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NintenDownloads include explosive Racers, Epic mice, and Colors!

4/6/12 1:00pm

In these weeks installment of the latest Nintendo downloads, we have Colors! 3D ($7) on the eShop, a robust new lineup of painting tools for your 3DS. This comes alongside the Nintendo Video content which includes an interview with Epic Mickey’s Warren Spector and The Shins’ latest music video for the song “The Rifle’s Spiral”.

WiiWare releases the fun multiplayer game TNT Racers (1000 Wii points) or Tracks N Tricks. The combination of racing action with snappy gadgets makes for a fun experience. Lastly there is Penguin Patrol ($2) for the eShop and DSiWare, featuring 75 puzzling levels and a variety of penguins. Not the greatest lineup, but at least you get some exclusive time with the wonderful Warren Spector.

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