Is Nintendo's latest trademarked 'Pokémon Adventure Camp' property heading to Wii?

Posted on March 10, 2012 - 10:20am by KH

When it comes down to it, Pokémon is going to make piles of cash no matter what kind of game is released. You could even do a typing game with a keyboard peripheral and kids would still want it... oh wait, they did that already.

While Nintendo has already announced their and Game Freak's plans to release a direct sequel to the last generation of Pokemon in the likes of Pokemon Black and White 2 for the DS, a new trademark that's been filed by the folks at GameFreak, Nintendo, and Creatures Inc. points to a new game heading to the Wii :

If you can't read moonrunes, or Japanese as what I'm being told those squigly lines above are, they translate into 'Pocket Monsters Adventure Camp.' I have a little bit of a hunch that this will probably be something  closer to the PokePark series for the Wii, rather than another property being introduced to the handheld market, or at least an extension of it. 

Any guesses on what we can expect?

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