAGE OVER

Level # 5: The Base of the Tree of Life

Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong clambered out of the portal to find themselves standing at the foot of a gigantic towering tree that shadowed over the surrounding forest. “Good day to you all,” said Dana as he approached them. “Who are you?” said Mario. “My name is Dana, I helped rescue you from the void of oblivion,” replied Dana.

“Thanks-a for the portal, then,” said Luigi. “That wasn’t me,” said Dana. “I’m not a very powerful wizard but I know someone who is and that person was the one who created the portal.” “Who did it then?” asked Luigi. Dana was cut off from answering when Donkey Kong roared at the surrounding trees. The rest of the group turned around and immediately saw why as a small group of Subspace Army members and Kremlings were emerging from the surrounding trees.


Mugly’s Mound~Donkey Kong Country Returns

This is a fairly short and easy endurance round as you fight off the squad of Primids and Kremlings. Don’t worry, this isn’t hard in the slightest because if there’s one thing that’s easier to beat than Primids, it’s Kremlings. I guess the only thing left to do is come up with a moveset for Dana who is our first new character (by the way, yes, Dana is a guy).

Dana’s moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains a green wizard’s hate

Entrance: erupts out of an ice cube

Insignia: an ice cube encased in a fireball

A: punches and melee attacks with wand/staff

B: shoots out a large ice cube

Side B: shoots out freeze beam, if an opponent is caught in it for seven seconds, they become frozen solid

Down B: creates giant ice block that can be used as a platform

Up B: teleports upwards

Taunt 1: breathes misty breath

Taunt 2: holds up ice cube in hand

Speed & Weight: average

Final Smash: calls down a large hail storm which drops large blocks of ice throughout the stage

After you defeat all the enemies, the leader of them emerges out of the trees as well. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my old ape nemesis,” mused King K. Rool.


“K. Rool?!” said Luigi in surprise. “But, wait-a! How did you escape-a Subspace?!” K. Rool stretched as he retorted, “Oh, I see no need to answer that question. Why should I trouble you in your last moments? The answer to that question will only lead to more questions so, really, it’s a pity killing. Let’s rumble.”


Boss # 2: King K. Rool

Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Dana

Health: regular fight


Boss Battle~Super Mario 64

Although K. Rool is generally a pretty difficult opponent, the early-stage AI is pretty unskilled with him this early in the game so, quite frankly, he shouldn’t be too difficult in the slightest. Oh wait, that’s right, I forgot his moveset.

King K. Rool's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains crown and crocodile snout

Entrance: hops out of passing Flying Croc

Insignia: same as Donkey, Diddy and Chunky's

A: punches

B: throws crown in a boomerang effect

Side B: runs really fast which damages all in his way

Down B: on the ground it does nothing but in the air it makes him do a ground pound

Up B: spins repeatedly

Taunt 1: takes crown off his head and twirls it on his pointer finger

Taunt 2: roars

Speed & Weight: similar to Bowser, his weight is slightly above average and his speed is slightly below average

Final Smash: turns into boxing K. Rool from DK64 who is basically like Wario Man or Giga Bowser in that he's an invincible, more powerful version of his regular self

Anyway, like I said, this fight is pretty damn easy. Just do your best to absolutely decimate K. Rool and he’ll be defeated in no time.


K. Rool was punched to the ground by Mario who then placed his foot on K. Rool’s chest. “So, ready to talk-a, yet?” taunted Mario. “I think not!” yelled K. Rool as he swiped his arm, knocking Mario off him. K. Rool then fled off into the forest, quickly disappearing amongst the trees.

Before the group could take off after him, Mario was quickly embraced by Peach. Zelda and Marth quickly showed up as well as Marth looked at the large portal and remarked, “So, that’s how we get our friends back, then?” “Right,” said Luigi, “let’s-a go.”

“Actually,” said Zelda, “our associate here is going to be leading the expedition into the other land to rescue them.” “Associate?” said Mario. “What associate?” “This associate,” said the off-screen figure as he stepped into the clearing. STAGE OVER

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