Nintendo 3DSXL is getting its own Circle Pad Pro

Posted on June 28, 2012 - 1:00pm by Fishman

So since the announcement of the 3DS XL a few days ago, many have been bewildered by Nintendo's decision not to add a second Circle Pad , me included. Of course there was plenty of comments that joked and laughed about the prospect of a Circle Pad Pro XL being released for the new 3DS XL. Well, it's coming and by my calculations the 3DSXL will be so big with it attached it can be technically classified as a weapon.  

There are no pictures of this monster yet, but im sure it should be roughly around the size of a small dog. 

Nintendo announced in Japanese magazine, Famitsu, that the Circle Pad Pro XL will be released later in the year in Japan, with no word of a American or European release. 

Honestly, I am still bemused to why Nintendo just doesn't add another Circle Pad to it, there is a big empty space now on the 3DSXL for it, so, what are you thinking Nintendo? Sure, you could say not enough games use a second circle pad on the 3DS, but I'm sure if you added it to the actual hardware instead of making it just an accessory a lot more games would take advantage of it! 

Plus, how are children or people with tiny hands going to hold this monster? 

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