"New" Super Smash Bros. needs Earthworm Jim

Posted on April 30, 2012 - 4:35pm by NERD LYFI

If your a fan of Earthworm Jim. Then you know he would be awesome and a good mix. In the upcoming "new" Super Smash Bros. game. To his music. The way you could make any of his levels into sweeet stages to battle on. He is a classic character as well as a very well known one. With his variety of items that he has in his games. You could use them just as well as other items in Super Smash Bros. games.

Now I have came up with what I thought would be his special moves and final smash in the game. Something for Nintendo to check-out and for the G1s to let me know what they think. If you agree with me and think he should be in it. Then lets get Nintendo to hear us and get thier game to be a bit more "GROOVY"



Standard Special Move – Jim's Ray Gun

Side Special Move – Head Whip

Up Special Move – Helicopter Head

Down Special Move – Pocket Rocket

Final Smash – Groovy!: Jim fires a large brick gun known as “Barn Blaster” This one-shot-wonder will clear just about everything off the screen, but watch out, it packs a pretty mean recoil! It's like a Mega Plasma on steroids as seen through a magnifying glass reflected off a carnival mirror.

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