Nintendo losing faith in 3D gimmick. Iwata says it will only be a minor feature for future devices

Posted on July 12, 2012 - 6:05pm by Ryan Conway

Since its inception, Nintendo has really been pushing the 3DS’ 3D capabilities hard but it appears the Big N has lost its faith in the concept of 3D gaming, at least for now.

During a recent chat with Independent, company president Satoru Iwata said the surprising effect that the 3D elements had at first, appear to be wearing off and because of that, 3D (while still being used) will be downplayed in terms of importance, when it comes to future Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

"But I think it's an important element, it makes graphics more impactful, it proves a sense of immersion that 2D doesn't have, so I would say generally that 3D is better than 2D. It's nice to have good graphics but not necessarily on their own, so I don't think we'll present [3D graphics] as one of the key features of our consoles but will probably stick with 3D as one of the minor elements of our consoles in the future. "

Speaking of the 3DS, it’s safe to say that it has been a financial struggle for Nintendo since its launch last March and because of that, Nintendo has taken a large hit to the old profit margin. This explains the 3DS XL. Iwata said that while the company isn’t expecting an incredibly large return on the 3DS, the price of the new model is set high enough to make Nintendo some money.

“The 3DS XL, we will not be selling this at a loss. We don't have a huge profit margin on it, we intend to sell it at a profit."  

I know I called it a gimmick but the 3DS' 3D can actually produce some beautiful (stunning really) results when developers use it to its full potential and I actually find it kind of sad to see Nintendo shift its focus away from it but given the current financial climate, I can see why this decision was made.  

Hopefully we will continue to see Nintendo do some great things with the 3D tech at its disposal, even if that tech will be put on the back burner. 

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