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Posted on December 9, 2011 - 9:38am by KingSigy


After seeing two of my favorite shows this week, my own thoughts on my sexuality are clouded. This blog takes a quick look at that.

Well, this has been an interesting week for television. I’ve seen one show that made me question my sexuality and another that strengthened my hatred for “Glee.” Intriguing…

This past Tuesday’s episode of “New Girl” focused on main character Jess’ struggle with her sexuality. She is falling for a new guy and is extremely worried that her previous sexual history will not be adequate enough for him.

On Thursday, “Community” did their yearly Christmas spoof and decided to bag on “Glee.” It was a hilarious take on the stupidity of that show and offered some extremely humorous songs and one incredibly sexy dance.

Now, watching “New Girl,” the first thought that always comes to my mind is; how can anyone find Zooey Deschanel unattractive? She is a goddess and a delight to watch. The fact that this show is trying so hard to make her goofy just rubs me the wrong way.

Still, even with that, “New Girl” has been pretty decent. The side characters aren’t the greatest, but Zooey often portrays her character with believability and tackles themes that most women of her age group suffer with.

Case-in point, this past weeks episode. I don’t buy that Zooey can’t find a date for six years, but there are plenty of people (both male and female) who have trouble finding someone else. When she brings that agitation forward and then proceeds to delve into the male mind a bit, it’s fairly entertaining to watch.

I never thought I’d see a filmed piece of media where Zooey is watching porn online. That’s just mind boggling. What makes it better is that, when asked by one of her room mates, she laments on how she lost five hours of her life.

She mentions that the only thing she ever learned about sex was from her ex-boyfriend and, comically, the Clinton impeachment trial. Well, other than actual experience, I can relate to that. I know nothing of sex and my fears are becoming more of a reality as I grow older.

She wants to please her new boyfriend and I’d love to please anyone whom I loved. It’s hard to really place into words what ignorance feels like, but this episode definitely nails it pretty damn well.

Then there’s “Community.” I actually watched “Glee” for a full two years before I gave up. Every damn song became too poppy and the plotlines were so outrageously insulting that I just couldn’t continue.

“Community” tackles that idea by, first, killing off the previous Glee team. The episode constantly references this event and the teacher usually has an upbeat smile on his face while recounting it, all like Fox’s moronic show.

What happens next is that the teacher gets one of the cast members to sucker his friends into performing the Christmas pageant by working to their weaknesses. At one point, Alison Brie says to Chevy Chase, “They’re just trying to pander to your demographics well documented historical vanity.” Yeah, pandering is putting it nicely.

Still, as mean spirited as the show gets, this episode certainly hits all the correct criticisms about “Glee.” The show is lousy, too serious and often a shuffle of ridiculous plotlines involving things that we’ve never seen before.

Then Alison Brie dons a sexy Santa outfit and dances like a burlesque woker. In the same week that I questioned whether I could ever be sexy, I was suddenly thinking about how I wanted sex more.

Pandering at its best, right? “Community” has tackled the idea of its female co-stars being sex icons, but never overtly gone for it. This episode throws Brie into the lion’s den and she comes out victorious.

So what am I left with here? Doubts about how any real application of sex in my life will be meaningful and relief that I still find things sexy…Confusing.

Regardless, I’m happy to see that television in the modern era hasn’t all become like “Glee.” I can still watch hilarious shows and get deep meaning from them. As long as everyone doesn’t bust into stupid renditions of song, I think I’ll be safe.

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