Oh Slendie... poor you

Posted on September 14, 2012 - 11:30am by GamersCacophony

(Please don't get discouraged by the length, it has a lot of paragraphs, and looks longer than it is)

Well well, what do we have here. An overused meme?

Maybe? No, not maybe, of course. The Slenderman started off as a myth of sorts on a forum know as SomethingAwful, and was an entry to a photoshop contest.

Now, I will cut all the Slenderman history and all that shizzazz, as I am sure you have all searched for and read the history.

Right, the point of this blog post is simple. I feel that a lot of people don't understand just how many god damn iterations of Slenderman games there are.

You see, one day, some guy decided he would make the game called SLENDER.

It was all over 9gag, 4chan and reddit "blabla its the scariest game ever" "play slender they said, it will be fun they said" "oooooh, you'll never sleep again" and all that shit.

Okay, that game is hardly scary. Now, don't get me wrong, I am in no way claiming that I am too hard ass to get scared. I will openly admit, I have played:

Amnesia: pissed myself.

Silent Hill 2: pissed myself.

Grey (halflife 2 mod): pissed myself

Dead Space (1+2): pissed myself

And various others. But Slender is just schock scenes. Some may claim it is not. But come on. You don't know when he is coming, and when he comes, all of a sudden Mozart falls dead on his piano.

DUN! and then you flick your mouse away in schock.... and continue on exactly the same way, collecting your pieces of paper. No, Slender is not the scariest game ever, that spot is still dominated by Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You see, in contrast to Slender, Amnesia has a goal, a place to go, and worst of all, places to go BACK to.

Obviously, Slender is free, Amnesia costs our hard earned money, but it is the quality that counts.

Okay, now to the point. Now following is the list of aaaaaaaaaalllll the goddamn games there have been made. 

Slender(The original)

Sanatorium(The one that milked the fame first)

Hospice(The sequel to the rip-off)

Slender mod(The monochrome one)

Slenderman's Shadow(The one in the school... with teddybears)

Slenderman's Mansion(The one in Slendermans supposed house)

Slender: Source(The damned obligatory halflife mod)

Minecraft: The Enderman(But that is very vague)

Slender: Nyan Cat(okay, that one I made up, but don't count on it)

Honestly, how many times are people gonna make a different version. You will get a lot of downloads, great. Nobody will remember your name.

I bet you you will find no one that knows the name of anyone who made those games, WITHOUT googling it first.

So why are you making these games? Okay, you know what, go ahead, BUT. WHY. ON. EARTH. DO. YOU. MAKE. IT. LESS. SCARY.

To specify. When Slendie catches you, in the orginal game, you see his face, or whatever is left of it. Right in the screen. Most people don't understand what that means, he teleports right up to your face and stares right in your soul.

All that=scary enough.

In all the other games, you see him looming above you after he gets you. A lot less scary. Another point is that in Slender, to an extent, it's your own fault for getting caught. Like not going into the bathroom first *sigh*.

In all the other games, sometimes he randomly gets you, which of course, gives you a bigger fright, but romoves all the goddamn tension.

And, in the first game, most people don't know this, The Slenderman has tentacles(you generally dont look long enough at him to notice). The other ones, he doesnt. That just seems stupid to me, but thats a minor point.

The last point is that The Slenderman looks like a clown in the other games. He kinda lost the flair after a while.

This 20 second video sums up what all the other slenderman games have done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYlsxKg6_o&feature=related

Allright, thanks for your time, my children of the night (or shall I call you g1's), now tell me, are you also sick of all these games, or are you lapping up every one, and craving to play the next iteration?



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