Nintendo to travel across America to hand out more free Kid Icarus AR Cards

Posted on April 15, 2012 - 5:00pm by Ryan Conway

As you may remember, Nintendo hosted a special Kid Icarus event yesterday at various GameStops in the US and Canada, which not only gave customers the chance to play a demo of the 3DS title, but to also pick up free packs of the Kid Icarus AR Cards, which have become a sought after item among Nintendo collectors. 

I realize that some of you were disappointed that your local store wasn't taking part in the event, while others were unable to make it due to the sheer lack of notice (for which I am very sorry but in my defense it was poorly advertised). 

However, you might just have another chance to pick up these ever elusive AR cards, as Nintendo will be hosting several more of these demo events at select GameStops and Best Buys across the US (no Canadian locations? I am disappoint!) spanning  from April 21 to May 12. 

Click here for the full list of dates and locations. 

If you are still unable to get your hands on these cards, you should know that Nintendo has also placed 1-3 cards in the most recent issues of Nintendo Power, Game Informer, and Best Buy's @Gamer Magazine. You can also acquire 3 of the cards by purchasing the Prima Strategy Guide for Kid Icarus: Uprising.  

Oh and Nintendo will also be giving away cards at both San Diego Comic Con (July 12-15) and PAX Prime (August 26-28).

I'm beginning to think that Nintendo should consider selling these things. Seriously. I'm quite sure they'd make a fortune. 

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