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 In this post, I'll be talking about the Extended Cut Ending as well as my thoughts on it and the original ending. Yeah the whole A Nice Look At posts I'll be doing were inspired by Linkara's own AQLA videos of The Amityville Horror film series, as well as James Rolfe's own video reviews he does.  Oh yeah, this is gonna be a doozy (I think). 

SPOILER ALERT: There will be some spoilers in this article. You have been warned. 

TIME FOR BACKSTORY:  Mass Effect is my favorite action/rpg series. When I first heard of Mass Effect, I dismissed it as a typical sci-fi rpg, with the tedious quest, repetitive combat, and blah blah blah. But then my good friend showed me some gameplay footage on his PC back in high school, and then I played the PS3 demo of Mass Effect 2, and I was impressed! The gameplay was what really blew my expectations, along with the narrative, dialogue, and customization options for Shepard. Oh, and the rpg options were also really good, I mean i find myself being immeresed in the world of Mass Effect, even customizing my armor, ammo, and powers. The squadmates were really interesting (Garrus and Tali are my favorites). Mass Effect 2 was my favorite game in the franchise, though I was a little put off with how the rpg elements were streamlined, the game was basically a gift from the gods. And so, like most fans I was hyped for Mass Effect 3, when the reapers finally arrived.



I was in London, the final mission in ME3. Just as I had killed more Banshees with my Vangaurd Shepard, the time came for us to reach the Crucible. Dodging all the blasts from Harbinger, getting knocked out, confronting The Illusive Man, and then sitting down with Admiral Anderson in his final breaths. Then we hear Admiral Hackett say this: "Shepard, nothings happening."

Immediately I thought "Well what's more to this?" as I see Shepard rise on a platform and meets the Godchild thing ghost memory.com who explains he started the Reapers to kill us to save us from our synthetics. And then I thought..."Dafuq??". Bewildered, I saw the choices I was given: Destroy all synthetics, Control them, or achieve Synthesis (I chose synthesis, more on that later). After watching Joker manuveur the Normandy away from the blast (which destroys the Mass Relays), it ends with him and your squadmates crash landing on an alien planet, with ALL THE MASS RELAYS DESTROYED mind you, and then it clips to black. I immediately got up and said: "Thats it???". 

Yes like most of you, I too was dissapointed with how Mass Effect 3 originally ended. I couldn't stop thinking about it for a while. What about everything I did in the previous games? What about my war assets? What the hell was up with all the plot holes??? The greatest insult to us, the player, is the ending message after the credits. Oh yeah, you guys remember that?

Why would I if it wouldn't affect the ending in any way, shape, or form???

We all know about EA and its business practices. I'm not sure if Bioware is fully to blame, but EA is the #1 culprit here. Telling us to buy DLC when we all know its going to end badly? Why should we continue to waste our hard-earned money on something as pointless as this? There is a reason why EA was named The Worst Company. And now, for the Extended Cut

The Incodtrination Theory

I was dissapointed with how ME3 originally ended (though never in my right mind has it ever occured to me to ever complaing to the FTC (seriously who would ever do that...oh yeah)). I knew they were going to do something about it though. They couldn't just ignore everyone and their mothers about this. Most of the time, I would see fans posting videos of the Indoctrination Theory. I think the best known has to be this one: 


I admit, I was intrigued with the Indoctrinaion Theory. Not only does it show how creative fans can be, but it almost seems legitimately true. In fact, after seeing this, and hearing that Bioware will address the ending, I was actually hoping that they would go the route of the Indoctrination Theory. But alas, it was never meant to be unfortunately. 

Reaction Towards The Extended Cut

After the Extended Cut was released, I decided to see for myself. And, for the most part, I'm happy with how the EC turned out. Yeah it wasn't exactly  what I was hoping for, but it really did address some of the plot holes and did give closure to the state of the galaxy after the choices you've made, and it gave me a reason to start playing ME3 again. Still, I was dissapointed the Bioware didn't go through with the Indoctrination Theory; if they did, it would've been one of the greatest twists in writing that I've ever seen.  It would've given the story much more depth and suspense than what was originally intended. Why Bioware didn't go throught with it is anyone's guess. 

The Starchild and The Final Choices

I hate you so much right now

One of the biggest criticisms of the ending is the Starchild. It is never explained what it truly is and why it takes the form of the child that was killed on Earth at the beginning of the game. Also, in the original ending, he explains the purpose of the Reapers in probably the most bullshit way in the existance of mankind (stop me if you've seen this one before -_-)

Well said Xzibit, well said. 

In the EC ending, you're given more dialogue choices that explains more about his origins as well as the Reapers. Afterwards, you come across your choices: Destroy, Control, and (if your EMS is high enough) Synthesis. People have complained about all of these endings and the ethics of each of them. I chose synthesis in my initial playthrough so as to save the geth and EDI. I later chose Destroy because, honestly, I liked the idea of Shepard surviving. In the EC ending, you are given the choice of shooting the starchild in the face (which is sorf of satisfying) and the Refusal ending, where Shepard can refuse the 3 choices, leaving the Galaxy doomed.We later see a hologram of Liara giving a message  to future races to stop the Reapers. I thought these changes were pretty good and was happy with what i was given for the most part. 


This still doesn't forgive what you did with Tali's face!!!!

Closure is the one thing fans have demanded, and the EC does provide closure....mostly. However, I thought the EC did bring enough closure to the series. We see the krogan giving birth to children in the end and rebuilding Tuchanka and colonizing other worlds (that is, if you actually helped Mordin cure the genophage). In the Control and Synthesis endings, we see the Geth and Quarians rebuilding the homeworld, as well was as Quarians without masks (again depending on your choices, and we still see the Quarians wearing hoods....with their backs turned >:l). One of the biggest things that was fixed was the Mass Relays. In each ending it is stated that, instead of being totally destroyed, they are simply damaged but can still be repaired. I thought that was great! NO MORE BEING STRANDED ON A PLANET!! 

However, if there was one thing I really didn't like about the EC, is that we never see our war assets in action. I was really hoping to see the Batarians leading an assault, an army of Geth Troopers killing Ravagers, the Rachni taking down a Brute, or Geth Primes fighting off Banshees. Why have us looking for War Assets if we don't see them in action? It would've been great seeing them help out the troops in London!

So that was A Nice Look At Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut Ending. How do you feel about the ending yourselves? Did you enjoy them or viewed it as an abomination to mankind? Leave your thoughts below. 

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