New Super Mario Bros. 2’s Japanese launch had a few online hiccups

Posted on July 28, 2012 - 8:20pm by Ryan Conway

You may not know this but New Super Mario Bros. 2 and the new full 3DS game download system launched in Japan earlier today. How did this monumental event bode for Nintendo? The answer to that question is actually rather interesting.

Nintendo has gone on record saying that the new online features hit a bit of a rough patch in the form of some technical issues (as to what these problems were, Nintendo didn’t specify), which had to be bothersome to both Nintendo and the players but they’ve all been resolved. Now Japanese gamers can play the download version of NSMB2 and enjoy its online features hassle free.

Why would I report this if the problems were fixed so quickly? Well, considering the game will be launching internationally in just a few short weeks, I was wondering if the news of these technical issues surrounding the Japanese launch would change your opinion about getting the digital copy over the cartridge?

I’m still going with the physical copy myself (although the bonus coins are kind of tempting), as I would rather save up the memory space for other games such as Shantae: Risky’s Revenge or Wario Land. I’m also thinking most people who were going to download the digital copy will still do so, given how quickly Nintendo managed to fix the problem.

But enough about what I think. What do you think g1s? Are you going to download the game? Or are you going to pick it up at retail? 

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