News: Chris Seavor (Conker's Bad Fur Day) is making a new game

Posted on September 3, 2012 - 4:00pm by MadHero15

Remember Conker's Bad Fur Day? That crazy Rare platformer that came out late in the N64 days? I do, it was glorious. Well sadly, it turned out that Chris Seavor, lead designer of Conker (and voice actor of most of the male cast) got fired from Rare and Microsoft quite a few years ago, and hasn't been working on anything since.

Or so I thought, but today, fansite exclusively revealed an all new game by Chris Seavor. Don't put on your Conker 2 caps on just yet, Microsoft still owns that IP. This is a all new game.

The game (which currently doesn't have a title), has only shown about 5 images, which show of some of the main characters (some how I think dogs are going to play a big role), and can be seen here

However, Seavor did reveal some details about the game. Mostly that it will be very Conker-esque. According to him, it will feature

“bosses, pets, shop, stupid storyline, gory deaths” and much like Conker… “my vocal ahem ‘talents’ even..”.

As of now, the game is being made for iOS (for both Iphone and Ipad) with a Android and perhaps Windows 8 version on the way (and before you ask, Seavor has said on his Twitter that the game makes a lot of use of the touch screen, so a Steam/PC release seems unlikely), and looks like it will hit the App store as soon as October. More details will hopefully be revealed on September 5th, when a exclusive interview with Seavor on the same site (for those that need reminding: will hit.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm extremely excited for this. While I think Conker is by and large a typical Rare platformer, its the sheer bombastic and crazy humor that makes it absolutely fantastic. Games of today need more of that. I can't speak for everyone, but I'll say this: It's good to have you back Chris, the world is all the better for it

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