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New Zelda Symphony locations revealed!

6/15/12 9:02am

 Hello fellow Zelda, music, and Zelda music fans, they just revealed some more zelda symphony locations and here they are.

I think they need some more western Canada stops, maybe around central Alberta? Anyone? Nonetheless, I'm sure people around these locations are happy to hear the symphony is coming to them soon. If you have any doubts about going to this, trust me, the concert is absolutly amazing. I went to the Vancouver stop and my god was it fantastic. I would really recommend you give it a go, even if you're not a Zelda fan but a music fan. It's worth it

So is this coming near you guys and if it is, will you go? Let me know, while I'm at it, what's your personal favorite Zelda game? My is a tie between Wind Waker and Majora's Mask. In a future post you find out my top 7 favorite zelda games. Until next time... 

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