The Official VGAs Drinking Game

Posted on December 10, 2011 - 2:51pm by Stevarow


You're gonna die.

So yesterday Evil Monkey and I were talking about how hilarious the previous VGAs were. So we made a drinking game for me to suffer through for this year, and every other year because really, the same shit happens every year. Imma post it here so you can participate as well.

P.S. You'll probably be dead by the time the show ends.

Needless Movie/TV Show Tie-In, take a drink

Celebraties that you can tell don't play video games, take a drink

Video Game Teaser that tells you nothing, take a drink

Musical Guest, take a drink, two for Dubstep, MCR or same band twice

Jersey Shore cameo, take a drink while fistpumping

They talk about something that has nothing to do with video games and isn't advertising, take a drink

Whatever wins voting award is completely retarded, take a drink and weep softly for humanity

Drink whole bottle for TIM FREAKING SCHAEFER

Samuel L Jackson appearance, DRINK, BITCH

Host not Game-related, take a drink

Hangover appearance, put a roofie in your drink and down it

Take a drink if you feel sorry for Geoff Keighley by the end of it

Show before VGAs is MANswers, take a drink while yelling 'BOOBS' 20 times

Deadiest Warrior game is advertised, take a drink

Mac and Cheese argument between Hellman and Evil Monkey, eat some Kraft Dinner

(The Honorary NovaSpec entry) Capcom fighter wins an award, take a drink

No MMO Category, talk about how Geoff Keighley is a piece of shit and lose all credibility you have as a 'game reviewer' (lolAngryJoe)

Skimming through award winners, take a drink

Lisenced game trailer, groan and take a drink

DLC announcement, take a drink, two if it's a map pack

Video game character cameo, take a drink

Virtual reality bullshit, take a drink

The winner of best voice is not respectable, take a drink

If the entire show is a little bit respectful, go to an AA meeting the next day 

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