Nintendo's new patent will make you look like a tool

Posted on November 4, 2011 - 12:20pm by Lauren Moore

I'm honestly at a loss for words with how silly this looks, but I'll try diligently to remain as unbiased as possible.

Nintendo has applied for a patent for this abomination this fusion of Wii U features on a traditional Wiimote.

Some sort of medical instrument? No. The proposed device adds a touch panel for the controller and will make you look like a giant tool.

As Joystiq reports, it works by combining the use of  infared LEDs and mirrors  to send your finger's position to the Wiimote IR sensor- much like using a mouse pointer or an asinine, inverted periscope.

While the controls will be similar to any kind of touchpad drawing interface, it differs from the WiiPad in that it strictly works as a controller and not as a screen.

There's no word if this is actually planned as a future Wiimote add-on to be used with the WiiU, or if it's just a concept.

Either way, they need to take this foolishness back to the drawing board and forget it ever happened.

Is this really as far as technology has brought us?

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