Ninja Gaiden short is a visual treat

Posted on October 10, 2011 - 9:00am by Kenshiro3

I just finished watching a fan film of Ninja Gaiden by 12King Fan Films. I've been looking forward to it for a while & it didn't disappoint. It REALLY impressed me with its fidelity to the series and its rather unique "silent movie" interpretation of the first NES game. Posted with Permission by 12King Fan Films, this is their awesome Ninja Gaiden Fan Film.

NINJA GAIDEN : Fan Film [2011 Release]

Pulled from the video description:

Ninja Gaiden: Fan Film - [2011 Release] from 12KING Fan Films. This short film is based on the original NES Game (1989) and focuses particularly on its famous "Cutscenes". It is experimental in nature and its intentional cartoon effect is reminiscent of the days of classic gaming.

Aside from the narration present in the film, there is no audible dialog; we considered that it would be interesting to let the images tell the story. If you are not familiar with the original Ninja Gaiden storyline, we encourage you to look it up.

In the film, Ryu Hayabusa's costume design as well as his Dragon Sword were inspired by the Box Art from the original game (The look is also somewhat featured in the arcade version of the game). Many of the "Game Stage" designs are included and re-interpreted with 2D and 3D renders within the film. A rudimentary "Green Screen" was used to incorporate the actors into the virtual scenes. The challenge was to make as much as possible with what little was available at the time and still make it all work somehow. We hope to have achieved this goal. The entire production cost was no more than 350$ CDN in weapons and costume materials.

We had a great time making this film and we are all proud to share it with you. It is dedicated to all Ninja Gaiden fans. And most importantly...We hope you sit back and enjoy it!

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