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*NewsDesk* Granny loses her marbles

4/8/12 8:50pm

 Happy Easter people, hope you are had a great time because we sure had an exciting one...involving a crazy granny losing it at her home.

So I was playing on my 3DS about to finish Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time 3D when two SWAT team members come to tell us to pack our stuff and leave ASAP as the neighbor has a .22 calibur gun and claims to have a bomb.  We complied and we all left as two dozen cop cars show up to block the road off to any other civillains.  We waited about ten minutes until we all got a ride to my dad's house until this ordeal is over.

As I'm typing this, the event is still currently underway.  I'll post a followup blog to see if I can get anymore bizzare news out of this.

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