Olympic Closing Ceremony celebrates Del Boy Batman

Posted on August 13, 2012 - 6:00pm by leegolas

So after two weeks of nonstop sport we come to the Olympic closing ceremony, a symphony of British Music presented in a way only us Brits could have imagined, I am indeed talking about the bus that transformed in to an inflatable octopus that housed DJ FatBoySlim (Norman Cook) pretend Dj-ing .

But there is one item that may have confused lot's and lots of you from around the world. The site of a Reliant Regal exploding,, accompanied by the ever great "Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" quote from the Italian Job, then out of the wreckage an overweight Batman and tall lanky Robin emerge and run off.

Here is some bad recorded footage of said event.

Now I can understand how this could confuse people, as it really is a reference that us Brits would fully understand unless the source material travelled to your respective country, which I'm sure it has because it is widely known as one of the best comedies of all time. But just incase you have not had the pleasure of seeing the comedy in question allow me to explain.

The reference is to a specific scene in a Christmas episode of Only Fools and Horses called Heroes and Villains where Delboy and Rodney break down on the way to a fancy dress party. Here my friends is that reference and the first time I ever saw this I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. Enjoy.....

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