Nintendo no longer developing Wii games

Posted on November 24, 2012 - 10:00pm by Ryan Conway

The Wii U launched last weekend and one question about the console’s predecessor remained in the minds of some gamers (although I’m sure plenty of us already knew the answer), “will Nintendo continue to develop new titles for the Wii?” Earlier this week, Nintendo said it wasn’t. This isn’t too surprising given the focus the company will now need to give to the Wii U. 

Product marketing director Bill Trinen said during a recent interview with GameSpot that despite the lack of new first-party games, Nintendo feels with the brand recognition and lower price of the Wii itself and the now (and possibly soon to be) discounted games long-time owners may have missed, that software sales for the console should still be somewhat strong.
“Whether it's things like Nintendo Selects or a lot of the users also are still using their Wii to deliver Netflix content. I think there's also the potential for a lot of people who still haven't purchased Wii, believe it or not, who might be interested at the right price. So we'll probably be looking at it more from that standpoint."
Hopefully this means the Big N will be adding Skyward Sword, and (finally) Super Mario Galaxy 2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii to the Nintendo Selects line-up sometime soon. 
Seriously Nintendo. Most of the games I listed are several years old. Why does it take so long to lower the prices of your games? 

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