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TIME FOR BACKSTORY: I grew up poor, but that didn't stop me from enjoying NES back in 1995. Yup, I'm a 90's kid, born in 1992. So yeah, this blog is just so i can introduce myself to all the other kickass g1's out there. If you wanna know what hobbies i do in my spare time or just wanna know what my favorite kid's tv show was, or just wanna know the basics, like what my favorite game is, blah blah blah, just scroll down and check it out! Oh and if there are spelling errors, i apologize in advance. I have a PS3, and if anyone wants to add me to play a game of Tekken 6, SSFIV, or ME3, just add me on PSN: NinjaRed2000

Note: This might be updated over time. So... heads up. 


Favorite Game Franchise (yeah you knew this was coming)

Seriously, what were you expecting? You can literally say i was born into the Mario series. No joke! From what my mother said, i was still in her womb while my older sister would play the original Super Mario Bros.  My mom would go crazy because of the sound fx! She believed her disdain for all things gaming would pass on to me....... AND YET HERE I AAAMMM!!! Yeah basically i grew up playing the Mario series, from SMB and SMB3, to Super Mario 64 on the, you guessed it, N64, to NSMB on the DS, and finally to today playing  Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. So as you would guess, i was and still am, a Mario fan.

Favorite Game Company/Publisher

i might as well get this out of the way right now. From what you would've all guessed, me being a Mario fan also means being a Nintendo fan, right?

My parents rarely got me NES games back then. However, my favorite uncle (whom i consider a second father) would get me any game I wanted as a gift. So thanks to him, i was exposed to The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Tiny Toons Adventures, to name a few. To this day i continue to love Nintendo, and currently i'm kinda anxious for the Wii U. But as I got older, my tastes in gaming started to branch out a little....

Second Favorite Game Company/ Publisher

Yeah.... though Sony didn't become the next best thing in my life until '08, it actually entere my life back in '97. At around the time i got my N64 (my reaction wasn't as extravagant as the N64 kid), my sister had already gotten the Sony Playstation. In 2008, my sister's husband gave a Playstation Portable, and later a PS3, where i now play God of War, Uncharted, Resistance, Tekken 6, Super Street Fighter 4, and the like. Still,  i fondly remember playing all the games on the demo disc; Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Parappa (is that how you spell his name?), and last but definitely not least...... 

TOMB RAIDER!!! Yes, my sister was a huge fan of the series, and I enjoyed watching her play the game, since i was too young to understand the gameplay mechanics until much later.  But the main game that really cemented my new fascination with Playstation is.....

Favorite Fighting Game Series

Oh hell yes!!! After moving to my current home back in 1999, my cousin, who lived across the street an is just as old as my sister, would bring over Tekken 2 so that i can play with him. Being a kid, he would let me win, but just playing the game was fantastic. However, it wasn't until he brought over Tekken 3 when i truly got into it. That was the game that instantly had me hooked onto the franchise for good. I played the original Tekken in its arcade format, and yeah Tekken 2 was a good game as well, but Tekken 3 was what really got my interest. T3 is by far my favorite game in the series, as well as my favorite game overall. Tekken 4 was meh, 5 was great, and 6 was ok but could've been better (though the juggle system seems a little out of hand, but thats just me), but none could beat the pure shock and awe i felt after playing Tekken 3. Don't get me wrong, i also enjoy other fighting games, including Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Super Smash Bros., King of Fighters, and recently Blaz Blue. Mortal Kombat is also good, but i'm not entirely invested into that series, and i don't like Dead or Alive (sorry  DOA fans). 

Top 5  Favorite Tekken Characters

#5: Lars Alexsandersson

Sure his overall style may seem silly, with his Super-saiyanjin-like hair, but he really is a decent character with a great fighting style. With swift moves and decent combo opportunities, Lars is a worthy successor as the series protaganist. Plus, i mean come one, you gotta give him credit for his sweet armor (yes i am a fan of armored suits, they're significantly better than rubber suits with nipples.... egh)

#4: Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya, to me, is one of the more unique fighting game characters. I mean he started off as a generic fighting game hero, but come his appearance in Tekken 2, i was shocked to see how much of a villain he became. He is all around a badass, and his fighting style is pretty good to master.

#3: Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama is another character that i also felt went through great development. Though yeah his conquest for war in Tekken 6 put me off, considering how much of a tragic hero he was (though he does, in a way, redeem himself in the end), he is still one of the better characters in the game. His original style in Tekken 3 was good, but say what you will about is move change in Tekken 4, because i absolutely love it. He felt much more original, and did give a great idea of what karate is supposed to be (even though his style does not exist). in my opinion, if he had kept his original style, he probably would've felt more and more like Kazuya or Heihachi. Good thing it was given to Devil Jin, with his ability to fly and shoot lasers and such. 

#2: Hwoarang

Yeah, yeah, call him a spammer all you want, but Hwoarang's gameplay and style is overall great, at least to me. Honestly, the reason i like him so much is not just because of how he is handled, but because i see a bit of myself in him. Though i enjoy Japanese culture (be it its customs, weaponry, and martial arts), my primary fighting style is Taekwondo, and Hwoarang shows this off rather well. I was originally gonna go with Baek Do San, but Hwoarang's youth allowed me to relate to him more. 

#1: Yoshimitsu

The first Tekken character i have ever played is in the Tekken arcade cabinet is Yoshimitsu. He is everything i enjoy in a character: he's a ninja (though a rather unorthodox one), wears great suits of armor in most games (my favorite being his Tekken 3 suit, as seen above), helps the poor (and having grown up poor, this means a lot to me), enjoys video games and the internet as much as any of us g1's (as stated in the Tekken 3 manual), is partially a cyborg (cyborg ninjas are always cool), and finally, HE HAS A FRAGGIN AWESOME SWORD!! In fact, the instance when i saw he had a sword in Tekken 1, i knew i was gonna love him. Throw in some pretty awesome kicks, great combo opportunities, and some sweet teleportation  and flying abilities, and you have a pretty awesome ninja, though he may need some help in the stealth department (his interactions with Raven are among my favorite moments)

Favorite System

To be honest, I wasn't sure what my favorite system was. I was stumped between my NES, Gamecube, and my PS3. But then i realized something: the Nintendo 64 was the first video game system i legitly owned, for myself. The NES and Playstation both belonged to my older sister. I guess nostalgia is a powerful thing right? Yeah, i still recall the day i first popped in Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Mario Tennis, and especially Mario Party.

Games I play that are underrated (at least in my opinion)

Sonic the Hedgehog was a series i didn't get into until i was in the 4th grade. Now when i say underrated, specifically i'm talking about the Gamecube ports of the Adventure games (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Adventure DX), Sonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Despite the flaws (and perceived flaws that others seem to point out), i had lot of fun playing these games, and i still do.... though the voice acting is a bit grating, but thats me nitpicking. Each of those games had great level design, good gameplay, and some of the best video game soundtracks i've ever heard.  In regards to Shadow the Hedgehog, i understand the displeasure of weapons being used in the game, but since its Shadow, I really didn't mind. If it were Sonic himself on the other hand, then yeah I'd go apeshit over it as well. But like i said, i had a lot of fun playing those Sonic games, and i do not regret ever getting any of them. I didn't play any of the Genesis games until i was 11, when my friend brought over Sonic Mega Collection, largely because i never owned a Sega Genesis. True, other Sonic games are garbage (Sonic '06 still makes me cry at night), but the Gamecube games i mentioned are my favorites, despite what other people say. Speaking of consoles i never owned...

Top 3 Consoles I Never Owned but Wished I Did

#3: The Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis is a console i completely missed purely out of ignorance. I was too young to know it even existed!!!! Back then i thought only Nintendo and Playstation were the main console giants!! I didn't even know of the Sega Genesis until 1999, when my friend invited me over to his house to play Streets of Rage. However, my parents refused to get me one, since i already had my N64. 

#2: The Super Nintendo

Ok this isn't so much ignorance, but more of bad timing. I knew what a Super Nintendo was back in '97, I mean used to play Earthworm Jim and Super Mario Kart over at my best friend's house. The thing was, the N64 had already been released, so yeah..... but hey, i recently downloaded...... an SNES.......emulator......on my laptop........... please don't hurt me Stuttering Craig e_e

#1: The Sega Dreamcast


Now here is a sad story: when the Dreamcast was announced, I was as excited as a fat guy in a candy shop!!! But, of course I had a hard time convincing my parents to get me one. But then in 2006, my dreams have come true.....sort of. My brother-in-law gave me his own working Dreamcast (not just a Dreamcast, but the Sport Black Dreamcast!!!!). I could see it then; Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike in my room!!!! But then tragedy struck..... my father threw it out.......... (demonic roar). He claimed that I never played it, even though I DIDN'T HAVE ANY GAMES FOR IT YET!!!!  When I told him this, he realized his mistake, but it was already too late. The trash had already been picked up. Alas, so close yet so far :.(.....

Most Hours Spent Playing

Possibly my favorite action/rpg, I had so much fun playing Mass Effect 2. I had the PS3 version of the game, though I have played the original Mass Effect on my brother-in-law's Xbox 360 (which he let me borrow, and no its not a console I wished I owned. Sorry Xbox fans), and am currently playing  Mass Effect 3. The reason I got the PS3 version was because 1. I gave back the Xbox, 2. I didn't want to go through the hassle of switching discs, and 3. It had more content. The last time I checked, the most amount of hours i spent playing Mass Effect 2 was around 49 hours...... in about 8 PLAYTHROUGHS!! Thats 4 campaigns as a custom male Shepard and 4 with Femshep. Of those 4 male Shepards, 2 were New Games Plus with a Soldier, and 2 New Game Plus with Vangaurd. The same can be said with my Femshep, 2 as Vangaurd first, and 2 as a Soldier. Thats 392 HOURS!!! 

Favorite Handheld Game

My first handheld was a Gameboy Advance, then a Nintendo DS, and, for a short time, a PSP. It was hard deciding what handheld game was my favorite, so I'm giving you a lot!!!

What Do I Do Aside From Gaming?

Aside from gaming, I enjoy leisurly things like walks in the park. I am a big fan of comics, especially DC, with these guys being my favorite DC heroes:

Superman stands out as my absolute favorite of the three, but the other two are just as badass. Still, I'm not entirely restricted to DC. I also enjoy Marvel comics, with these guys standing out as my favorites as well

Yeah they're all awesome, though I prefer DC overall. I also enjoy anime/ and manga, with Bleach and Dragonball Z standing out as my favorite shows of all time. Azumanga Daioh is fraggin' hilarious, Sailor Moon is a bit of a guilty pleasure (well this is referring to back when i was young, but hey, what little boy wasn't a fan of Sailor Moon?)

What about music?

In case you didn't read my description, I listen to a lot of heavy metal and hard rock, largely because I grew up listening to AC/DC, Aerosmith, Santana, and Pink Floyd with my dad. My cousins also introduced me to other heavy metal bands, most notably these guys: 

OH HELL YEAH \m/ ^_^\m/. Metallica stands out as my favorite heavy metal band of all time, introducing me to the most complex song writing and structure there is. These bands also introduced me to other bands, including Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Motorhead, and Scorpians. One of my friends introduced me to Avenged Sevenfold in my senior year of high school. I have to admit, at first they didn't impress me at first, but then they grew on me, and i now consider Avenged Sevenfold one of the greatest metal bands out there. I also listen to old school hip-hop and old pop songs (like Michael Jackson, may God Bless his soul). I don't like screamo bands. Also, to be honest, i don't like most of the contemporary music that people listen to these days. If you like them, then you are entitled to your opinion. Its just that, to me, today's music just doesn't have all the complexities of older songs, and that they lack the heart and soul poured into what they do. But enough about what I think. I also enjoy listening to classic video game BGMs, especially 8-bit music. 

Favorite Action Star

My personal hero. Watching Jackie Chan performing stunts that seem super human, it is truly spectacular. My father and i would also (and continue) to watch many of Chan's best movies. Both hilarious and dramatic, my absolute favorite Chan films are Wheels on Meals and Dragons Forever, where he delivers his absolute best fight scenes, along with his "brothers" from the Opera school he attended, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung.

Favorite Kid's TV Show

Yup.The Power Rangers. Specifically my favorite seasons are the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, In Space, and Time Force. As corny as this show was, i absolutely loved it as a child, and i still watch a few action clips on Youtube every once in a while. Sure the characters started off bland (they do get better), and Disney nearly butchered them (i stopped watching after Wild Force, though RPM was ok), but what really got me hooked was the action; the fight scenes, great depictions of martial arts, and epic weaponry, this show had me buying all of their toys and sucking my parent's wallet dry. Speaking of action, this show is the main reason why i enjoy martial arts, and why i'm a martial artist right now.  None of that Adventure Time crap for me, because ITS MORPHIN' TIME!!

Anything Else?

Oh yeah.... I'm also a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo. You saw my black belt in my header. And i did mention this earlier. 

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