NFL Blitz reboot will not allow after the whistle attacks

Posted on November 19, 2011 - 5:02pm by Ryan Conway

Do any of you g1s remember playing  NFL Blitz and pulling the ultimate dick move of unleashing a devastating attack onto a member of the opposing team with an after-the-whistle tackle?  Well, guess what the upcoming  XBLA and PSN reboot of the series won't have?

Project lead Dave Ross told Games Radar that EA has removed this sneak attack option because of the company's concerns  for player safety. 

“They understand that it’s not a simulation and they understand that it’s over-the-top, but at the end of the day they really felt like, with the messaging that they have, and with their stance on player health and safety, that it was something that was better left out of the game at this point.” 

I know that the NFL is taking  the risks of traumatic injuries and the health of its players very seriously, as it should and that young footballers need to learn the importance of the rules, safety, and respect for the well-being of their opponents. However, I still can't help but find this a tad disappointing, as those cheap shots provide plenty of fun when playing with friends, or a good rage release when the CPU is being a cheap bastard.

Although, this reboot is still looking pretty, so maybe it'll be well worth the $15/1,200 MS points when it launches in January. Even without the ability to smash somebody when they least suspect it. 


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