Obsidian Entertainment says major publishers want to exploit Kickstarter

Posted on September 24, 2012 - 10:00am by King Meatball I

According to Obsidian Entertainment, major big name gaming publishers and companies have been recently trying to exploit the Kickstarter system.

They state they have been contacted several times over the past several months from big name publishers who wanted the company to operate Kickstarter projects for them. This was during the same period as the company themselves was preparing and having their own Kickstarter for Project Eternity which ended up being a success.

The only catch was if they accepted then several restrictions would be placed such as the project couldn't be revealed as being from the publisher, the refusal to fund any of their money to the project, complete ownership of the IP, and the majority of revenues if the project was successful.

"We were actually contacted by some publishers over the last few months that wanted to use us to do a Kickstarter. I said to them “So, you want us to do a Kickstarter for, using our name, we then get the Kickstarter money to make the game, you then publish the game, but we then don’t get to keep the brand we make and we only get a portion of the profits” They said, “Yes”."
The benefits for these publishers would be letting the public bear the entire costs for development while gaining easy IP rights from developers.

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