Nintendo could have made a knitting accessory for the NES

Posted on September 2, 2012 - 10:00am by ThatPunkAdam

Editor's Note: Huh. If this thing  would have actually been released, my mother probably would have bought one.

A 1980's brochure was recently posted on Nintendo spokesman Howard Phillips' Facebook Fanpage wall. The broshure included a picture of a rumored knitting accessory for the NES.

The ad states:

"You're looking at the Nintendo Knitting Machine. It's not a game; not a toy; not something a young girl would outgrow in three or six months or even a year"

Phillips says that former Nintendo president, Minoru Arakawa, asked him to pitch the machine to Toys R' Us chairman with only a 30 minute notice!

"Mr A. asked me with just 30 minute notice to give Toys R Us chairman Charles Lazarus a live demo. Likely one of my least genuinely enthusiastic demos" 

Below is a picture of the Knitting machine from the 80's broshure.

According to Philips,  a piece of knitting software was released for the famicom and it was a hit in Japan. Philips explains:

"Likely beacuse every father who bought a Famicom disc system purchased the knitting software too help in order to  justify their purchase." 

Below is a video showing off some technology that could have been used by this accessory if it was released. 

So let me know what you think g1s! Would you have bought this if it was released or is it just another edition to the NES accessory pile? Tell me in the comments below!  

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