Notch is being sued over “Mindcraft” patent

Posted on July 21, 2012 - 5:40pm by Ryan Conway

Notch and the gang over at Mojang have found themselves the subject of yet another legal battle. This time they’re being sued by tech-patent collector Uniloc, which claims that the Android version of Mindcraft (no seriously) violates a patent it filed for a "System and method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data.”

Uniloc says it is seeking royalties from the game’s release and amages consisting of any legal fees it will have to pay.

Upon hearing the news, Notch sent out the following tweet in response:

I just love it when the funniest Tweet of the day becomes a news story!

As much as I would expect Notch to smile, I wouldn’t expect him to settle this suit out of court either, as he said he will put as much money as he can into his defence, to prevent Uniloc from getting “a single dime.”

Well, looks we have another frivolous lawsuit on our hands. Oh well, with Notch at the center of it, I’m sure it’ll be very entertaining at least. I also recommend following Notch’s Twitter account for more legal fun.

But in all seriousness, I would like to say that I hope Mojang can settle this case ASAP and get back to making games.

Pfft. Uniloc should lose just for spelling the game’s name wrong.  

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