One Star Wars Fan goes Above and Beyond

Posted on May 3, 2014 - 2:25am by -Mazer

A long time again (in a galaxy far far away), Star Wars Mega Fan Adywan started a project to introduce to the world HIS vision of the original Star Wars Trilogy. He was a huge fan of the originals and somewhat of the Special Editions but not so much of the Blu-Rays. So, using his experience in film, he and a small crew has started work on creating their own Special Edition.

But this goes far beyond cleaning scenes up or deleting things he didn't like. He is actually RESHOOTING specific moments of the movies, re-editing things, cleaning up bloopers, and even rebuilding his own sets to fix Matte errors or to increase the realism of the movies.

It is hard to really explain so I think it is better to show you.

The Original Star Wars ended with a climatic battle over Yavin. The rebels faced off against the Empire's Death Star. However, the scene has not really aged well. It really boils down to about 11 ships fighting another 11 ships.

Well, here is the updated version.



Or what about the fight scene between Vader and Obi  Wan? It's pretty slow in the original due to Alec's age. So with editing and cleaner effects, Adywan was able to make it a bit more epic.



But if that isn't enough to make you Oo and Ahh...He is going as far as to rescuplt specific props. The first and foremost being a full-sized Han Solo in Carbonite in order to fix the vest continuity error.



And he is going SO far as to REBUILD the giant Asteroid, From Scratch, in order to fix all the lighting problems during Empire Strikes Back.


And a lot of tweaks are cosmetic (Check out the cockpit differences)


But this is one fan who is going way above and beyond.


So far A New Hope has been completed. You can download the movie on various torrent sites as he is not allowed to host it on his. Just search for Adywan Star Wars Revisited.

So what do you think fellow Star Wars fanboys? Do you think this is overkill or is this the best version of Star Wars we're going to get? Post in the comments :D

Please feel free to check out his website at:

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