New SSB: The Subspace Remnants: Part 2

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Pouding on, pounding on.



After you defeat Gruntilda and escape from the Metal-Helmeted Assassin (or not, depending on how you played the story), you have two places left to go to: the Boxing Ring or the Royal Castle of Altea. Choose the second one.

Level # 22: The Royal Castle of Altea

The level began inside the royal palace as a royal attendant yelled in front of a crowd: "The death of King Cornelius has occurred. It is now my honor to bestow the crown upon his son, Marth." He then proceeded to place the crown upon the head of Marth as a loud applause erupted throughout the room.

In the corner stood Ike


who wasn't erupting into applause with the rest of them but rather eying the sky outside the window carefully. He barely heard the words of the attendant and Marth's speech as he watched a dark silhouette appear around the cloudy sky.

This silhouette had the shape of (and obviously was) the Air Fortress that the villains have been using. Ike, viewing it as a threat, brandished himself to just see whether or not it was another cloud. However, the bottom of the silhouette began turning red as a large cannon began forming and aimed straight at the throne.

Ike quickly raced across the room, shoving some people in the crowd out of his way, and tackled Marth off the throne seconds before a blast obliterated the wall where Marth was just sitting. As the two of them stood up, they looked out the newly-formed hole to see an army of Primids forming from Subspace particles that have been dropped onto the surrounding countryside by the Air Fortress, marching straight towards the Royal Palace.

"Congratulations on your new title," said Ike sardonically. "Now, as your first act as King, try to find something we can do here." "Indeed," said Marth. He got up, turned to his attendant and ordered, "Have a third of the guards guide the guests to the shelter and guard it. Have the rest of them fight off the invasion. You try to contact Winthorn and his men to call in for reinforcements. Ike," Marth said as he turned to Ike and began leaving the room, "you're with me."


Preparing to Advance~SSBB

This level takes place in a very large, well-to-do, fancy-looking castle as various members of the Subspace Army invade. This, thus, marks the first appearance of those annoying Armight things and the slightly-less-annoying-but-still-a-pain-in-the-ass Feyeshes.

As you can guess, the level is played by Ike and Marth who are both fairly powerful characters which means that the level should be no big deal to manage for you. A couple secrets and that's all there is to it to be honest.

The unique thing of this level is that you have allies on your side to help make it easier. The local knights aid in the attack as they use their swords and bows and arrows to help repel the attack. So this would probably make it the easiest level in the game since you actually have people fighting on your side.

At the end of the level, Marth and Ike stand outside the Royal Castle as the Primids and Air Fortress retreat. "We going after them?" asked Ike. "You bet," said Marth as he and Ike raced after it with a small troupe of knights in tow. STAGE OVER

Level # 23: Altea

As the level begins, Marth, Ike and their troupe of knights are walking through a grassy field. As they're all conversing nonchalantly a laser blast hits and kills a knight. The rest of them catch an awareness of what's going on as Porky Minch


is standing right in front of them.

He fires more lasers which kills some knights and defeats the others by tossing them aside with his robotic legs. Ike tries to leap at Porky but Porky jabs one of his robotic legs into the air, knocking Ike aside. As Marth brandishes his sword, a part of Porky's robot opens to reveal a Subspace Gun which trophifies Marth.

"Now that I've got the objective accomplished, time for a little fun," said Porky as he advanced on the fallen Ike. As Porky raised his leg for a killing blow, Simon Belmont


latched onto the leg with his whip and threw it aside. Simon stood between Porky and Ike defensively which prompted Porky to grunt: "Fine then. Primids, finish them off!" Porky fled with Marth's statue in tow as a small band of Primids appeared while Ike got back up.

Vampire Killer~Castlevania: Judgment

This level is a very simple one as it revolves entirely around defeating the Subspace Army members that have been deployed to defeat you. Only thing worth of note here is Simon Belmont's moveset.

Simon Belmont's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains hair

Entrance: appears out of a swarm of vampire bats

Insignia: a bat

A: uses whip and fists as melee weapons

B: whips whip

Side B: throws oak stake

Down B: tosses holy water

Up B: tosses his whip upwards with the intention of grabbing a higher-up ledge

Taunt 1: twirls his whip around

Taunt 2: cracks his neck

Speed & Weight: average

Final Smash: whip gets set aflame doing more damage (he is also rendered invincible)

Anyway this level essentially just consists of being on a straight plain while fighting some Primids, Spaaks, Feyeshes and Armights. The other noteworthy thing about this level is that, at the end, a couple of Giant Primids and Metal Primids appear.

Still this level shouldn't be too tricky as both Simon and Ike are powerful enough characters to win this level with relative ease. After defeating the last enemy, pick up the last trophy and the level will be over.

After you defeat all the enemies, the duo begin pursuing Porky. "So what are you doing here anyway?" asked Ike. Simon began to open his mouth before Ike continued, "Wait, let me guess! You're still hunting for the long-lost King of the Vampires, Count Dracula, because you were born and bred for the sole purpose of killing him." "Something like that," smiled Simon.

"Then why are you helping me?" asked Ike. "Well," explained Simon, "as I eagerly recall, Dracula was the right-hand man of the organization that stout fellow in the robot was part of so I think it would be reasonable to assume that they're connected again." STAGE OVER

Level # 24: The Wilderness

As the level begins, a swarm of Pikmin are covering a giant Primid and attacking it in the middle of another grassy field. The Primid pays no real heed to the Pikmin and seems to deem them more as an annoyance than anything else. It effortlessly tosses them off much to the horror of Captain Olimar


who is standing nearby.

As the giant Primid begins to advance upon Olimar, Ike and Simon charge by with Ike effortlessly dispatching the giant Primid with one quick sword strike. "Hey," said Simon to Olimar, "did you see a purplish robot with a boy inside carrying a trophy go by here recently?"

"Yeah," said Olimar, pointing in one direction. "They went that way just five minutes ago." "Thanks," said Ike as he and Simon went in the direction of Olimar's outstretched finger. The Pikmin standing right next to Olimar nudged his boss saying, "I think we should follow them." "I think you're right," said Olimar as he quickly caught up to Ike and Simon.

Pikmin Main Theme~SSBB

This level pretty much looks just like the last level only you're actually exploring it. There's not a whole lot to it to be honest. There's some fairly powerful enemies at this stage in the game but nothing to be worried about. I'm also running out of level design ideas so just daydream to that song for a few minutes. Also the level ends with outro cut-scene as it just ends as soon as you enter the last door. STAGE OVER

Level # 25: The Badlands

At the edge of a grassy field, the field slowly turns into a rocky desert. Here Ness


is seen walking by, playing with his yo-yo. As he's just minding his own business, Porky passes by and orders his small group of Primids, "I have to outrun our pursuers. You people, trophify him and report to me!" The Primids obey and catch Ness off-guard by trophifying him.

Before they can get away, Ike and company catch up and quickly dispatch the Primids while resuscitating Ness. Ike looked at the tracks Porky left behind and said, "All right, not too far off now," said Ike as he continued his pursuit.

You Call This A Utopia?~SSBB

As I mentioned, this level is a rocky desert which is a lot like the Battlefield Fortress level from the original story mode in SSBB (only without the battlefield fortress). You can also play as Ness to fend off some enemies and look for some other trophies (like I said, I'm running out of level design ideas).

The notable thing about this level is that at the end, some small Porky robots (seen in the above pic of Porky) begin attacking as well which pretty much self-destruct and the damage does add up. Best idea is to knock them away or try to avoid them altogether. All in all, not too hard a level.

At the end of the level, the group catches up to Porky who is still fleeing. As Olimar pursues him from the back, Simon jumps down directly in front of Porky's path. Porky tries to flee to the right but Ike stands in his way with Ness also blocking his path to the left. Porky turns around before bracing himself in battle-ready position.


Boss # 18: Master Porky Minch

Playable Characters: Ike, Simon Belmont, Captain Olimar, Ness

Health: 1.1 bars

Porky's Theme~SSBB

Don't let the fact that this is the first boss whose health goes over the 1-bar mark fool you: this is a very easy fight. Porky's main attacks are the same in the original Subspace Emissary storyline with laser beams, deploying mini-robots and charging but they don't do much damage.

In addition to that you've got many powerful characters on your side. Ike and Simon Belmont are both power-houses and Olimar and Ness' side-B attacks can definitely do a number as well. This makes it easy to take down Porky without too much effort.

Overall this is another easy boss fight.


After the fight, Porky's robot is capsized and overturned. Before the group can move forward, Porky turns around in a long sweeping motion which knocks the entire group off their legs and allows Porky to stand back upright.

Porky's robot then sprouts two more guns which fire Subspace bullets at Ness and Olimar, trophifying them. The guns then shoot out hooks which attach themselves to Ness and Olimar's trophies. Porky then sprouts rocket packs from his back and flies away, with another hook shooting out to attach itself to Marth's trophy, laughing maniacally.

"Well isn't that just peachy?" said Ike moodily. "Shut up and start chasing it!" yelled Simon as he began pursuing Porky via foot. "The story of my life," grumbled Ike as he joined in the chase as well. STAGE OVER

The final level available is the Boxing Ring. I imagine you know where to go.

Level # 26: The Boxing Ring

Here we get a montage of various boxers getting knocked down to the ground. In order we see Glass Joe


von Kaiser


King Hippo


Bear Hugger


Great Tiger


Don Flamenco


and Aran Ryan


get knocked down and punched unconscious by an off-screen figure. After Aran Ryan falls we see the figure who is, obviously, Little Mac.


After Little Mac downs the final opponent, the referee walks in and gives Mac the championship belt. Mac holds up the belt triumphantly as a voice rings out, "Bravo! Bravo!" On the overhead screen, Count Bleck's visage blips in: "Congratulations Mac, m'boy. It's not easy winning the championship."

Mac stiffened as Bleck continued, "Well, audience members, you seem to populate roughly half of the city that is outside this boxing stadium's walls so I feel obliged to inform what's going on here. We are seizing control of your city and placing it under our law. None of you shall be harmed so long as none of you resist."

Several Primids arrived in via the exits and also surrounded the rival boxers. Some others jumped into the ring who held the rubber surroundings down as Bleck entered the arena. "Mac," said Bleck, "you have proven yourself to be a most capable fighter. I would be honored to accept you amongst the ranks of my organization. We already have a member acting as an output in this city, we could do with another."

Mac refused to let down his battle-ready position and threw a punch which Bleck effortlessly dodged. "Your funeral," said Bleck as he snapped his fingers and a swarm of Primids leaped into the boxing ring proper.

Super Macho Man~Punch-Out Wii

I take it that it's time for Mac who is Little's moveset.

Little Mac's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains hairdo and boxing gloves on hands

Entrance: runs onto screen from side

Insignia: a boxing glove

A: melee attacks

B: charged up punch, the longer you hold down B, the more damage it does

Side B: hook (basically a punch with a longer range and greater damage)

Down B: blocks attacks with gloves

Up B: uppercut

Taunt 1: flexes muscles

Taunt 2: cracks neck

Speed & Weight: average

Final Smash: star punch: the star meter flickers between 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars alternatively so you have to time your button press just right

Anyway, the first half of this level takes place on the boxing ring as you fight against the Primids that Bleck has summoned to kill you. The unique thing about this part is that all the enemies that you fight are Primids, even the hard ones.

Yes, regular Primids, one with guns, ones with laser sword, ones with boomerangs, metal ones, fire-breathing ones and even giant ones. This area shouldn't be too hard with some effort but it's not exactly easy either.

After Mac defeats all of Bleck's goons, Bleck appears in person and walks into the boxing ring with his cane as some Primids tackle and restrain Mac. Bleck presses his cane against Mac's throat saying, "Now, I'm going to make you the offer again: join me or die. Take your pick, Maccy m'boy."

Before Mac could answer, Bleck was lifted off his feet and slammed to the ground by an off-screen force. When Bleck looked down at his leg, all he saw was some green slime. Nevertheless this distraction gave Mac enough time to break free of his restraints and start running out of the boxing ring.

As he reached the exit, several Primids stood in his way once again as Mac silently swore beneath his breath: "Damn." Bleck, who was now being flanked by Count Dracula, came forward saying, "You're a lost cause. Kill him."

Before the Primids could follow their orders a gurgling roar was heard as a big green mass emerged out of the ground which was called the Ooze (yes, the Sega game character).


The Ooze outstretched a little bit of itself against the Primids and sucked them into himself, devouring them. He then proceeded to spit out bits of green goo at Bleck and Dracula knocking them to the ground. "Come with me if you want to live!" yelled the Ooze at Mac. Mac, deciding questions were for later, quickly complied.

"Are you all right sir?" asked Dracula, in a voice that sounded more like he asked it nonchalantly rather than actually caring for his boss. Bleck ignored this uncaring attitude and yelled, "Never mind me, get the kid! And that weird, green.... thing!"

Stage 1-A~The Ooze

Hey, here's an unexpected character! But I think he would be an interesting addition to the roster so let's see what he can do.

The Ooze's moveset

Kirby Swallow: turns green and is covered in slime

Entrance: morphs into existence and rises off of ground

Insignia: puddle of slime

A: melee attacks with hand-like extensions

B: outstretches tentacle which leeches life off of (or adds damage onto in multiplayer) of whatever it lands on and makes the Ooze grow bigger

Side B: tosses pieces of itself to the side

Down B: flattens to the ground and dodges attack

Up B: really big jump upwards

Taunt 1: roars

Taunt 2: turns itself into a vertical column

Speed & Weight: all over the map

Final Smash: extends it slime all over the place and begins sucking players in; if they get to his head, they get one-hit KO'd

The Ooze is a very unique character in that his size directly affects how you play the game. His basic B attack involves leeching life off of your enemy to increase your own size. However, when you use the side B attack, you grow smaller which makes it a bit of a strategy to use him correctly.

In addition to that, when I said his speed and weight is all over the map, it actually depends on his size. When you start off, he's fast but easy to knock off. However, when you begin to leech more life, he grows bigger and steadily grows heavier and harder to knock off. This means that he can technically be the slowest character in the entire game.

With that said, that means that he could be a very unique character in multiplayer but in the platforming adventure that is the Subspace Remnants, it's going to be a little trickier to handle since your platforming needs to obviously be better. Therefore I would advise Mac for this level but, then again, it's just exiting a stadium so not a whole lot of strategy is really needed.

At the end of the level, the duo break out of the stadium and stop to catch a breather next to a pole. "Thanks," said Mac. "By the way, what the Hell are you?" "No time to explain," said the Ooze. "Quickly, we must go deeper into the city if we want to hide!" The Ooze slithered away down the street further into the city as Mac followed shortly thereafter.

Back at the boxing stadium Bleck grumbled as Dracula reports: "We haven't found them yet. So much for your new boxing mercenary you came to get." "Don't count your chickens before they hatch, suggests Count Bleck." As Bleck said that he eyed the bench where the aforementioned boxers were sitting and smiled nervously. STAGE OVER

After you beat the level, you're back at the map screen. The thing to note here is that the rest of this story arc takes place at night. Since the other story arcs take place during the day, this means that you must complete Link and Ike's storylines before you can move on. Do so and then continue on in this area.

Level # 27: The City

As the level begins, Mac and the Ooze are walking (or rather walking and slithering) down the middle of a deserted street. A swarm of Primids appear in front of them although they're all quickly mowed down by a rain of machine gun bullets. "Is that all you got fellas?" said Billy Rizer


as he walked onto the scene and emptied his machine gun clip.

"Billy!" yelled Mac. "How are you doing these days?" "Hey Mac," said Rizer. "Long time, no see." "You two know each other?" asked the Ooze. "Oh yeah," said Rizer. "Remember that big semi-war that occurred a couple weeks back where the whole world got sucked into an alternate dimension? We were involved in that. So what are you doing in this neck of the woods and what are you doing with that?" (That last phrase was clearly referencing the Ooze.)

"Guy helped me out, I'm taking him with me," said Mac. "Anyway we need to ask a favor of you." "Shoot," said Rizer. Mac began: "Well, we need a couple of extra hands to help us-" "Go to Count Bleck's lair and finish him off," cut in the Ooze. "I thought we were just trying to escape the city!" said Mac. "Desperate times call for desperate measures, Mac, and I think a psychotic count looking to take over the continent is a desperate time," remarked the Ooze.

"Fair enough," said Rizer. "I know a pair of guys who can help out in both of those things. Just follow me." Rizer reloaded his machine gun as the next level began.

Stage 3~Contra

Time for the inclusion of the mother of all badasses Colonel John Matri- I mean Arnold Schwarzeneg- I mean Billy Rizer from Contra. His moveset goes a little bit like this...

Billy Rizer's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains hair and machine gun

Entrance: drops down from helicopter

Insignia: a gun

A: punches/uses butt of machine gun as a melee weapon

B: shoots machine gun, holding B sends out a steady spray of bullets

Side B: throws grenade

Down B: ducks down onto the ground and shoots gun, making him a smaller target

Up B: flips around in the air while firing gun

Taunt 1: pumps machine gun

Taunt 2: reloads machine gun

Speed & Weight: average

Final Smash: gun turns into spreader with unlimited ammo

Billy Rizer is a bit of a unique character in that he actually runs on ammunition which is indicated by little dots on his smash bar at the bottom of the screen which makes him another unique character to use. He basically has 50 bullets (which run out very quickly) and whenever he runs out, pressing B again will make him reload which leaves you open for 3 seconds. Pressing the second taunt button at any time will reload it automatically.

This means that if you run out of bullets while in the midst of enemy's attacks, you need to start using melee attacks to fight and Billy isn't exactly the best melee fighter.

With that out of the way, this is probably going to be one of the most annoying areas in the whole game. Why? Because cars keep on driving by which rack up damage. The upside to this is that it also kills a lot of the enemies you're fighting although you should still have to stay near the left side of the screen, ready to jump over any oncoming car.

At the end of the level, a cut-scene occurs back at the boxing arena which has been cleaned out of all visitors and has, instead, been filled with several dummies as the seven previously-mentioned boxers are attacking them with a variety of speed jabs while Bleck, Dracula, Ganondorf, Dimentio, Bowser and Majora look on from the announcers' box.

"I have to say Bleck," said Ganondorf, "this isn't a half-bad idea." "The problem I see," pointed out Bowser, "is that these guys are trained to be boxers and we need some killers." "That's a problem easily reprimanded," said Majora. He then talked into the megaphone, "All of you, fight to the death: last man standing is our new employee."

World Circuit~Punch-Out Wii

The boxers all looked up at the box in confusion and hesitance before Aran Ryan was the one that started the chaos as he leaped upon King Hippo and began biting his ear. Hippo effortlessly lifted Aran Ryan off him and yelled, "Stop that! Who do you think are, Mike Tyson?!" "Well the game was originally called Mike Tyson's Punch-Out," remarked Aran Ryan. King Hippo, confused by his breaking of the fourth wall replied with a simple: "What?" which Aran Ryan returned with the same remark: "What?"

Meanwhile Glass Joe and Don Flamenco were duking it out. As they were squabbling, they both saw Bear Hugger roar and charge towards them. Bear Hugger's bellows were drowned out as Glass Joe and Don Flamenco both screamed in terror as well before the chaos went off-screen to where Bleck and company were standing.

"Wow," said Dimentio, "I don't think I've ever seen someone's spine bend that way before!" "Well Glass Joe is a rather flexible fellow," remarked Bowser, "so you never know." Immediately after he said that, Don Flamenco was slammed against the glass before slowly sliding down off the glass.

"I take it that it's safe to mark Glass Joe and Don Flamenco off the list of possible candidates," said Dracula nonchalantly. Back down in the arena Great Tiger, King Hippo, Bear Hugger, von Kaiser and Aran Ryan all got into a dog pile and were wrestling with each other.

All the chaos was ended as an off-screen victor was finally decided. "You there!" shouted Bleck. "I humbly welcome you into our organization as a junior member. Do you accept?" The voice on the other end of the microphone's accent couldn't be identified due to the static but he did reply: "Yup."

"Good, finish off the rest of the losers and you'll be done for the day, added Count Bleck." After Bleck said that, the rest of his inner circle began to leave with Dracula leaving last although Bleck halted him by sticking his cane out. "Not so fast there Dracula," said Bleck. "Remember that boy who refused our offer earlier? I need you to kill him and his ball of slime."

"Very well," said Dracula before following up with a question: "Should I call in a favor with our good friend, the doctor?" "Is he in town tonight, asked Count Bleck." "Yes," said Dracula. "I think him and our other local mercenary are at our night club or something." "Very well then," said Bleck. "Get him, kill the boy and all will be done for the night."

Bleck sat down to watch some footage from security camera footage from the night club and noticed something: "Hey Dracula, just your luck! The boy and his companions are heading straight for that night club!" STAGE OVER

Level # 28: The Night Club

The level began as Billy Rizer, Mac and the Ooze were approaching a building that was clearly a night club. "So the people you know are in there?" asked the Ooze. "Yup," said Rizer. "By the way," said Mac to the Ooze, "that's quite an interesting life story you had there. I guess I know why you want Bleck dead so much."

The Ooze grimaced as Dracula walked into the night club and talked to the door guard Primid: "If you see any boxers or anything like that, kill them." "Just our luck," said Mac. "Indeed it is," said Rizer as he gunned down the door guard. The trio then entered the night club.

Inside they were treated to a large dance floor room with a disco ball on top. "Hey," said the Ooze, "how much you wanna bet that Dracula didn't tell the rest of the Primids in here to keep a look out for us as well?" Mac noticed the small army of Primids marching down from the nearby hallway and smiled: "About slim to none and slim just left town."

Disco Kid~Punch-Out Wii

How many other sidescrolling video games do you know of that take place in a night club while playing the tune of an ambiguously gay black guy plays in the background? That's right, none others so soak up my originality suckahs!

With that said, this level's only unique thing comes from the fact that if you touch the disco balls, you get hurt. Not a whole lot to it so look for the extra doors to find the hidden secrets and keep on moving on in the level. Although, as a heads-up, the song changes in the last area which is basically a short endurance round against several Primids.

The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish Without Feeling Anything~No More Heroes

Here in this area you'll face off against several Primids, Auroros and one of those Lancers and Greaps. This area isn't hard but it's long. I think it's just noting because you actually hear a different song as you see the singer, a brown-haired man in a beige jacket and khakis, singing on a stage in the background. Beat the last enemy and you'll get the character's intro.

Mac, the Ooze and Rizer walk forward through the empty seats to the mustached figure who hits his last note loudly: "THE VIRGIN CHILD SMILES FROM HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!" The camera finally shows us a full-body shot of Dr. Peace.


Mac breaks into applause as Rizer says: "You're pretty good, old man." "Thank you boy," said Dr. Peace. He turned to Mac and said: "Say, by any choice are the kid who won the boxing championship tonight?" "Yes," said Mac. "Why?"

"Well," explained Peace as he drew out one of his revolvers, "I work for a little organization in these parts. Ever since my wife and daughter left and deserted me and my Mafia contacts thought me dead, I've been nothing. So now these fellas offer me a job and I have the intention of doing it well."

Peace drew out his other revolver and fired both squarely at Mac. The Ooze used a tentacle to sweep Mac off his feet, allowing him to miss the bullets. "Quite some fast reflexes you've got there," remarked Peace. "I just hope for your sake that they're fast enough." He twirled his revolvers as the next boss fight began.


Boss # 19: Dr. Peace

Playable Characters: Little Mac, Billy Rizer, the Ooze

Health: regular fight

Vioectrolysis~No More Heroes

This is another one of those characters I bet you weren't expecting: Dr. Peace, the cowboy/singer/cop from No More Heroes who; barring Harvey, Henry and maybe Destroyman; was the best boss in the game (and the best personality-wise). So what's his moveset?

Dr. Peace's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains hair and mustache

Entrance: jumps down from top of screen

Insignia: the hilt of Travis' lightsaber (yeah, I know it's technically called a beam katana but you'll just end up calling it a lightsaber)

A: punches/uses butt of revolvers as a melee weapon

B: shoots bullets; holding B shoots very powerful bullets that explode on contact

Side B: runs to the side, spinning around while shooting his revolvers

Down B: holds his revolvers in an X position for a split second, blocking an attack

Up B: flips around in air while firing gun

Taunt 1: twirls revolvers

Taunt 2: reloads revolvers

Speed & Weight: average

Final Smash: fires a frenzy of bullets around the stage

Dr. Peace is similar to Rizer in that he has to keep track of his revolver bullets of which there's eight each (so, in essence, he's got sixteen bullets to waste). His basic B attack is also like the Super-Scope item from SSBB in that if you hold down B, you can fire a powerful blast but if you just tap it, he'll keep on firing.

This makes Dr. Peace a prime character who can fight from the distance although he's not exactly too shabby up close and personal. This, incidentally, makes your best character Billy Rizer since it's like fighting fire with fire. Dr. Peace can fire guns so you fire back with an even better gun. Just keep shooting and the fight will be over with little health lost on your part.


After the fight ends, Dr. Peace collapses on the ground. "I have to admit that that was pretty good on your part," compliments Dr. Peace. "Thanks," smiled Mac. "Time to finish you off old man," said Rizer. As he raised his gun a laser blast just barely missed him. "There they are!" yelled Dracula who was the at the door to the room with a pair of Primids to his side.

"Come on!" yelled the Ooze. Dracula eyed the Ooze as a sense of shock appeared on his face: "You're supposed to be dead." "Did you say something sir?" asked one of his Primids. "Zap the puddle!" yelled Dracula as several Primids aimed but missed. The trio sprinted out the door and locked it behind them. "This way!" yelled Rizer, leading them down a nearby street.

The villains were banging on the door and ultimately blew out the lock, opening the door where Dr. Peace's revolver was smoking (clearly indicating he destroyed the lock) only to see them nowhere in sight. "Dammit!" yelled Dr. Peace. "Call in the big guns," ordered Dracula. "Aye aye!" said Peace as he took out a codec.

Dracula's own codec rang as he picked it up: "What?" The scene changed to Bleck who was sitting inside his own personal lair back at Castle Bleck, eying the events via security cameras, and said, "Well I'm curious as to why you're most curious to kill that little puddle of slime when one would think the experienced mercenary and fighting champion would be a more vicious threat. I like to keep close tabs on my underlings so is there something you're not telling me?"

"You mean you don't recognize him?" asked Dracula. "No," replied Bleck. "Why?" "Check its DNA," grunted Dracula. "Pardon me?" asked Bleck, not catching it. "Check the Ooze's DNA," repeated Dracula. "You can probably find some of it in the puddles of slime it leaves behind."

Dracula went away as Bleck remarked to himself: "Well there's certainly a lot of that lying around. Joker!" "Sir," yelled Joker as he appeared behind Bleck. "Fetch me Dr. Wily," ordered Bleck as Joker left the room. STAGE OVER

Level # 29: The Parking Garage

The trio had come into a parking garage which was unattended by any attendants. "The people you know are here?" asked Mac. "One of them is," said Rizer. "The other is on the top floor." "What can I do for you guys?" said Travis Touchdown as he walked out of the shadows.


"Travis?!" asked Mac. "You're one of the local bounty hunters?!" "There's nothing I do better," remarked Travis. "We need you to fly us out of the city," said the Ooze. "Top floor," said Travis. As they began walking, several Primids came down from a nearby ramp which started the level as the quartet all got into battle-ready position.

Cashmere Cannonball~No More Heroes

And of course, no long-winded part of my story would be complete without the moveset of everyone's favorite otaku.

Travis Touchdown's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains black hairdo and sunglasses

Entrance: drives in on motorcycle

Insignia: same as Dr. Peace's

A: swings lightsaber

B: charges up and then swings lightsaber

Side B: charges with lightsaber

Down B: holds up lightsaber to defend against attacks

Up B: spins in air with lightsaber outstretched

Taunt 1: twirls lightsaber

Taunt 2: twirls it again but in a different manner

Speed & Weight: fast but easy to knock off

Final Smash: does a flying flurry of lightsaber attacks

Just for the record, Travis is like a faster but less powerful clone of Ike in that most of his main attacks generally mimic Ike's although they're not as powerful and he's somewhat easier to knock off. (Did you see what I did there?)

This is another level where there's no truly ideal character to play as although this level does have a unique theme that can hinder you and hurt your enemies: the cars.

Just like the city level, there are cars constantly driving by although they're much more abundant than in the city for obvious reasons. This makes the level a bit of a pain to play through. Not much more to say there.

At the end of the level, the group comes to the roof of the parking garage. On the roof, silhouetted against the moonlight, stands a dark imposing figure. "None shall pass!" yells the figure as he walks forward. "I am the Black Knight and I will be slaying you today!"


"I'd like to see you try!" yelled Travis as he leaped down upon the Black Knight with his lightsaber. The Black Knight held his cape out and, to Travis' utter surprise, his lightsaber bounced right off of it. "Huh?" asked Travis. "Cloak woven of the hardest material known to mankind," grunted the Black Knight. He then threw back his cloak and steadied his sword before remarking, "Well? Shall we continue?"


Boss # 20: The Black Knight

Playable Characters: Little Mac, the Ooze, Billy Rizer, Travis Touchdown

Health: regular fight

Crimean Army Sortie~SSBB

It's time to get to the Black Knight's moveset.

The Black Knight's moveset

Kirby Swallow: turns into helmet

Entrance: walks in from side

Insignia: same as Ike and Marth's

A: swings sword and punches

B: holds cloak in front

Side-B: wide sword swing

Down-B: swings sword in place

Up-B: punches up into the air with sword outstretched upwards

Taunt 1: throws cloak back

Taunt 2: laughs

Speed & Weight: slow but hard to knock off

Final Smash: is rendered invulnerable and all attacks he does are near insta-kills

The Black Knight is a very powerful character and, barring a character you're going to be seeing later on, he's the second-slowest and heaviest character in the whole game. Incidentally, he's actually more useful as a defensive character than an offensive one since his attacks aren't incredibly powerful and he's more designed to wear down his opponents over a long period of time.

The key to winning this fight is patience. The Black Knight wins by blocking your attacks and then counter-attacking (he's quite good at that). The key to winning is wait for him to attack first then counterattack yourself. The Ooze is really handy for this fight since by repeatedly damaging the Black Knight he can become big enough to be more powerful than the Black Knight.


After the fight ends, the Black Knight is kneeling on the ground, panting. The panting immediately turns to laughter as the Black Knight stands back up nonchalantly, chuckling, "Is that the best you can do?" Just as the fight was about to continue, the voices of Dracula and Dr. Peace were heard below as they arrived onto the roof with several other Primids.

Upon seeing that, Rizer grabbed Mac and jumped straight over to the next building, an action followed by the Ooze and Travis. Upon seeing them continuing to jump buildings Dracula asked the Black Knight and Dr. Peace: "Can either of you jump like that?" Both shook their heads which prompted Dracula to sigh, "Fine, take the long way. I'll go after them." Dracula then transformed into a bat and flew after the quartet.


Meanwhile, back at Bleck's laboratory, Bleck was sitting in his chair with the mechanized Dr. Wily and Joker on either side of him. Bleck was looking at the results of the DNA test on the computer monitor in an expression that mixed anger with pure shock. "It can't be..." murmured Bleck. "It's impossible!"

"Sorry Count Bleck," said the mechanized Wily. "It's a 98% match so zere really are no other choices. Zat pile of goo is our old friend, Dr. Daniel Caine." "But that's impossible!" yelled Bleck who lost his calm composure for one of the very few times in his life. "I saw him die with my own two eyes! He fell into a vat of toxic waste which melted him!"

"Vell," explained Wily, "waste has been known to contain mutagens that can significantly alter vone's DNA." "Still," said Bleck who was starting to calm down albeit not by much, "even if that's so he toppled over and got washed down the drain so why would he be even remotely near the city?"

"Actually sir," said Joker, "we don't have the resources to have a full-fledged sewer system of our own so everything we flush becomes the city's problem as Andross and Eggman built a teleporter at the bottom of the reservoir to send everything straight to the city's sewer system."

"Oh God," sighed Bleck. Bleck stood up and began to walk away before stopping and saying with a calm composure once more: "Put a warrant out amongst our members. Tell them to find the remains of Dr. Caine and terminate him. He knows too many of our secrets to be left alive." STAGE OVER

Level # 31: The City Rooftops

The quartet lands on a rooftop and look back while panting. "I think we lost them," said Mac. "Yo, did you call for me Travis?" said Captain Falcon.


"Wait, Captain Falcon is your partner?" asked Mac. "Yup," said Travis. Travis then turned to Falcon and explained, "Listen, these guys need us to transport them somewhere to get rid of ol' Blecky's organization. So we're going to need to borrow the use of your ship."

"No prob," said Falcon. "The best way to get started on that project would be to go to the Continental Kingdom's Capital. Don't worry, the ship's just a few roofs over."

Mute City~SSBB

Yes, now you get the character that you want so you can Falcon Punch a puddle of slime into the Sun in multiplayer (because that's what everyone always wanted in an SSB game right?). As you all know, Captain Falcon is a very powerful character with one of the most badass punches of all time.

With that said, this level is standard platforming with some more aerial-based enemies such as Buckots and Trowlons beginning to appear (as well as Auroros). Nothing to be afraid of so don't be.

At the end of the level, the group comes to a large purple and gold ship that is clearly Captain Falcon's. "Here we are," says Falcon. "She's my little beauty. Now let's clear this dump." "I think not!" said Dracula who hovered down as a bat and transformed into human.

Travis leaped at Dracula who quickly unsheathed his rapier and used it to block Travis' beam katana in one smooth motion. "Check yourself before you wreck yourself child," chastised Dracula before kicking Travis away.


Boss # 21: Count Dracula

Playable Characters: Little Mac, the Ooze, Billy Rizer, Travis Touchdown, Captain Falcon

Health: playable character

Stage 4-C~The Ooze

Count Dracula's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains hair and beard

Entrance: appears out of a swarm of vampire bats

Insignia: same as Simon Belmont's

A: uses rapier and fists

B: shoots fireballs

Side B: swings rapier in a powerful swing

Down B: sweeps his leg out, which trips the opponent

Up B: turns into a bat and flies into the air for a limited distance before turning back to normal

Taunt 1: "What is a man?! A miserable little pile of secrets!"

Taunt 2: twirls around his rapier

Speed & Weight: average

Final Smash: calls down a barrage of fireballs

Is there any better way to start off the description for a boss fight other than a bland description of what they can do? Didn't think so. Also this ought to be noted as the first fight in the game where you can play as more than four characters (ideally you should choose all but Captain Falcon, his Falcon Punch leaves him too wide open).

Anyway, Dracula is truly one of the tougher fighters in this game. On the Intense difficulty, you'll have to have perfectly mastered all four characters to stand a chance against him. The thing about Dracula is that he's a character who's designed to capitalize on openings.

This means that one hit from him could quickly change victory into defeat for you. The other thing about Dracula is that his sweeping attack is probably his most dangerous move and is the thing that leaves said opening available. For this reason, if you want to defeat Dracula, he should be defeated from the air.

For this reason, it'd be ideal to use Travis Touchdown against Dracula. While the others are good characters, in the air they're not much good. Travis' lightsaber can do a lot of damage against Dracula and sweep him off his feet, leaving him open. Alternatively use Billy Rizer since he uses a ranged attack which is useful against Dracula who is at his most dangerous up close.

So long as you stay as far away from possible, attack from the air and watch Dracula with a very sharp eye, the King of Vampires should fall after a fairly long fight.


After the fight, Dracula manages to actually best the fighters. He does a roundhouse kick to Mac, knocking him straight off his feet. Billy Rizer opens fire upon Dracula who blocks the bullets with his sword, embedding a bullet into Rizer's arm as he recoils in pain.

Captain Falcon rushes Dracula although Dracula shifts his weight downwards so that he throws Falcon over his shoulder. Travis once more tries slicing down with his lightsaber which results in the two getting into a sword lock. Dracula grabbed Travis by the jacket and threw him over against the ship.

The Ooze outstretched a tentacle that wrapped itself around Dracula's leg. Dracula stabbed his rapier down, severing the tentacle and fastened his foot on the Ooze's head, having his rapier poised to kill. Before Dracula could do so, Mac, having recovered, gave Dracula an upper cut straight to his chin.

Dracula was knocked off his feet just as Dr. Peace and the Black Knight arrived onto the roof. The doctor and knight tried to attend their boss but Dracula yelled, "Never mind me, get them!" He outstretched a white, bony finger at the ship where everyone was boarding.

Little Mac and co. had fled on board the ship. Falcon turned on the ignition and began to fly away much to the distraught of the villains although Dr. Peace fired a bullet that bounced off. "They'll be back," grunted Dracula. "And we'll be ready for them when they are." STAGE OVER

After you beat all of the stories, you finally get to see the inside of the villains' hideout. Choose the level as it appears.

Level # 32: Lower Castle Bleck

The scene flashes to a jail cell in the subterranean parts of Castle Bleck (the name of the castle owned by the villainous organization). The jail cell is a big cell are where Samus (still in her zero suit form) is sleeping soundly on her bed in the corner as the Primid is standing guard outside.

Another Primid comes walking by asking, "How are things?" "Good?" said the Primid who was on guard duty. "Say, can you do me a favor?" "What is it?" asked the other Primid. "I need to recharge my fuel cells so can you take my place guarding this door for five minutes? I just need it to be real quick."

"No prob. Hey, out of curiosity, how come they didn't zap her," he nodded into the cell, "like they did with all the other prisoners?" "She's an important prisoner. The rest we're holding hostage, we need her because Dr. Wily wants to create a clone of the extinct Chozo species and the only remnants of them are within her DNA."

"Yeah, I know that but why not just trophify her rather than put her in a cell?" "Well, here's the problem. When you're a trophy, none of your metabolic activities are undergone, you just exist. That includes blood circulation so if we're going to extract her blood, we need to keep it pumping. Well, see you around." "See ya."

As the Primid was standing in front of the door, Samus' arm reached through the doors and caught him in a rear-naked choke. "Clearly a huge error," smirked Samus before she lifted her arm up suddenly, snapping the Primid's neck while lifting the keys off his body which she then used to unlock her door.

A few corridors down another pair of Primids were talking together where they were playing with the gun they confiscated from Samus. "You know the higher-ups said that we're supposed to dispose of this thing," said one of them. "I just want to see how this works," said the other as he was toying with it.

"It works like this," said Samus as she kicked it out of his hands and dispatched him with a quick laser shot. The other Primid tried to attack her but Samus effortlessly just used the laser whip to slam him against the wall. Samus cocked her laser pistol and she continued walking down the corridor.

Sector 1~SSBB

This level is obviously an escape mission as Samus is trying to escape Castle Bleck. Here you'll find some standard Primids as much of the level has a subterranean feel to it with dungeons and small rivers being the main attraction.

Overall standard level of the game as you play as Zero Suit Samus where you have to find various trophies and what-not. Nothing too special.

At the end of the level, Samus comes to yet another room. She opens the door where a trophified Princess Peach is stowed away. Samus resuscitates Peach and gives quick orders, "Okay, I'm getting you out of here. They're going to be looking for us by now and when I say do something, do it. Just do exactly as I say and I'll get you out of here." "Excuse me," said Peach. "Since they are going to be looking for us, what do I do if you get re-captured and I don't?"

"Just don't worry about me," said Samus. "I've been in tough spots before, I'll manage. Just find your own way if that happens." As they left the room they walked down the dark, dank tunnel a little more. They looked up through the grating where Wolf and Joker were playing a card game, oblivious to their presence.

Suddenly, both heard footsteps coming down from the opposite direction. Samus pressed Peach against the wall and aimed her gun down the tunnel only to find no one was there. Samus looked puzzled and turned around only to see Majora's Incarnation leering straight into her face: "Good evening sunshine!"

Majora kicked Samus down onto the ground as Peach stood paralyzed in fear. "It seems to me as though a couple of prisoners have escaped from their cages," smirked Majora. "Hey Wolf, Joker, get down here!"

Up above Wolf sighed and lifted the grating for Joker saying, "Ladies first." "Is there any other way?" said Joker as he kicked Wolf down into the tunnel before jumping down himself. "Get the blue girl," yelled Wolf. "She's the more dangerous of the two!" Wolf and Joker leaped at Samus, who was back on her feet now as Majora cornered Peach.

Wolf grabbed Samus' arm but Samus swept her leg under Wolf, lifting him off his feet before swinging her arm to slam him straight into Joker. Joker dodged the attack and tried to do a jump strike with his sword which Samus dodged and followed up with a roundhouse kick to Joker's head.

Peach wasn't doing as well as she collapsed to the ground as Majora cornered her. She grabbed a sharp piece of concrete that had fallen apart and quickly dove between Majora's legs in an attempt to escape. Majora turned around and grabbed her arm which prompted Peach to stab Majora in the area where the neck conjoined with the torso with the piece of concrete; a fatal blow.

Majora staggered somewhat, apparently dead as Peach got up confidently. She then looked on in horror as Majora rolled his neck and pulled the piece of shrapnel out of his neck. "I have to admit, I'm curious," said Majora. "After you killed me, what were you planning on doing next?"

Majora once more advanced on her although she was saved as Samus leaped into Majora, with a kick straight to the face that knocked him off his feet and sent a wooden mask (not Majora's) onto the ground. Majora, enraged, enlarged his muscles and became much more monstrous in tone as he turned into Majora's Anger (pretty much like Majora's Wrath only his whips are replaced with claw-like appendages).


Like this but without the whips.

Samus picked up the wooden mask and pocketed it as she threw Peach back up through the open grating into the room above and quickly followed before locking the grating back into place. Majora yelled at Joker and Wolf: "Sound the alarm! Wake the whole castle if you have to! I want those two found!" STAGE OVER

Level # 33: Castle Bleck

The level began as Majora was in a large area that was essentially a main hall, diverting troops throughout the castle which included Wolf, Joker, Dr. Wily, the Black Knight, Ridley, King DeDeDe and Dr. Peace. "What the Hell is going on here?!" yelled Dracula as he walked down a large staircase at the center of the hall.

"Two prisoners have escaped from their cell," smiled Majora, "so I'm retrieving them." "Bring them back alive," said Dracula. "Also make sure you don't make too much noise. The count is sleeping and I doubt he would like to be disturbed." "But of course," said Majora, somewhat sarcastically.


Meanwhile, Samus and Peach were in another corridor which was somewhat more regal-looking with various red carpets and candles hanging all over the place. Samus checked around a corner to make sure it was safe and gestured Peach to follow her.

As the two ran Peach asked, "Why are you saving me out of curiosity?" "You're a princess," said Samus. "I'm a bounty hunter. If I get you back safe and sound, you're going to be worth something." Before Peach could answer back, a laser blast interrupted their conversation as an overhead Primid using a laser rifle had opened fire on them.

Samus calmly shot the Primid with her own laser pistol, killing him although yet another squad had walked in from another door, starting the level.

Great Temple~SSBB

This level is sort of like the one beforehand although the setting is a bit different (since you're in the castle proper rather than the dungeon) and somewhat more enemies (and more powerful ones too) because of the high alert setting.

The enemies this time aren't just Primids and the occasional Lancers but also includes Feyeshes, Armights and Mites. In other words, Majora and Dracula pulled out all the stops to make sure that you get recaptured. Luckily, this fate isn't too hard to avoid as you can defeat most enemies assuming you know how to use Samus and Peach well enough.

At the end of the level, Peach and Samus come to a large open room which is clearly the front hall as there were two gigantic double doors on the opposite side of a grand staircase. "Okay," said Samus. "There might be a trap waiting so just stay here while I go and open the door. As soon as I do that, sprint straight towards it and we'll be in the home stretch. You got that?" Peach nodded as Samus tread into the front hall and got near the door.

"Going somewhere?" said Majora as he leaped down in front of Samus. Majora threw a series of blows at Samus which she attempted to block. Majora then wound up a really powerful punch which prompted Samus to take the wooden mask she pocketed earlier as an attempt to block the attack. Samus noticed that Majora intentionally missed the punch which prompted Samus to finally get a good look at what the mask looked like. Long story short, it was the Fierce Deity's Mask.


"Hand that artifact back to me," commanded Majora. "Why do you want it so badly?" asked Samus. "I'm keeping it from being used by anyone ever again," said Majora. "I'm warning you, what resides in that mask is something more powerful than even I can fathom. The world must never let it see the light of day."

"You're joking right?" said Samus. "I've read all about your bio and I've learned things by eavesdropping on the guards: you're Majora, one of the most powerful members of this organization, if not the most powerful. The rest are scared of you because there's no way on controlling you. So this is your weakness? This little piece of wood?"

"That piece of wood contains something that will do more harm than I could ever do!" yelled Majora. "If the mask is ever destroyed, it'll be released! It's my part-time job to stop that from happening!" "You try to destroy the world," pointed out Samus, "what could be worse than that? How about this, you let my companion and me go and I'll give you your mask back."

"I make no promises," yelled Majora. "Hand it back!" "No," said Samus as she readied a laser blast to destroy the Fierce Deity's Mask. Before she could do so, Ridley grabbed Samus' arm holding the mask and roared in her face. Samus pistol-whipped Ridley, throwing him off her although as a result of the scuffle, Samus dropped the Mask.

Majora picked up the Mask and quickly hid it in an off-screen hammer space as Ridley advanced on Samus and roared again. Samus readied her laser pistol to shoot at Ridley although it was shot out of her hand by Dr. Peace (the villains Majora had gathered for the job had all appeared by now).

The Black Knight and DeDeDe each grabbed one of Samus' arms. Samus kicked DeDeDe in the stomach and shook him off. She then used her free arm to punch the Black Knight in the slits for eyes, causing him to recoil in pain. "You might want to attack her with more zan just two people at a time!" yelled Dr. Wily.

Wolf and Joker both tackled Samus and they quickly held her legs down as Dr. Peace and Ridley grabbed her arms. Samus ripped her arm out of Dr. Peace's grasp and elbowed him in the stomach. She also managed to nearly get her arm out of Ridley's grasp which she tried to double up with a kick but Wolf held her leg steady.

This caught Samus off-balance and allowed Ridley and Dr. Peace to regain their hold on her as the Black Knight and DeDeDe also aided in the endeavor and managed to restrain Samus' arms. They lifted them up behind her which allowed Dr. Wily to bind her wrist together tightly with rope.

"Well done, Majora," said Dracula who was standing next to Majora. "One down, one to go." Majora smiled, "The other one shouldn't be too much of a threat." Samus and Majora's eyes met and they clearly both knew what Samus was going to say next.

Majora nodded at Wily with an obvious non-vocal command as Samus yelled out, "Everyone, I have something to tell you about Majora! He's-" She was cut off as Wily tied a piece of cloth around her mouth. "Don't interrupt me!" yelled Majora, even though Samus had clearly done no such thing.

"As I was saying," continued Majora over Samus' muffled yells, "Wily, you said you wanted to extract some DNA from her. Well now is as good a time as ever." As the group led the futilely struggling Samus away, Majora added with a sadistic smile: "Also be sure to put the loudspeaker microphone next to her mouth as you do it."

As this all went on, no one noticed as Peach silently walked up a nearby stairwell, further into the castle. STAGE OVER

Level # 34: Upper Castle Bleck

Samus was standing in a lab room where she was still being held by the villains, one on each arm with two following nearby. Wily had fashioned his arm into a hypodermic needle as he commanded, "Okay, untie her wrists but keep ze gag on. Hold her arm out too."

The Black Knight, who was holding Samus did that as he forced her to hold out one arm while steadfastly holding the other one. Dr. Peace put a microphone attached to a wire next to Samus' head as Wily approached with the needle in hand: "Zis von't hurt a bit... it's going to hurt a whole lot!"


Peach was in a room, breathing a sigh of relief only to hear loud muffled screams of anguish and pain on the loudspeaker. The yells were cut off as Peach feared the worst while Wolf said into the loudspeaker shortly afterward: "You hear that Princess? That's what we're going to do to you if you don't come out."

Peach sat, transfixed in fear, trying to catch a breather when another noise sounded that startled her. "And so I catch a prisoner, like a professional police officer doing his civic duties," yelled Dimentio who had teleported into the room.

Dimentio, Charming Magician~Super Paper Mario

Peach stood transfixed in horror as Dimentio smiled, "Now, now, Princess, I'm not going to report you just yet." Peach's face of fear turned to one of curiosity as she replied with a quiet: "What?" "The way I see it," explained Dimentio, "we're both at an impasse. I desperately need something and you desperately need to get out of her. And I think we can fulfill each other's needs."

"I'm listening," said Peach, still in a somewhat nervous tone. "You see," explained Dimentio, "the whole reason why I joined this organization was because Count Bleck stole a very special something from me. The Chaos Heart." "You and I both know what that heart does," said Peach, "and you don't want it."

"Ah," said Dimentio, "so you think that I wish to just murder the whole world at random even though that would block me from ruling it. A reasonable assumption but an incorrect one nonetheless, considering how the Chaos Heart has been turned to stone and can't perform that duty anymore."

"Then why do you want it?" asked Peach. "It has other uses," shrugged Dimentio. "All I know is that Count Bleck is sleeping right now and he keeps it in his lower right, from your perspective, cape pocket. If you want out of this castle, I suggest that you retrieve it for me."

In the Darkness~Super Paper Mario

This level is obviously played solely as Peach and is significantly easier than the last one since the place is no longer on high alert and you're in the corridor near where Count Bleck is sleeping. The only enemies here are standard Primids since they're his door guards.

The level's setting is also a bit different. While the regular Castle Bleck level looked somewhat regal, this level rings true more to the original Castle Bleck level from Super Paper Mario with complete black backgrounds with white shapes serving as the places where you can stand.

At the end of the level, Peach entered Bleck's bedroom where the count was sleeping on a bed with his cane in one hand and the Dark Prognosticus in the other. On his bedside table sat a small music box while Bleck's cape was cloaked around his body. On the other side of the room lay another figure: a woman who was draped in white robes, including a head dress to hide her face.

Bleck snored as Peach sighed and carefully grabbed the crease of his cape and eased it open. One of Bleck's eyes fluttered open as Peach stood transfixed although the exhausted Bleck paid her no heed as he instead reached for the music box and looked at it with pain in his eyes. "Timpani..." whispered Bleck as he set the music box down and fell back asleep.

Peach slowly regained her composure and reached back into Bleck's pocket where she lifted out a heart made of stone, clearly the thing Dimentio had asked to her to get. She turned to leave and grimaced whilst trying to carry it. "It's rather heavy isn't it?" said Bleck's voice. Peach whirred around to see Bleck sitting up, wide awake.

Bleck, however, seemed rather calm and nonchalantly asked, "Do you know who that is in the corner?" nodding at the female figure. Peach shook her head nervously. "Why, it's just no one. Really, a lifeless body I found frozen and exhumed. Perfectly intact."

Promise~Super Paper Mario

"Why do you want that?" asked Peach. "Well," explained Bleck, "I'm a ruined man, princess. I was betrothed to a beautiful woman named Timpani. We fell in love... and yet my father was displeased with our relationship. So he banished her to roam dimensions forever in a cursed state. So I killed him and my whole tribe. And tried to destroy all worlds."

"Why did you want this?" asked Peach. "Why do you want this now? I understand that she was lovely but there are other people in this world. Your loyal minions, your parents, your family. Lots of people, who are having their lives taken away by yo-" "No!" yelled Bleck, shutting Peach up. "Timpani was the only person who ever cared about me!"

"We were inevitably reunited and halted the destruction of all worlds in an act of redemption," continued Bleck whose voice was now a bizarre combination of anger, calmness and nostalgia all mixed into one. "As a reward, we were sent to our own paradise: a calm, serene field where we could spend forever with each other."

"But that all changed one day. She perished when a sudden, sharp, cold rain shower gave her pneumonia. The Gods took my happiness away so I decided to enact my vengeance. I turned to the only two Gods I knew I could rely on: Tabuu, the God of Subspace and Yami, the God of Darkness. They aided me as more happily joined my cause."

(For the imagery here, the scene shows a montage of a silhouetted Bleck standing in front of the sunset ominously as transparent images of various villains go towards him. It starts off with Tabuu and Yami and then when Bleck refers to the others, images of Ganondorf, Dracula, Andross, Bowser, Ridley and K. Rool also move towards him. Also, by now, the music slowly faded and was replaced by a more ominous version of the Count Bleck theme.)

The Evil Count Bleck~Super Paper Mario (remix)

"Whatever happened to Yami?" asked Peach. "Now that Tabuu's trapped in Subspace, I wonder what happened to him." "He still does his part," mused Bleck as he stared absent-mindedly out the window. "Very well then," said Peach, "but what does all this have to do with the corpse?"

"There are ways to bring back the dead," remarked Bleck. "You're supposed to sprinkle enough blood on the body and then say the name so that the soul will become part of the body, even turning into the spitting image of her. Since too many of my henchmen value world domination instead of obliteration, I have my own prize here."

"You're bringing her back," said Peach as it dawned on her. "Bingo," replied Bleck. "Normally I would have to kill a lot to get this done but I'm planning something special to get this working. Although some back-up might be needed." "What is the back-up?" asked Peach nervously. "The back-up is why there's no sense in killing you... yet," smiled Bleck maliciously.

Peach looked horrified as Bleck held up his cane to her neck saying, "Truce?" Peach whacked the Chaos Heart across Bleck's face, clearly causing a large deal of pain. Instead Bleck looked down before finally his face turned into one of a calm yet psychopathic rage.

Davy Jones~Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (listen to 1:13-2:34)

Peach sprinted down the hallway as Bleck followed her at a slow but steady walk. Several Primids stood in Bleck's way, asking him what to do but Bleck paid them no heed, even as some grabbed his arm.

After that, we finally return to the level proper which is from right to left instead of the other way around, like in most other areas of the game. In addition to that, there is a level hazard her that makes you want to hurry. That hazard is obviously Bleck.

Simply put, if Bleck catches up to you, you lose a life as he kills you with his electricity-coated cane. If you keep on moving, he'll never catch you but the enemies in this level are made for the primary purpose of stalling you. The trick here is to do your best to avoid them. Also, you might have wanted to catch all the trophies and stickers in the first half of the level just to be safe.

At the end of the level, Peach slams the door behind her as she reached the room where she and Dimentio had conversed earlier where Dimentio was still standing. Peach tossed Dimentio the frozen Chaos Heart and said, "There! Now get me out of here!" Dimentio pocketed the Chaos Heart and remarked, "I don't think so," as he nonchalantly sat down.

"What?!" yelled Peach at Dimentio. "But you said, you'd get me out of he- hey!" A trio of Primids tackled Peach and effortlessly bound her wrists and tied a piece of cloth over her mouth. "When I made that agreement," explained Dimentio over Peach's muffled screams, "the man who is perfectly capable of hiring an army of powerful villains to rip my head off like a gruesome R-rated movie wasn't knocking on my front door."

Dimentio, as he said this, plucked something out of Peach's hair and crushed it in his hands smiling, "Pity of you not to notice a bug when it's in your own hair. The man who wants to spill your blood to resurrect his girlfriend calls!" Dimentio opened the door for Count Bleck, who was now back to normal. "Keep the prisoner in my room where I can keep an eye on her, ordered Count Bleck."


Meanwhile, back down in the dungeon, the captive Samus had her hands retied behind her back and was being led back down into the same cell by the same group of villains although only Joker was actually holding onto her, leading her in.

Samus swiftly turned around with a kick straight to Joker's face, knocking him off the ground. Dr. Peace tried to aim his revolver but Samus kicked it straight out of his hands as she lifted her legs over her arms to get them back in front of her.

DeDeDe was the next to be dispatched as Samus slammed her fists straight into him before using her hands to pull off the gag and then used her teeth to untie the bondage on her hands. She used the rope as a whip which she whacked against Wolf.

Dr. Wily also tried to attack but this was thwarted as Samus charged him and shoved him straight into the Black Knight. Ridley finally advanced upon Samus as she gave him an uppercut straight to the beak. Ridley was stunned which prompted Samus to try to capitalize on the opportunity as she threw a kick straight into Ridley's midsection.

Ridley used his hand to catch Samus' foot in a grip that she tried to escape from but couldn't let go. "You can't beat him girl," said Wily. "Not without that suit of yours." Samus grimaced as the other villains regained their composure and once more tackled and restrained her.

"This girl just doesn't give up!" yelled Wolf. "We need a better way to imprison her!" concurred DeDeDe. "I have an idea," said the Black Knight. The camera cut into the cell where five separate close-up shots were shown. Samus' feet were put on a wooden board, a rope was tied around her arms, a gag was tied around her head, a rope was pulled taught through a metal ring on the ceiling and a noose was tightened around her neck.

The scene finally zoomed out as it was shown that Samus was set to be hung if she walked off the board. "Let's see her lift her legs up now," taunted Dr. Peace. The villains left laughing although Wolf and Ridley was the last to leave. Wolf looked at Samus sadistically and said, "Hey, you want your super-suit? We have no need for it anymore so you can take it! You just have to put it on yourself!"

Ridley reached outside the cell where Samus' Chozo suit was positioned as Ridley threw it into the middle of the cell. Ridley then slammed the door shut while laughing to himself. STAGE OVER

Level # 35: The Cave

This level takes place at dawn the next morning as Wario and Waluigi are riding on their motorcycle with Wario driving as Waluigi is sitting in the sidecar, looking at a map. "So where's the cave that Mewtwo wanted us to meet him in?" yelled Wario.

"It's around here somewhere..." said Waluigi as he put down the map and began looking via binoculars. "Left, no right, right, no my right," said Waluigi as he gave obviously confusing directions. "Give me those!" yelled Wario as he grabbed the binoculars and the two began scuffling over them.

Eventually this caused the motorcycle to go flying straight off a cliff, crashing below. When the dust settled, they both saw a large cave in front of them as Waluigi smiled smugly: "I told you I'd lead us to Mewtwo's hideout." Wario punched Waluigi across the face before they both ventured into the cave.


The next level in this section doesn't have much to do with the rest of the storyline but it's sort of necessary since it just closes off the small sub-plot up to this point as to what Mewtwo's been doing and it lasts for only one level (there's also a cut-scene shortly afterward that sets up events for a later part of the game).

This level is standard as you play as Wario and Waluigi in a cave as you find various trophies and fight Shaydases and Floows. Yeah, those two annoying enemies, which you now get to fight as the Wario bros. Just daydream it for a little bit and move on in the game.

The level ends as Wario and Waluigi come to a large open room where the Battleship Halberd is parked and the other occupants in the room are Mewtwo and the people who he's gathered (Fawful, Paper Bowser, Meta Knight and Gruntilda).

"Ah, so our next two guests have arrived," said Mewtwo. "It's nice to see you two as well. I assume you're familiar with most of your contemporaries?" They both nodded as Gengar


walked forward towards them and licked them both. "Ugh!" yelled Wario, "not this guy again! I thought we told him to stop following us!" "He did," said Mewtwo. "Then he began to follow me." "Speaking of which," said Waluigi, "why are we here?!"

"Yeah," concurred Paper Bowser, "I've been wondering that too." "We just need to wait for one more member," implored Mewtwo, "then we can begin." "You called?" said a voice from the doorway. In strolled Toon Ganondorf


which prompted Mewtwo to clap his hands together: "Now we can begin."

"So spit it out, give us the lowdown; or else I'm going to have to give you a painful throwdown," yelled Gruntilda. "Yeah," said Meta Knight, "what's going on here Mewtwo?" "Well," explained Mewtwo, "as you know there's another organization of villains around these parts who have all manipulated and betrayed us in one way or another."

"Not me," said Toon Ganondorf, "I left because I found it too unsettling being around a total clone of me." "Either way," said Mewtwo, "I decided to form one ourselves. We join together to defeat them and conquer the heroes in our way." "Now wait a minute!" yelled Wario. "How do we know you're not going to betray us as well?"

"There's less people here," pointed out Meta Knight, "so more shares of power and wealth for everyone." Wario and Waluigi were now clearly on board with the idea as Mewtwo said to the group, "Come on boys, follow me. I'll lead all the way, straight into the glory days." As he said this, shadowy, more menacing versions of the Wario bros. marched forward into the Halberd in the foreground and background.

"I'm in," said Gruntilda. "Me too," said Paper Bowser. "Let us go!" yelled Fawful. Toon Ganondorf grunted in agreement. Mewtwo's eyes glowed blue triumphantly as the entire group went on board the Halberd which then lifted off out of the cave (via a skylight) and blasted off into the dawn. STAGE OVER

Meanwhile, back in Castle Bleck, Bleck was standing in a small meeting room with Dr. Eggman and the Metal-Helmeted Assassin. "Once more," said Eggman, "I'm imploring you for the execution of Sonic the Hedgehog." "And once more, sighs Count Bleck, we can't afford the troops."

Eggman nudged the Metal-Helmeted Assassin playfully who snickered a little as Eggman continued, "As you wish sire, I'll just-" "Oh do you take me for an imbecilic simpleton, spat Count Bleck!" Eggman's face fell as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin stiffened a little.

Count Bleck continued, "Now, I know what you're both up to and I don't like it. And don't make the mistake of thinking that Sonic is dead because he's not. He's still in the ocean so I advise that you," he pointed at the Metal-Helmeted Assassin, "go down there and finish your job before anyone else catches wind of it and you're required for your other duties."

Dr. Eggman stood in shock as Bleck continued, "Oh and one more thing. Eggman, you wanted to get a sample of Kirby's skin cells for cloning. Here they are." Bleck tossed Eggman a vial with pink shavings in them which Eggman caught. "Now leave," said Bleck.

The Metal-Helmeted Assassin and Dr. Eggman left as Eggman grumbled, "I'm really growing to hate working for that guy." "There are replacements, you know," said the Metal-Helmeted Assassin. "What are you implying?" asked Eggman. But his question fell on deaf ears as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin leaped out the window, landed gracefully on the treetops of the nearby forest and began running towards the coast.

Once you return to the map screen, there are three more areas you can visit: the Plains, Caldera and the Beach. Let's go in that same order, starting off with the Plains!

Level # 36: The Plains

Actually, to be exact, this level starts off in the capital of the Continental Kingdom in Winthorn's office. Here, Zelda is discussing matters with Link and the other heroes that are also there (Mario, Luigi and Yoshi). Chancellor Winthorn walks into the room, walking with a noticeable limp.

"Is everything alright?" asked Zelda. "Oh," said Winthorn, "I was fixing a light bulb in my house last night and I fell off the ladder and sprained my ankle. I'll be back to normal in a few days." "Ah," said Zelda. "We were just discussing the markings Link copied down from that palace yesterday."

Zelda handed Winthorn the piece of paper with the markings on them which Winthorn quickly scanned and sighed, "It looks like old markings from the Tribe of Darkness. Unfortunately there's only one person I know of on the whole continent who can read it and I doubt he'll help you."

"Why not?" asked Zelda. "Fine," moodily snapped Winthorn, "go straight down to Castle Bleck and ask our arch-enemy who wants our heads mounted on his wall to translate it for you! I'm sure he'll be more than delighted to do so! Only other being I know of that could possibly decipher it is probably Tabuu, the God that Bleck served but that's also out of the question now that Tabuu has been sealed away in his own realm for all eternity."

Zelda's face fell before Luigi's face lit up: "That's not true! Remember, the Subspace Army members have the ability to traverse the border between this world and that world! That's how they got here in the first place! And we have a Primid on our side." "He went to the southern volcano to gather information," wearily sighed Winthorn. "If you want to obtain him, get him yourself."

"You're not being very proactive in all this saving the continent thing," mused Zelda. "I'm trying!" yelled Winthorn. "In case you haven't noticed, I have the entire populace of this kingdom breathing down my neck as the leaders of both the Mushroom Kingdom and Altea have been kidnapped. In addition to that, I'm also trying to help you organize that covert operation to invade the castle so, yes, I have a lot on my mind!"


After that short outburst, the level cut to a large open field where the level actually takes place as you get to play as either Zelda, Link, Mario, Luigi or Yoshi. Take your pick and enjoy riding through this grassy field which is full of pretty much all the standard enemies thus far in the game: Bombeds, Primids, Spaaks, Towtows, Greaps and an Armank (as well as one of those totem pole things).

This level also marks the appearance of some Zelda-esque enemies such as the Lizalfos and Dynalfos who are also aiding in the Subspace Army although they present no imminent threat. Other than that, there's not a whole lot to this level.

At the end of the level, the group is walking as Zelda leans over to Link and whispers, "There's a wolf following us." Link and most of the rest of the group looks behind them to see a small shadow flicker amongst the tall grass although their brief glimpse did confirm that it was a canine.

"It's probably scouting us for the rest of the pack to devour us," said Luigi nervously. Zelda quickly broke the topic pointing out the large mountain ahead, "The volcano is just a little bit ahead. Not too far now." STAGE OVER

Level # 37: The Volcano Exterior

Back on the grassy field, Majora was standing surrounded by various gun-toting Primids as he looked at the path. He picked up a dropped ring and inspected it before smiling, "Well, well, well; the Princess of Hyrule has come out into the open. How nice."

Majora then sprouted whips menacingly, transforming into Majora's Wrath proper


and ordered one of his troops: "You there! Go up to the volcano and head them off!"

Underground Volcano~New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Back at the volcano, Link and co. were about to begin their climb which, as you can guess, is the next level. This level is one of those that actually goes from down to up rather than from left to right. Just keep on going up and don't stop going.

The main hazard in this level are the occasional falling rocks but they're no real big deal and can be avoided with some practice. Only other thing to note about this level is that whenever you enter a door to get a hidden item, you have to watch out for the lava on the interior of the volcano but, other than that, there's nothing to really worry about.

At the end of the level, the quintet gets to the peak of the volcano and look down into the lava-filled crater below. As they look down a large Primid jumps down from above. This Primid is a bit different from others in that he's not only big but also metallic as well as toting a laser sword in one hand and a boomerang in the other (with a blaster sheathed on his back).

The Primid breathes fire and roars as the next boss battle begins.


Boss # 22: The Super Primid

Playable Characters: Link, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Zelda

Health: 1.5 bars

Fyrus~Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I have to admit, I give myself too little credit when it comes to developing the actual gameplay parts of these stories since I think this is a very unique and creative idea for a boss: take all the Primids in the game and morph them together into one specimen.

Basically that's this guy. He has the ability to do punches, swing his lightsaber, throw his boomerang, shoot his blaster, tackle, breath fire and he also won't recoil when you hit him because of his metallic skin. This makes him the first truly hard boss in this story as he not only has a wide variety of attacks but is also hard to catch off-guard.

The ideal character here is Zelda and Link as they have the most amount of ranged attacks out of all the playable characters which is definitely your ally in this case. While the Super Primid still has ranged attacks, he's most dangerous up close.


After the battle, the Primid leaps up high and comes crashing down with his fist towards the ground. All the characters dodge the attack but the punch still causes some of the rock to fall apart and give way. This causes the characters plummet straight into the volcano.

Majora comes up besides the Super Primid and observes, "You go back to base, big boy. This next round is mine." The Super Primid nods and goes back down the mountainside as Majora cracks his neck before leaping into the volcano as well. STAGE OVER

Level # 38: The Volcano Interior

Melty Monster Galaxy~Super Mario Galaxy 2

This level begins without any cut-scene as you're just jumping on platforms over lava. That's pretty much the up and down of it but here's the kicker: the level hazard. That's right, because the difficulty is naturally increasing from the first storyline, this is harder than the volcano interior from the first storyline. The hazard?

Melty Monsters. Yeah, you remember those big mounds of lava that emerged out of the lava in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and came crashing down? They're in this level.


Basically whenever you see them roaring out of the lava behind you, you better get out of their range right away or else they're going to come biting down on you which causes a 1-hit KO. This gets kinda tricky towards the end of the level as you have to fight several enemies as Melty Monsters routinely come over the platform. Luckily this can benefit you since they'll kill the enemies as well but you want to be wary of them.

At the end of this level, the group hops onto yet another platform. "Going somewhere?" said Majora's Wrath menacingly. Yoshi sucked Majora into his mouth and spat him out into the lava. "That was anti-climatic," said Mario. As they began to leave, Majora erupted onto the platform out of the lava now in his Incarnation form.

Majora shook the rest of the magma on him off and seethed, "I'm going to make you wish you never did that."


Boss # 23: Majora's Incarnation

Playable Characters: Link, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Zelda

Health: regular fight

Baby Bowser Battle (Part 1)~Yoshi's Story

So now you're fighting Majora's second form who has his own moveset all his own. Read on if you wish to find it out.

Majora's Incarnation's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains mask and stubby arms

Entrance: descends from top of screen

Insignia: same as Ganondorf, Link and Zelda's

A: melee attacks

B: shoots glowing white orbs, if you spam the B button he shoots them in rapid succession

Side B: does the kick-dance, kicking all in his way

Down B: transforms into Majora's Wrath (he doesn't do that in this battle)

Up B: spins upwards

Taunt 1: moonwalks

Taunt 2: twirls like a ballerina

Speed & Weight: fast but easy to knock off

Final Smash: see Majora's Mask's moveset, part 1

Majora's Incarnation is definitely going to be one of your harder opponents in the game. Why? Because barring Sonic and a later character that'll be appearing in the game, he's the fastest character overall as he's easily able to run circles around all of your characters.

This makes it tough to finger who your best character is going to be as with all of them the strategy is to avoid Majora as much as possible while hitting him as much as possible (preferably with a grab/throw combo). However the handiest character in this scenario is Zelda since her magical shield attack prevents her from getting terribly hurt by Majora's attacks and allowing her to hurt him whenever he's in close.


After the fight's over, Mario sweeps his leg under Majora's knocking him off his feet. "The Primid is deeper into the volcano!" shouted Zelda as she ran down a nearby tunnel. The rest of the group followed her as Majora once more transformed into Majora's Wrath shouting at the Primids who were running by him, "KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!" STAGE OVER

Level # 39: Beneath the Volcano

Melty Molten Galaxy~Super Mario Galaxy

This is another level that begins with no intro and it's a lot more intense than the last one, being the first truly hard level in the game. Since this level actually takes place over a lava pit that's beneath the other lava pit, globs of lava routinely fall from the ceiling that cause a lot of damage.

There's also lava for you to fall in, Melty Monsters still haunt the level and, as my personal bonus, the lava is like the Planet Zebes stage from the first SSB game in that it routinely rises up and down which forces you to avoid the lava a lot.

This level is pretty tough but you're going to be treated to an epic boss battle to close it off.

At the end of the level, the Primid stands on a platform. "We've been looking all over for you," said Zelda. "Whatever for?" asked the Primid. "For me to dispatch you and ruin all their hopes and dreams," said Majora as he swept a whip that slammed the Primid against a rock wall, causing him to crumple down to the ground, motionless.

Zelda knelt by him and confirmed, "He's just knocked out." "I can fix that," said Majora before Link quickly tackled him. Link punched Majora repeatedly before Majora kneed Link in the stomach and then kicked him off him. After regaining his balance, Link looked at his hand to see that he was holding the Fierce Deity's Mask.

Majora slightly recoiled in fear upon seeing that Link held it and was preparing to put it on. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," said Majora as Link prepared to put the mask on. "I really wouldn't." Link ignored Majora's warning and slapped the Mask on as he went into a cut-scene of him screaming in pain and agony before he transformed into Fierce Deity Link.


"Do you think that hurt him?" asked Mario to his brother. "He just got his entire DNA restructured, how do you think he feels?!" yelled Luigi. Fierce Deity Link unsheathed his sword as Majora roared menacingly and slapped both of his whips to the ground. Fierce Deity Link's sword radiated with energy as he also let out of a yell coarsing with adrenaline.

"I think we better get out of here," said Mario as he and Yoshi ran off the platform to the one where Zelda and the Primid were. "I think that's a good idea," concurred Luigi as he also ran over the platform.

Majora smiled eagerly: "I have to admit, I am going to enjoy this. I'll finally get a good challenge for a change and I'll get rid of both of you once and for all! It's a win-win!"


Boss # 24: Majora's Wrath

Playable Characters: Fierce Deity Link

Health: regular fight

Majora's Wrath~Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (remix)

The battle between the Fierce Deity and Majora's Wrath takes place on a platform over lava as lavafalls plop down in the background and sparks of fire whiz around them in the wind. And now it's time for these two enemies' movesets (yes, the Fierce Deity is playable in this game).

Majora's Wrath's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains mask for face and whips for arms

Entrance: descends from top of screen

Insignia: same as Zelda, Ganondorf and Link's

A: standard attacks with fists and legs

B: swings whip

Side B: sweeps whip across ground, tripping opponent

Down B: transforms into Majora's Mask (doesn't do so in this fight)

Up B: tosses whips upwards in order to grab edge

Taunt 1: roars

Taunt 2: does a ballerina spin

Speed & Weight: slow but hard to knock out

Final Smash: see Majora's Mask's moveset, part 1

And now time for his opponent's!

Fierce Deity Link's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains the same facial markings and hair (and sword)

Entrance: jumps down from top of screen

Insignia: same as Zelda, Link, Ganondorf and Majora's

A: standard punches and kicks

B: swings his sword which also sends a lightning ball flying outwards

Side B: thrusts his sword out while coated in lightning

Down B: spins in place while the sword is coated in lightning

Up B: same as Down B only he spins into the air

Taunt 1: holds out his palms as lightning coats them

Taunt 2: sheathes and unsheathes his sword

Speed & Weight: slow but hard to knock off

Final Smash: shoots out a barrage of lightning balls that home in on targets (can be avoided however)

Yes, Fierce Deity Link is his own character who isn't transformable from regular Link. Basically, this fight takes place between two enemies who are of equal strength and speed which is what's going to make it hard since every chance you have to defeat Majora is every chance Majora has to defeat you.

Ergo, the trick here is to utilize your B attacks as much as possible since they're the ones that are going to cause the most damage. In essence, all you have to do is just knock Majora off the stage as he doesn't have a very good recovery.

This fight isn't too tough but it's not too easy either.


After the fight's over, Fierce Deity Link sends out a large energy burst of lightning that has enough force to send Majora rocketing off his feet and straight into a rock wall in a very powerful impact. Majora, stunned, falls out of the wall and straight into the lava pit below.

"Didn't he survive that before?" asked Mario. "Yes but this time he had the impact and the Fierce Deity to back him up," pointed out Luigi. "I think he's dead now." "And so are you," said Link in a very demonic voice that was clearly the voice of the Fierce Deity.

Luigi, Mario and Yoshi were starting to tremble as Link advanced upon them menacingly. "I'm beginning to think that Majora was right when he said that Link shouldn't have put it on," said a frightened Luigi. "Link!" shouted Zelda. "Stop it!"

Link stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head a little, apparently unsure of his actions. Zelda approached him slowly and grabbed the bottom of his chin and pulled up, lifting the mask off of him.

As Link turned back to normal, the Primid woke up as he asked, "Hey, did you guys need me for something?" "Yes-a," said Mario. "We need to find a way into Subspace-a. Do you happen to know one?" "Yeah," said the Primid. "All members of the Subspace Army are able to traverse the border between the two worlds. That's how we get here in the first place."

Back at the other event, Link was back to normal as the Fierce Deity Mask plopped onto the ground. Zelda picked up and handed it back to Link smiling, "Use it only when absolutely necessary." The two then hugged each other.

"Awwwwww," said Majora. "What a heartwarming, trust-building moment. I think I might just cry." Majora was standing on the platform, whips gone, crying sarcastically. "You just sealed your fate boy," continued Majora, regaining his composure. Link grabbed the Fierce Deity Mask before Zelda grabbed his arm saying, "No, I have a better idea."

She gestured at the rest of the group as a pair of Scope Primids flanked Majora and prepared to open fire. "Where are you going to go now?" said Majora sarcastically. As if right on cue, the good Primid held his arms all around the group and they all disappeared into a purplish orb.

Once the orb was gone, no one was left. Majora let out a huge yell of rage as he proceeded to take his anger out on his henchmen by punching one of his Primids into the lava and tackling and beating the other one (presumably to death). STAGE OVER

Level # 40: Subspace

The six characters arrived in a large area of Subspace. "Are you sure this is the place?" asked Zelda. "Yup," said the Primid. "You said you're looking for our former God right? He should be around here somewhere. Just as a warning though, you're on his turf right now. So the army members here are going to be very powerful."

As if right on cue a large Armank roared at them. Everyone stood transfixed in fear as Yoshi effortlessly ate it. "Well we have Yoshi so we have nothing to be afraid of," said Mario. "I hope so," said Luigi, having a tone of fear in his voice. "I mean, we're in the lion's den right now so-" At this moment he noticed that everyone had begun walking ahead. "Wait, come back here!" yelled Luigi as he chased after them.

Subspace Ver. 1~SSBB

So, we have the same level from Subspace in the first game only much earlier. While the enemies are still pretty powerful, it's still a short endurance round and lasts only one room which makes the level itself not that bad.

First you have to fight against a pair of Greaps, then one of every kind of Primid and then against an Armank with two Armights to back it up. Now, admittedly, the enemies may take a few tries if you're not too experienced of a player but, overall, shouldn't be too tough.

At the end of the level, the group comes across a large mountain at the peak of which stands Tabuu.


"Tabuu!" shouted Zelda. "We have a favor to ask of you!" Tabuu, hearing her easily, grumbled, "No need to shout child, I can hear you just fine. Now the same people who helped bond me to this tomb are here asking me for a favor? Do my ears deceive me?"

"But aren't you the God of this realm?" asked Luigi. "Wrong," explained Tabuu. "When the Crazy Master stripped me of my Godly powers and perished, he left a shadow behind. He's not fully dead but he's not truly alive either. But as long as he is not fully dead, he is still the God of Subspace and I am just a purple power core surrounded by a blue hologram floating in this empty space."

"Well, you can keep our company by helping us decipher these markings," teased Zelda. "You're able to read the scripture from the Tribe of Darkness, aren't you?" "Indeed I am," sighed Tabuu. "Very well, let me see." Tabuu telekinetically lifted the paper out of Zelda's hand and floated it up in front of his face as he studied it.

Tabuu sighed, "It's from the last chapter of the Dark Prognosticus: the page that details world's end. It doesn't say when it will happen but if any of these issues ever begin striking the world, it will not be pretty." "Read it to us," said Zelda after a short foreboding pause. "I was getting to that," sighed Tabuu before he read the passage.

"A great, unstoppable fire ravages the land, destroying everything within its path. It then finally reaches an impasse where the heat of the fire is quelled, but not extinguished, by the coldness of the ice."

"The King of Subspace, followed by his loyal servant, traverses a boundary between his world and the real world and exacts his own reign of terror. He does not know defeat until he comes across the great evil that shall put this whole series of events into place."

"A leader is betrayed by some and followed by others. He knows not the meaning of defeat, even when it is staring straight at him. He is followed by the fire on one hand and the darkness on the other. He is then slain by the man he nearly killed."

"Amidst all this chaos, more events unfold. The servant of the servant is defeated by the last snake, an unstoppable force is released from its prison, the king of the forest is slain, the creator returns to destroy, a God is murdered by one of its own, he who slays an angel is that angel's own son and an army of one being is vanquished by he who lives without any insides."

"The great evil that set this all into motion is blinded by ambition and willingly aids and abets in all these scenarios. He wipes out all snakes by killing the last one and then burns the earth with a natural and artificial combination. All things come to an end."

"That's it?" asked Zelda, horrified. "We just have to try to stop these things from happening but there's nothing we can do once they actually happen?" "Apparently not," said Tabuu. "However, there is one part of the prophecy that I have memorized that clearly wasn't in... wherever you found this."

"Link found it in the Crystal Palace," pointed out Luigi. "Whatever," said Tabuu, clearly not caring. "The last piece of the prophecy is as follows:"

"But, even as all things end, there is still room for them to return. The world seed remains hidden until it ultimately sprouts from the ashes of the great evil and rejuvenates the world following its germination."

"That's all fine and dandy," said Zelda, "but I don't know what any of this means! I mean, an army of one being? The creator who destroys? The King of Subspace...... Well I have some inkling as to that last one but-" "Rest assured child," boomed Tabuu, "I am not the King of Subspace that this prophecy refers to! I'm not even its God and I have no control whatsoever over anyone anymore. If anything, I'm trying to stop that part from happening. I want the world for myself and I'm not about to destroy it!"

This shut Zelda up as Tabuu continued, "Anyway, this is all up for you to interpret. Now leave my sight at once!" "You heard him," said Zelda to the Primid. The Primid gathered around everyone and said, "The problem here is that we're going to have to return to the place where we last were." "Just our luck," sighed Mario as the Primid teleported them away. STAGE OVER

Now you can go either to Caldera or the Beach. You can guess what game character is coming in next as you enter the first one.

Level # 41: Caldera

In the middle of the desert town of Caldera (which looks like your stereotyped Wild West town) Dracula was standing beneath his umbrella to block out the sunlight as Primids were piling weapons into the back of a truck. One Primid came towards Dracula and gave him a briefcase full of money. Dracula sniffed angrily as he said, "Are you sure that this is all the money that our stockbroker here in Caldera has earned? We ordered one-third of all profits he's made by selling weapons to the local gangs."

A shadowy figure standing atop a nearby building looked down suspiciously. "Are you suggesting that my boss is embezzling profits?" asked the Primid angrily. Dracula fidgeted with the side of a truck and eventually found a secret compartment that opened spilling gold all over the sandy ground. "That's not my money," said Dracula's contact.

"I know," said Dracula. "It's mine!" Dracula unsheathed his rapier as a gunshot rang out, killing the contact. "We're under attack!" yelled Dracula as he fled. All the Primids looked up as the figure jumped down from a roof, the figure being The Last Kusagari.


Five Primids stood in his way as the Last Kusagari effortlessly dispatched all of them. He shot one down with his revolver, took out a small shotgun and blew another away. He took out his Johnnygun (pretty much like a Tommy gun) and kill the third and shot another with his pump shotgun. The fifth and final Primid charged at the Last Kusagari who dodged out of the way and impaled the Primid with his sword.

The Last Kusagari eyed the tracks in the sand Dracula left behind and began pursuit.

Main Theme Song~Red Steel 2  (whenever it gets to 1:55, just go back to the beginning)

Although his canon name is the Last Kusagari, I like to affectionately refer to this guy as Captain Badass (if you've ever played the game, you'll know why). So here's his moveset.

The Last Kusagari's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains hat and belts around face

Entrance: jumps down from top of screen

Insignia: a sword with a revolver wrapped around it

A: shoots gun; down-A cycles between his pistol, double-barrel shotgun, Johnnygun and sidearm (a pump shotgun)

B: swings his sword

Side B: swing to the side with his sword in an attack that can actually break an opponent's shield

Down B: uses Bear (basically punches the ground causing a shockwave to the immediate area)

Up B: uses the Guillotine (he jumps a little higher before coming crashing down with his sword outstretched)

Taunt 1: reloads whatever gun he's using

Taunt 2: crosses his gun and sword

Speed & Weight: slow but hard to knock off

Final Smash: uses the Eagle to send his opponent flying into the air, meets them up there, uses a flying flurry of slashes and sends them crashing back down with a couple of bullets to follow up

The Last Kusagari is a very unique character in that his ranged attack is actually with the A button while his short-range attacks are with the B button. The way his bullets work are similar to that of Billy Rizer in that the revolver has 8 bullets, the shotgun has two, the Johnnygun has 30 and the sidearm has 10.

These all do varying degrees of damage and cycling between them is very helpful. His B attacks also do a number as you'll learn while working on the Primids in this area. It also ought to be noted that unlike most other characters, the Last Kusagari's Final Smash can't potentially knock the opponent out as he never has a large finisher to knock them off-screen. Instead it just racks up a lot of damage (meaning they can be thrown off-screen soon enough anyway).

With that said, you better get used to this character because he's the only character in this section. Destroy all your Primids on the streets of Caldera and enter the final saloon at the end to ensue the cut-scene.

Dracula is sitting on one of the chairs in the saloon nonchalantly as he waves a pair of guards over to the Last Kusagari. The Last Kusagari outstretches his arms to dispatch them, slashing one with his katana and shooting the other with his pistol, as he comes forward to Dracula. Dracula unsheathes his rapier and waves the Last Kusagari's katana out of the way from a potentially fatal swipe.

The Last Kusagari swings the sword down as Dracula dodges out of the way while giving a small, shallow cut on the Last Kusagari's arm. Kusagari swiftly turns around before Dracula can swing his rapier again and they get their swords in a lock. "So tell me," taunts Dracula, "why do you want me dead so badly?"

"I'm a bounty hunter," replied the Last Kusagari. "My family's dead so once I retrieved my katana, I decided to repair it and start doing odd jobs for people." "Who hired you?" angrily asks Dracula. "No one to be honest," said the Last Kusagari. "The whole town's afraid to come outside during your terrorizing of the populace so I decided that if I killed you, someone would pay me."

Dracula broke out of the lock and smiled, "You're not too shabby. How about working for me and my associates?" The Last Kusagari seemed hesitant as Dracula sheathed his sword: "It's simple logic when you think about it. Either kill me and potentially get paid a small amount of money by no one or work for me and get paid a large amount of money."

"I'm Kusagari," said the Last Kusagari as he sheathed his sword as well. "Name's Dracula," replied Dracula. "Now, here's your first assignment which has a good incentive for you. My contact in this town has been embezzling profits from my organization and me so my boss and I don't really like this. In addition to that, his base is in the ruined temple of the Kusagari. I imagine that you don't want such scum living in your old home so dispatch him and you will be paid handsomely." STAGE OVER

Level # 42: Kusagari Temple

A few Primids are standing guard at the gates to the large temple. A large rope with a hook goes over the wall surrounding the temple and they both look down as the Last Kusagari leaps up. Before either of them can do anything, the Last Kusagari tosses them both over the side of the temple. He then leaps down into the temple proper and sniffs angrily.


Back to the Old Temple~Red Steel 2

This is another relatively simple level as you walk through the Kusagari Temple covered in various debris in some areas and still fully intact in others. Just go through the various doors while collecting the various trophies and killing the various enemies. At the end of the level, the Last Kusagari comes to the top of the tower where there stands Dracula's contact who is identified as Ken. He's a semi-original character (you'll see what I mean later) who I can best describe as looking like Miles Edgeworth.


Ken looks at the Last Kusagari and drinks a glass of wine saying nonchalantly, "So you're the one my boys have been screaming about? There are such things known as front doors you know? You could have just made an appointment." The Last Kusagari noticed that he was standing in a dining room as Ken was sitting at the head of the table.

The Last Kusagari remarked, "I've been sent here by Dracula. He's a bit angered that you've been stealing money from him." "Is that so?" replied Ken as he picked up a cell phone and dialed a phone number before the voice on the other end answered it as Ken talked to him. "Yes, Dracula? I have a boy here saying that he's been sent here by you because you think that I've been stealing money. ...Oh, embezzlement you say? Well you see, the local gangs are well-stocked on weapons so I'm less stocked on money. ...Oh the gold in the truck? One gang needed me to transport that stuff from him to another gang."

Ken hung up the phone and said, "There you go. Now if you'll excuse me, my son and chief-of-security is coming soon so I advise leaving. Now." The Last Kusagari unsheathed his sword saying angrily, "You may not have stolen money but you have desecrated my home by moving into here. Your life shall be forfeit." After he said that, Ken paused before throwing his wine glass at the Last Kusagari and quickly ducking beneath the table.

A nearby door opened as a swarm of Primids entered in. The Last Kusagari was busy fighting them as Ken hastily fled out the door and talked to his off-screen son, "Get the train ready. We're leaving here!" Ken fled out the room and down the stairwell shouting at his son, "Hurry up!"

The Last Kusagari, meanwhile, was still swarmed by Primids and noticed out the window the train leaving with Ken aboard. He jumped through and out the window and managed to escape death by stabbing his sword into the side of the train. He swung up onto the roof, sword in tow, ready to complete his mission. STAGE OVER

Level # 43: The Train

As the level begins, Ken is standing on the car second from the front. He's talking on his cell phone, "All right son, you have the rocket launcher prepared to blow that guy to Kingdom Come when you see him on the train? Good to hear." At the back of the train, the level begins for the Last Kusagari.

Rattlesnake Canyon Melody~Red Steel 2

Don't worry, this level is a lot less annoying than the train stage in the original Red Steel 2 as you're not constantly moved back by the train's momentum (why the Hell did that happen again). Also this one takes place during the day time. Just kill the Primids while frequently going down the ladders and into other doors to get more towards the front of the train.

In this level you'll also find various trophies and stickers in breakable boxes so I advise that you start breaking them. There's also going to be some enemies like Feyeshes and what-not but nothing that you can't handle.

At the end of the level, the Last Kusagari stands on the roof of the second car of the train as Ken is calmly sipping tea with two of his bodyguards. They hear large stomping noises before the Last Kusagari jumps down into the car via the roof hatch and dispatches the bodyguards with a single sword swing as Ken hurriedly climbs up to the ladder through the roof hatch.

The Last Kusagari pursues him and they both find themselves standing on the roof of the train. "It's the end of the road," said the Last Kusagari contemptuously as he held his sword in hand. "That it is," said Ken as he unsheathed his own sword and displayed a surprising expertise at swordsmanship as he quickly dodged the Last Kusagri's sword swipes and rolled around behind him. "En guarde!" yelled Ken.


Boss # 25: Ken

Playable Characters: the Last Kusagari

Health: 1.75 bars

Vulture's Prayer~Red Steel 2

Ken is a bit of an easy boss although he proves himself to be a somewhat adept swordsman. He just uses fair swordplay as he swings his sword, does thrusts with it and the like as well as guarding every now and then. The thing that makes this fight so easy (and will make it hard for most other characters on boss replay mode) is that the Last Kusagari actually has an attack that can break his guard.

The side-B attack that the Last Kusagari has will come in handy a lot during this battle although if you don't use it, Ken will unleash a powerful counterattack that can rack up a lot of damage. Just something to be wary about but other than that, this fight won't be too hard. Ken also isn't too good at blocking bullets so use the Last Kusagari's guns to your advantage as well.


At the end of the battle, the Last Kusagari and Ken as sword-fighting atop the train using a variety of parries and blocks as the train approaches a bridge over a large chasm. Ken's enigmatic son stands on the side of the chasm with a rocket launcher in tow as he looks through the aiming lens, aiming straight at the Last Kusagari smiling, "Come to papa."

Back on the train, the Last Kusagari disarms Ken with a sword swing powerful enough that it sends Ken's sword flying. Kusagari then knocks Ken to the ground with his sword poised to plunge it into Ken's stomach as the Last Kusagari vows, "May the world forget you ever lived!"

Meanwhile, the flying sword landed where Ken's son was standing as it wedged itself into his shoe, impaling his shoe. Ken's son let out a cry of agony as he swayed just as he fired the missile. It thus missed its target completely and instead blew up the bridge the train was riding across.

The train began shaking uncontrollably as the bridge gave way and structurally collapsed and much of the train fell into the chasm below which allowed Ken to break out of the Kusagari's grasp. The Last Kusagari sprinted up the train and landed on the engine with Ken in hot pursuit who tackled the Last Kusagari and head-butted him.

The Last Kusagari impaled Ken through the chest with his katana and then kicked Ken backwards. Ken stumbled backwards as more of the tracks gave way which sent Ken plummeting to his death into the chasm below.

The Last Kusagari tipped his hat in a mocking manner as he and Ken's son eyes met each other. Ken's son picked up Ken's sword and vowed, "I will have my revenge," as the Last Kusagari hopped off the engine, went to a nearby post where a horse was tied up, mounted it and fled into the desert. STAGE OVER

The Last Kusagari was sitting in the meeting room of Castle Bleck with Count Bleck, Ganondorf, Dracula and Bowser. "It's a good thing we found you when we did," said Ganondorf. "No one survives for long in that desert, boy." "Indeed," said Dracula. "Now tell me, Mr. Kusagari, why did you kill that man when he excused himself?"

"I did you a favor," said the Last Kusagari stoically. "I set an example for what would happen to any future members of your club who would try to dissent and embezzle. And do you really want all those weapons being funneled to gangs who could prove to be potential threats in the future?"

Before Dracula could voice his anger Bowser pointed out, "That's actually a pretty good point." "Indeed it is, concurs Count Bleck. By the way, Bowser, go back to the jungle and find me those monkeys that caused you some trouble yesterday, would you?" Bowser nodded as he left the room.

"So, now you're one of our security members," said Count Bleck. "The salary is a hundred thousand pieces of gold a month. That sounds fair, no?" "Five," said the Last Kusagari. "What?!" yelled Bleck. "Five hundred thousand pieces of gold a month," continued the Last Kusagari. "If you have enough money to spend on this lavish castle, you can spare that."

A loud tense pause ensued before Bleck said contemptuously, "Very well. But you better prove your worth well or else I'll give a one-way ticket straight to the afterlife." Another figure walked into the room as he announced, "I will be your captain for that vessel. And let me assure you, it won't be a pleasant voyage." The camera zoomed from the feet up to reveal Kratos Aurion


as having said that.

Time for the final available level.

Level # 44: The Beach

The Ice Climbers, Sonic, Paper Mario and Banjo and Kazooie were sitting on the beach as most of them were waking up and stretching. "Well that was a good night's sleep," said Sonic. "Aside from all the rocks and what-not." "Hey, just be thankful we're alive," said Banjo. "We just barely escaped death from falling from that cliff."

"I'm with blue boy actually," said Kazooie. "That was a miserable sleep if I've ever had one." "Let's just keep moving," said one of the Ice Climbers breaking the argument as everyone began walking down the beach.

Elsewhere on the beach, Lucas


was walking along, kicking some rocks, feeling sorrowful. "Hey, I know that guy!" yelled Sonic as he saw Lucas. "How you doing Lucas?" Lucas recognized Sonic and ran up and embraced him: "Lots of bad things have happened." "You can tell us as we keep on walking," said Kazooie as the characters kept on moving.

Jolly Roger's Lagoon~Banjo-Tooie

Now you have Lucas to add to your ever-expanding roster of characters. Lucas, as you know, is a clone of Ness that is a fairly good player in the right hands. This level is a fairly cheery level as you walk around on the sand, entering caves to find various trophies from B-K and Mother.

There are enemies here but they're kinda toned down and not much of a threat. Continue on in the level towards the end where a cut-scene ensues.

"Is that so eh?" said Sonic having apparently listened to Lucas' story. "This Porky guy killed your family and your adoptive family too?" repeated one of the Ice Climbers. "Man, that's cold." "Ain't that the truth?" echoed an all-too-familiar voice as a hawk flew overhead.

The Metal-Helmeted Assassin jumped down onto the beach as the hawk perched itself on his outstretched arm. "Who are you?!" yelled Sonic. "A kind messenger who is just doing his job," chuckled the Metal-Helmeted Assassin. "Dr. Eggman sends his regards to you."

"What?" said Lucas. "I thought he was dead!" "On the contrary, he's quite alive," said the Metal-Helmeted Assassin as his hawk flew off while he unsheathed both of his swords. " Now, en guarde!"


Boss # 26: The Metal-Helmeted Assassin

Playable Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, the Ice Climbers, Paper Mario, Banjo and Kazooie, Lucas

Health: regular fight

Natural Killer Cyborg~Mother 3

It ought to be noted that this fight is a scripted encounter. By this I mean that no matter what happens you will lose as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin is far too powerful to be defeated now. His moveset is utterly insane as he does an incredible array of attacks doing a variety of spins, front flips and is pretty much everything you saw Yoda do in the Star Wars prequels with two swords instead of one.

Also, the Metal-Helmeted Assassin isn't a playable character but the idea of the fight is to knock him off the stage. However, as I mentioned, this is impossible as whenever you get a fairly high percentage on his smash meter, he makes a powerful, unavoidable spin attack where he knocks your character off the screen and then heals himself.

In essence, this fight is impossible to win so your best bet is just to pick any four random characters and run to the left until you're out of lives.


After the fight's over, all the characters are knocked back onto a dock that they just noticed was there. As the Metal-Helmeted Assassin advanced on Sonic, the Ice Climbers leaped at his legs and tied a chain from a nearby anchor around his leg.

The Metal-Helmeted Assassin kicked both of them back but Lucas used his psychokinetic powers to knock the anchor into the water. The Metal-Helmeted Assassin was sent sprawling into the water as the other characters fled further onto the dock.

The Metal-Helmeted Assassin took out a small plasma grenade and threw it further onto the dock. All the characters saw it flashing as Banjo yelled, "Everyone! Duck!" All the characters took cover as the explosion destroyed much of the dock. STAGE OVER

Level # 45: The Ocean Coast

Lucas woke up to find himself on a piece of floating wooden debris. He looked around and saw everyone else standing up. "Is everyone okay?" asked Sonic. "Yeah, but I got a really bad bump on my head," complained Kazooie. "Hey, at the very least everyone made it out okay," pointed out Banjo.

"Unfortunately, so did he," said the blue Ice Climber pointed his hammer at the Metal-Helmeted Assassin who was crawling up onto the dock and using one of his swords to cut the the chain tying his leg to the anchor. "Run for it!" yelled the pink Ice Climber as they all fled further onto what remained of the dock.

Rogueport~Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

This level involves a lot more platforming than the last stage as you have to jump over various pieces of wooden remains and eventually rocks as you go further out into the ocean. Enter some doors and caves for some trophies and fight the Primids and Armights that you come across as the stage advances.

That's really all there is to this level. And no, I don't know why I chose such a cheerful song for a level where a psychotic madman is catching up to you as you're jumping over pieces of a destroyed dock. Save your questions for later children.

At the end of the level, all the characters see a large ship passing by. "Hey, there's a ship!" yelled Sonic. Everyone began waving their arms and calling for help before a rope ladder swung down which they all scaled. The ignorant Kazooie said, "Thank God for these guys finding us when they did and-" she noticed how everyone else was transfixed by fear as Kazooie asked, "What? What's everyone pointing at?"

She then actually took them to look at their rescuers which was a band of pirates, more specifically the Kremlings. The captain's cabin opened as King K. Rool walked out chuckling, "Well it seems to me as though a couple of little birdies are avoiding their rightful captivity." The entire crew chuckled before K. Rool ordered, "Hold them steady until the assassin guy comes, he'll deal with them."

Dimentio, Charming Magician~Super Paper Mario

"Are you sure that's such a good idea, oh king?" chuckled Dimentio as he teleported onto the ship. "What are you talking about Dimentio?" grumbled K. Rool. "Well," said Dimentio giddily, "it seems to me that you're just letting these people stand here before letting someone else do your dirty work."

"Now, I'm not a pirate," explained Dimentio, "but I think pirates tend to frown down upon the cowardly and having someone else do your dirty work seems mighty cowardly. If you don't want a mutiny in your near-future, you're not doing a whole lot to prevent that, especially when Dr. Eggman has a large bounty on these guys' heads."

K. Rool's eyes lit up at that last remark, turned around and flexed his muscles yelling, "Release them! I'll kill these runts myself!" The pirates released the characters cheering as they gathered around on the edges of the deck while Dimentio chuckled, "Oh, this is going to be fun!"


Boss # 27: King K. Rool

Playable Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Banjo and Kazooie, the Ice Climbers, Paper Mario, Lucas

Health: regular fight

Gangplank Galleon~Donkey Kong Country

Moveset time!

King K. Rool's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains crown and crocodile snout

Entrance: hops out of passing Flying Croc

Insignia: same as Donkey, Diddy and Chunky's

A: punches

B: throws crown in a boomerang effect

Side B: runs really fast which damages all in his way

Down B: on the ground it does nothing but in the air it makes him do a ground pound

Up B: spins repeatedly

Taunt 1: takes crown off his head and twirls it on his pointer finger

Taunt 2: roars

Speed & Weight: similar to Bowser, his weight is slightly above average and his speed is slightly below average

Final Smash: turns into boxing K. Rool from DK64 who is basically like Wario Man or Giga Bowser in that he's an invincible, more powerful version of his regular self

K. Rool is going to be a pretty hard boss as he's one of the most powerful characters in the game and you have to be well-versed with your character(s) to stand a chance against him. This fight is only made harder because the Kremling crew frequently throws cannonballs and other weapons at you although you can use this to your advantage but luring K. Rool into their range and getting him hit instead.

The key to defeating K. Rool is patience. His main weakness as a character is that whenever he throws his crown, he is unable to move until it boomerangs back onto his head. Whenever he does this, use this as your chance to dodge the crown and go all-out on K. Rool (preferably using Lucas' PK Fire).

The best character to use here is either Banjo and Kazooie or the Ice Climbers however. K. Rool is at his most dangerous up close and personal and these are the only two characters who have really ranged attacks. Use the Grenade Eggs or the Ice Climbers' thrown pieces of ice to rack up damage on K. Rool and just hold your ground. Sooner or later, the Kremling King will fall and be defeated.


After the fight's over, K. Rool gets knocked out. The pirate crew all surround their defeated leader as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin climbs on board. He looked at the heroic group in a seething rage as he advanced upon them in a very threatening manner.

Sonic, thinking on his feet, imitated K. Rool's voice and yelled, "Never mind me! Get the runts!" He and the rest of the group quickly fled below deck as the Kremling crew all began giving chase in a large swarm. This ended up doing more harm than good for them as they all began tackling and tripping over each other.

The Metal-Helmeted Assassin got caught up in the crowd and was knocked to the ground and trampled repeatedly. The Metal-Helmeted Assassin forced his way through the crowd to below deck where the characters were right outside a port hole.

Here the group found several oxygen tanks and goggles. Sonic gave everyone one and yelled, "Equip them! Let's go!" He jumped into the water as well with the rest of the group following with Lucas leaving last right as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin caught up to them. He looked out the window and into the water and shouted to the pirate crew who caught up to him, "Get me a breathing apparatus!" STAGE OVER

Level # 46: Under the Sea

Back on the ship, several Kremlings were hooking up an oxygen tank to the Metal-Helmeted Assassin's back. "Thank you for your kindness," said the Metal-Helmeted Assassin in a begrudging voice before he dove right into the ocean.

At the bottom of the sea, the various characters stood and began to advance onwards.

Aquatic Ambience~Donkey Kong Country

This is essentially the game's water level where gravity is lessened as whenever you jump, you jump way higher than normal. This is somewhat required to reach various doors and also combat some of the enemies who appear.

As a fun fact, most of the trophies that show up here are from various Nintendo water levels of the past: the eel from Super Mario 64, Bubble Man from Mega Man 2, Clanker from Banjo-Kazooie, Morpheel from Twilight Princess and, if you look hard enough, Gran Bruce from Viewtiful Joe

The last part of the level takes place inside of a large underwater cave. Kill all the enemies and enter the final opening to come a large room where the final tunnel leading to the surface is on the ceiling.

A large fish awakens who is revealed as Lord Woo Fak Fak.


All the characters recoiled in fear as Lord Woo Fak Fak surprisingly seemed somewhat apathetic and even friendly: "No need to fear children. Despite my threatening appearance, I have no intention of harming your lives. I understand that you are surface dwellers so please hurry up before you run out of oxygen."

The characters let this roll through their head briefly and waved happily to Lord Woo Fak Fak as Dimentio once more showed up.

"Now, who are you?" ask Lord Woo. "No one in particular," taunted Dimentio. He turned to the characters and said, "Your journey shouldn't end right there. That would just be dull. Instead it's going to end with MAGIC!" As soon as he said that, Dimentio zapped Lord Woo Fak Fak with a magical blast.

Lord Woo began thrashing around violently while shooting out electrical bolts before finally looking at the characters with a hungry look in his eyes: "A watery grave inside this old blind fish's stomach awaits you all!"


Boss # 28: Lord Woo Fak Fak

Playable Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Banjo and Kazooie, the Ice Climbers, Paper Mario, Lucas

Health: 1.85 bars

Lord Woo Fak Fak~Banjo-Tooie

Lord Woo Fak Fak is far easier than he was in Banjo-Tooie but he's still a challenge nonetheless. He only has two attacks although they're both pretty damaging.

The first attack stems from the fact that Lord Woo is blind as he swims back and forth across the arena starting at the bottom, going across the screen, going up, going back across etc. If you get in his way, he chews your character in his mouth, racking up roughly 20-30% on the damage meter.

This attack is easily avoided as Lord Woo is somewhat easy to avoid except for when he's on the ocean floor. He does get faster as the fight goes on but overall, this attack isn't the one you want to worry about.

His other, more dangerous attack, is that he frequently shoots bolts of electricity from his angler and these things home in. They do dodge but you have to watch where you jump to or else they will hit you and also cause roughly 10% of damage increase, on the lowest difficulty setting.

The trick to beating Lord Woo Fak Fak is staying on the backside of him and attacking him constantly. The best character here might be Paper Mario since by pressing the jump button repeatedly to stay on top of Lord Woo and out of the range of both of his attacks.

This fight will take some skill but after some patience, Lord Woo Fak Fak will fall.


After the fight's over, Kazooie shoots a Grenade Egg into Lord Woo Fak Fak's eyes. Lord Woo wreathes around in pain and yells, "I may not be able to see you but I can still smell you! Just bleed for me a little!" As he roared that, he began thrashing around biting all over the place, looking for something to eat as the characters avoided him.

Meanwhile, by this point, the Metal-Helmeted Assassin had caught up to them. He dodged one of Lord Woo's charges and lunged at Sonic with one of his swords. Sonic kicked his sword hilt which sent the sword back a little and cut the Metal-Helmeted Assassin in a weak point of his armor on his shoulder while his sword fell to the ocean floor.

A little blood floated out which Lord Woo Fak Fak smelled and swam straight towards the Metal-Helmeted Assassin. The characters swiftly swam straight up into the ceiling shaft to the surface as Lord Woo pinned the Metal-Helmeted Assassin against the wall before inhaling with enough force that the Metal-Helmeted Assassin was swept down his gullet. STAGE OVER

Level # 47: The Island

The group got up onto dry land as they discarded their oxygen tanks and masks and observed their surroundings. Suddenly Lucas was tackled by Squirtle


who nuzzled him affectionately and uncontrollably. "Get this thing off of me!" yelled a giggling Lucas. A loud roar was heard as Charizard


stomped forward and Squirtle got off Lucas somewhat reluctantly. They were both beamed back into the PokeBalls held by the Pokemon Trainer.


"Hey," said Sonic. "Nice to see you again!" The Pokemon Trainer tipped his cap at Sonic in greetings as Banjo asked, "What are you doing all the way out here?" "I presume to catch Pokemon, no doubt," snidely pointed out Kazooie. The Pokemon Trainer nodded, "That's the truth, yes."

As they were catching up several hundred Subspace particles dripped down from the ceiling and formed into Primids. The group got together into battle as the Pokemon Trainer unleashed Ivysaur


into battle.

Dire, Dire Docks~Super Mario 64

Yes, I am aware of the numerous oxy-morons that are going on in this section as a result of all this calm, serene music that plays during what are, essentially, intense battle sequences. But hey, don't blame me, blame Nintendo as I can't really find any water level music from their games that isn't all serene.

With that out of the way, this level marks the introduction of the Pokemon Trainer. Fun fact: while playing co-op with my little sister in the Subspace Emissary storyline of Brawl, I found out that I'm actually quite good at using Squirtle and Ivysaur (Charizard sucks). And no, you're not required to use Ivysaur, you can switch out for the other two at any time.

With that out of the way, this level is a reverse of the opposite one in that the opposite one involved you going deeper and deeper into the underwater caves while this one involves you getting outside more and more. It's another pretty easy level so just enjoy the Dire Dire Docks song.

The group came to a large open area. At the opposite end of the arena stood a character we all know and hate. "Simply amazing that you got this far, old friend. I'm so impressed!" He is identified simply as the Rival (obviously of the Pokemon Trainer; let's just use Gary Oak as the avatar for him).


"Do I know you?" asked Kazooie. The Rival snidely said, "Your bird's got a bigger wit than your head old friend." The Pokemon Trainer stiffened as Sonic asked in surprise to the Trainer, "You know this punk?!" "We grew up together," said the Trainer. "We've always wanted to prove that we're better than each other at Pokemon training." "Yeah," added the Rival pompously, "so I got the big boy that'll do wonders to prove me right."

"Don't worry," said Lucas. "We've got your back." The group came together around the Pokemon Trainer who unleashed Squirtle. "Go ahead, hide behind your friends," taunted the Rival. "They're all no match for this guy. Go Larvitar!" The Rival threw his PokeBall which unleashed that exact Pokemon as the next boss battle began.



Boss # 29: Larvitar

Playable Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Banjo and Kazooie, the Ice Climbers, Paper Mario, Lucas, the Pokemon Trainer

Health: regular fight

Gym Leader Battle~Pokemon Stadium

Contrary to what his short stature may imply, Larvitar is actually a somewhat tricky opponent. Here's his moveset to start things off.

Larvitar's moveset

Kirby Swallow: turns green and gains horn on head

Entrance: gets tossed in via PokeBall from Rival

Insignia: same as Pikachu and the Pokemon Trainer's

A: swipes and kicks

B: causes a small earthquake (think a shockwave akin to Donkey Kong's down-B) to his immediate vicinity

Side B: pinwheels to the side with his horn outstretched

Down B: changes to another Pokemon (doesn't do it in this battle)

Up B: pinwheels upward with his horn outstretched

Taunt 1: balances himself on one foot

Taunt 2: roars

Speed & Weight: slow but hard to knock off

Final Smash: combines forces with the Rival's other two Pokemon

As I was saying, Larvitar is pretty much something you would not expect from first glance as rather than being a fast and weak character as his small appearance may imply, he's actually a very powerful but very slow character. He's very dangerous up close and personal as his horn and earthquake attacks do quite a number if you're not careful.

Like with the K. Rool battle to best way to combat a good up-close fighter is with a good far-away fighter. Banjo and Kazooie's usage of the Grenade Eggs will be a life-saver in this battle and Charizard also can be quite useful in this fight if you know how to use him correctly.


After the fight's over, we see the STAGE OVER screen rather than the immediate aftermath. After the STAGE OVER screen you actually see a rather interesting (and gruesome event). In his subaquatic cave, Lord Woo Fak Fak is still swimming around before suddenly gasping for air.

Lord Woo goes belly-up (clearly meaning that he's dead) as a small slit appears across his stomach as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin, having made that slit with his sword, crawls out of the big fish's stomach and clambers up to the island as well.

Level # 48: The Sinking Island

K. Rool is looking at the fight on the side of the cove via a telescope as he chuckles to himself, "Today must be my lucky day. First Mate!" "Sir!" yelled one Kremling with a pirate hat on clearly distinguishing him from the other ones. "Order the cannoneers to open fire upon that island," said K. Rool. "Aye aye cap'n," said the first mate as he made that order.

Cannonballs cascaded the island causing it to begin shaking uncontrollably. "That's it for this battle then!" yelled the Rival. "See you all!" He caused Larvitar to get back into his PokeBall, dove into the ocean and stole a nearby rowboat. "What do you think the chances are of us swimming back to the continent?" asked the Trainer observing the situation.

"Zero to one," said the Metal-Helmeted Assassin as he dove at the group. He unsheathed one of his swords but before he could do any damage one of the Ice Climbers whacked him across the face with his hammer while the other one then slammed a rock onto his head.

"Let's get up to the top of the island!" yelled Sonic. Everyone followed Sonic's lead as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin broke out of his daze and gave chase.

Escape from the City~Sonic Adventure 2

This level's just like the last one only there's falling debris to impede your path and the enemies are a bit more vicious this time around. Also if you dilly-dally long enough, the Metal-Helmeted Assassin will catch up and you will have to avoid him considering how he's essentially invulnerable.

This level is going to be hard but it's also tough to describe. Just daydream it for a little.

At the end of the level, Sonic kicks the Metal-Helmeted Assassin off a pathway into the water below before hurrying up to the island's summit which soon became the only part of the island still above-water.

The Metal-Helmeted Assassin swam back to K. Rool's pirate ship and looked begrudgingly at Sonic and co. sitting on the rock in the middle of the ocean. "Don't worry," said K. Rool laughing the whole thing off, "there's no way they're going to survive for too long on that island. Let's just go back to shore and come back in a few days to see who died first when they decided to eat each other."

"NO!" yelled the Metal-Helmeted Assassin. "I need a favor from Dr. Eggman and this is the only way he'll be able to repay me in the future! Turn this boat around kill Sonic the Hedgehog!" STAGE OVER

Level # 49: Above the Sea

All the characters were forced aboard the Gangplank Galleon (the name of K. Rool's ship in case you haven't guessed). They were all thrown to the ground in front of K. Rool and the Metal-Helmeted Assassin. "Now you're mine," said the Metal-Helmeted Assassin as he raised his sword in a position poised to kill.

"Hold on, I'm never one to miss a good old execution," said a very cool voice from K. Rool's cabin. "Who are you?" asked the Metal-Helmeted Assassin to the man that exited the cabin. "My name is Giovanni," said the man and yes, I'm referring to the main villain of the Pokemon franchise.


"I am this lovely reptilian's guest on this voyage." "That's nice," remarked the Metal-Helmeted Assassin before turning back to the heroes. "Hold on a quick second, my ruthless friend," remarked Giovanni. "I'm a collector of sorts. I have a new creature who could prove to be a formidable weapon but I want to see if he's really worth it."

"What are you getting at Giovanni?" asked K. Rool. "Release the prisoners and let my handiwork finish them," explained Giovanni. "You'll still get credit," he said this to the Metal-Helmeted Assassin, "and if they try to jump overboard and escape, where will they go?"

"That is a good point," said K. Rool. "Let him have his fun." The Metal-Helmeted Assassin reluctantly agreed and he and the rest of the crew backed off as Giovanni unleashed a PokeBall that unleashed Skarmory who, as you can guess, is the next boss battle.



Boss # 30: Skarmory

Playable Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Banjo and Kazooie, the Ice Climbers, Paper Mario, Lucas, the Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard)

Health: regular fight

Victory Road~SSBB

Yes, Skarmory is also playable. To the moveset!

Skarmory's moveset

Kirby Swallow: turns metallic and gains wings

Entrance: gets tossed in via PokeBall from Giovanni

Insignia: same as Pikachu, the Rival and the Pokemon Trainer's

A: swipes with his wings and kicks

B: spins around with his wings outstretched in place, the attack is charged depending on how long you hold down B

Side B: pinwheels to the side with his beak outstretched

Down B: changes to another Pokemon (doesn't do it in this battle)

Up B: thrusts himself upwards (think King DeDeDe's up-B)

Taunt 1: does biting noises by clicking his mouth

Taunt 2: outstretches both wings

Speed & Weight: slow but hard to knock off

Final Smash: combines forces with Giovanni's other two Pokemon

Don't worry, Giovanni is the last of the Pokemon characters who switch between three although unlike the Rival and Trainer who go in evolutionary order with speed and weight (although the rival goes in reverse order with the lowest-evolved being the heaviest), Giovanni's is more out of order. In fact his three don't even really evolve (you'll see when his other ones are revealed).

With that out of the way, Skarmory is one of those characters like Kirby or Majora's Mask who if you press the jump button repeatedly, he'll jump back onto the stage which makes this fight a bit harder since if you knock him off the stage, it's perfectly possible that he can get right back up. In addition to that, he's hard enough to knock off anyway, being one of the heavier characters in the game.

As the old expression goes, the best way to fight fire is with fire as Charizard is ideal for this fight. Charizard's girth will counteract Skarmory's own and Charizard's usage of his side-B attack (cracking a rock with his skull) will really do a number on Skarmory's hit point meter. Just beware of Skarmory's Steel Wing (his main-B attack) as that's your most dangerous obstacle in this battle, especially if it's fully-charged.


After the battle, Skarmory collapses onto the ground, unconscious. "What a disappointment," sighed Giovanni as he summoned Skarmory back into the PokeBall. "Kill them." The Kremling pirates and the Metal-Helmeted Assassin all advanced upon the group swords outstretched.

Before they could finish them off, a figure blinked in the shining sun and came crashing down onto the deck. Via request from g1 cobra10, this is the appearance of Sparkster (from the Genesis game Rocket Knight Adventures).


The heroes were sent flying back as the Metal-Helmeted Assassin roared, "How many more of these guys are there?!" All the pirates tried to tackle them but quickly failed as Sparkster grabbed Sonic and co. and flew off. "That's it!" yelled K. Rool. "I'm pulling out the big guns!"

K. Rool went into his cabin, took his blunderbuss from DKC2, went back outside, aimed at Sparkster's rocket pack and shot it, sending Sparkster winding down into the water. The whole group swam onto a rock as Sonic asked, "Why are you helping us?"

"I fly around the place, helping those who can't help themselves," smiled Sparkster. "We can help ourselves," said Kazooie. "Prove it then. RUN!" Sparkster said this as they dove off the rock, just barely missing a cannonball.

Back on the Gangplank Galleon a Kremling said to K. Rool, "Sir, they're out of our range!" "Sail for them then!" said K. Rool. "Dump everything we don't need." One Kremling rolled up a barrel full of toxic waste and asked, "Even the toxic waste sir? Couldn't this pollute the ocea-" before the Kremling could finish his sentence, K. Rool kicked it overboard.

The Gangplank Galleon kept on sailing after the heroes who were jumping on various rocks and pieces of driftwood away from the ship.

Stage 1-1~Rocket Knight Adventures

Yes, here we are with the last new character for this part (and for a while) and the last level for this section. And here you thought it would never come. And yes, Sparkster and the Ooze are the only Sega characters who are playable in this game. Here's the mouse's moveset.

Sparkster's moveset

Kirby Swallow: gains armor and rocket backpack

Entrance: rockets down from top of screen

Insignia: a rocket pack

A: swings sword in a combo

B: swings his sword, sending a little red sword swipe forward

Side B: rockets to the side with sword outstretched

Down B: rockets in place, causing a fiery attack to those who approach him

Up B: rockets upwards with sword outstretched

Taunt 1: swings sword

Taunt 2: turns around to show off his jetpack

Speed & Weight: fast and easy to knock off

Final Smash: rockets around screen with sword outstretched in an hourglass pattern

Sparkster is one of those characters who's deceptively good. As in if he's used in the hands of someone unskilled, he's pretty bad but if you use him correctly, he's one of the most powerful characters in the game. His trademark is that his side-B sends him rocketing across the arena which could span the whole stage if used correctly.

Naturally, the trade-off for such a fast character who can move around really quickly is that his attacks don't do a lot of damage. So, despite his introduction, he may not be best for this level as this level takes on a huge amount of platforms in the middle of the ocean of varying size.

This level itself, there's not a whole lot to it really. It's like the Ocean Coast level earlier only this time, cannonballs are flying at you from the Gangplank Galleon which is perpetually in the background. These cannonballs are easy to dodge if you know what you're doing so you shouldn't worry about them.

At the end of the level, the characters are still jumping across the rocks in the middle of the ocean, getting steadily closer to the mainland as Kazooie yells, "So anybody got any new ideas?!" "Yeah, keep running!" yelled Sonic as everyone kept on doing just that while the Gangplank Galleon kept on pursuing them.

Meanwhile, the toxic barrel K. Rool kicked overboard had sunk to the bottom of the ocean where it landed right outside the cave that used to belong to Lord Woo Fak Fak which was now blocked by rubble following the destruction of the island.

However, the toxic waste turned almost gaseous and leaked through the rocks onto Lord Woo's body. The slit on Lord Woo Fak Fak's stomach that killed him mended itself back together and Lord Woo Fak Fak greatly enlarged in size.

His eyes finally blinked open as he let out a guttural roar and smashed through the rocks blocking the entrance to his cave with little effort and went swimming for prey. STAGE OVER

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