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 9 more obscure or forgotten games in the Mega Man franchise.

Editor's Note: Oh my God! I so want to play that pinball machine!

My first blog about the obscure/forgotten Mega Man games only concentrated only on the Classic series, but now we'll be looking at games from the Classic, X, and Legends series. Once again, some of these games are good while others are piles of crap. So without further delay...


Mega Man: Powered Up! - PSP 2006


This game has a ton of content! Not only is it a remake of Mega Man 1 on the NES, but it has two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man. Powered Up also has a challenge mode and a stage creator where you can make your own levels and pick what boss you want there. You can also play as every character in the game, except for Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, even Roll and Proto Man are playable!

Is it worth playing? Yes!


Mega Man Xtreme - GB Color 2000

This game is basically Mega Man X and X2 mashed together with a few new characters and downgraded graphics to fit on the Game Boy Color. Like the Classic Game Boy games, you start off with four mavericks, but all of their stages are almost exact copies of their SNES counterparts. All of Dr. Light’s upgrades are in the same spots as they are in the original games as well. So with that in mind you’re basically playing the same game you did in the past, just not as colorful.

Is it worth playing? Maybe.


Mega Man Xtreme 2 - GB Color 2001

Xtreme 2 offers players new level designs with bosses from X1, X2, and X3. You can play as either X or Zero in this game and when you beat the game with both characters, you will unlock Extreme Mode where you battle Sigma. This game starts off less brutal than its predecessor, which is nice, but the bosses in the final stage can be brutal. Dr. Light even has upgrades for Zero and there’s even a parts shop on the stage select screen where you can buy even more upgrades to improve your attack power and more. This game’s main downfall is vertical scrolling, since you can’t always see what’s above or below you. In general, Xtreme 2 is a small improvement over Xtreme.

Is it worth playing? Yes!


Rockman Strategy - PC 2001


This PC game was only released in China and Taiwan and as the name implies, it’s a strategy game. A new group of robots called the Constellation Droids come to Earth and give Dr. Wily a choice of either cooperating with them or die. These new robots are all named after the twelve Zodiac signs, with the exception of their two leaders, Luna and Apollo.


Characters movements depend on the terrain and they can attack or use a special-move. This only works if an enemy or ally is nearby. If they choose to attack an enemy, they enter a combat sequence for a period of 30 seconds, and either they die, the enemy dies, or time runs out. During combat, they can attack regularly, use special attacks, use an item, defend, or run away. The "special-move" feature depends on the character. For Mega Man, this allows him to change his color/weapon like in the regular games. A character can also heal or save the game on the battlefield.


Is it worth playing? Maybe.But you would have to find a translated version online.


Mega Man Anniversary Collection (Mega Man Mania) - GBA CANCELLED

Like how the PS2, GameCube, and Xbox had a collection of the blue bomber’s original home console adventures, the GBA version would’ve had Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge, II, III, IV, and V all in one cartridge along with history and artwork sections. This game was cancelled because Capcom apparently didn’t have the source code for the original games.

Is it worth playing? It was canceled, so no.


Panic Shot! Rockman - Pinball 1992

A Mega Man themed pinball machine released only in Japan. There were two versions of the game both with five targets for you had to hit. The first version had Cut Man, Bubble Man, Metal Man, Spark Man, and Shadow Man targets. The second version replaces the Robot Masters with Mets. Like all pinball games, the goal is to get as many points as possible, hitting Dr. Wily as he moves next to the targets will give the player a 1000 point bonus. Once you get a game over, you get a Rock Man or Blues card for a series called “Super Barcode Wars.”

Is it worth playing? It’s a pinball machine released only in Japan and is most likely rare, so no. Although it looks like it'd be fun.



Rockman DASH: Grand 5 Island Adventure - Mobile Phones 2008


Released only in Japan for the i-mode Internet service for mobile phones, you explore five islands with seven areas to explore in each. Graphically it looks nicer than Legends 1 and 2, even though it uses the same graphics engine. Many characters from the previous games return for this adventure along with new enemies for Mega Man to face.

Is it worth playing? Maybe


Rockman X3 - Genesis ???? PIRATE

It’s a port of the Super Nintendo/PS1/PC game Mega Man X3  filled with changes. You have infinite continues but only one life, no Dr. Doppler or Sigma, you start off with the armor from Mega Man X1, there are only six mavericks, and the damage you receive from mavericks only takes one sliver of your life away. The game has trouble loading elevator sections in Gravity Beetle and Blast Hornet’s stage, so you will have to save and restore the game, assuming your using an emulator. The controls seem broken and the music is repetitive and sounds like crap. Don’t expect a great ending if you manage to beat the game.

Is it worth playing? No!


Rockman DX3 - GB Color ???? PIRATE

I think this was supposed to be a “sequel” to the two Xtreme games on the same system, but it’s a pirate game, so I’m not sure. When you start the game, all seven bosses are already defeated, so if you want you can fight Sigma at the start. Looking at the gameplay, the graphics aren’t too bad and I’ve heard worse music from pirated games. The game seems to have been created from a copy of Mega Man V  becasue some of the graphical details like the planet in the intro and landscape during the credits, look exactly as they do in MMV. Oddly enough, there are two versions of this game. One has fightable bosses and different music, which can be found below.

Is this game worth playing? No!

Version with bosses to fight


So that's 22 obscure and forgotten Mega Man games I’ve looked at now. I’m sure there are many more games in the franchise and even more pirated games, but I don’t want to talk about them mainly because they most likely all suck or are just blatant ports of previous games in the series. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment or subscribe.



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