Nintendo: We’re not focusing on making games easier anymore, getting lost is "Really Good"

Posted on October 18, 2013 - 9:00am by CaztheGamerGuy

In the past few years, Nintendo has been heavily criticized for making their games easier than before. Mostly to accommodate the casual market and less skilled players. Well it seems that even the major figures at Nintendo are not satisfied with Nintendo's approach to difficulty and are done with easing up, with Eiji Aonuma saying:

"There was a certain period (at Nintendo) where people thought that games should make it easier to progress and go forward. But Miyamoto and I think that’s not the core part of the fun of a game. Sometimes just getting lost in a game can be really good as well. We’d like the game to be (made) in a way that even for hardcore gamers, hints are sometimes available. What’s important is making that selection of options available."

Essentially, they want to give players a feeling of engagement as they lose themselves in a game and explore the worlds they create in the future, which explains the most recent The Legend of Zelda title's approach to its dungeon's structure.

I'm of two minds on the matter. On one hand, it's good that they're attempting to add more teeth to their titles considering how easy many of their titles are to complete for the average player. Sure, there will always be games like Kirby where it's easy to beat but challenging to complete, but those are not a good reflection of the company's approach to difficulty as a whole. On the other, accessibility is one of Nintendo's key strengths with their recent titles and the option to not use the help the game provides is helpful for those. Well, except for Poké-We want you to learn how to use a Pokéball every dang time you play one of our games after Gold/Silver and you're going to like it-mon.  

20 years later, this not being optional from Ruby/Sapphire forward has been a huge thorn in my side

Personally, I'd prefer they drop the person who keeps screwing up the art design for their game like Yoshi's New Island or Fire Emblem: Awakening and instead craft visuals with charm and personality to them *cough* Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon plug *cough*.

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