Online co-op won't be an option for Hyrule Warriors' campaign

Posted on August 1, 2014 - 12:40pm by Ryan Conway

With a Hyrule Warriors Direct looming overhead like an angry moon, a vital detail about the highly anticipated Wii U exclusive came to light four days early, but it's something fans who look forward to playing with friends may not appreciate.

Yesterday, while responding to a few fan tweets, the official Japanese Zelda Twitter account revealed that while an online mode will be present in Hyrule Warriors, there won't be an option to play through the campaign with a friend online. 

However, the person in charge of the account did reiterate that an option to playthrough the entire campaign with a friend will be available for local play, with one player using the TV screen, while the other plays on the GamePad. 

Nintendo, I know you're starting to hit your stride when it comes to improving online play options for competitive games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros., but your online options for co-operative games are still greatly lacking, especially when other console makers have been nailing it out of the park for nearly a decade.  

I get that you have good intentions and you want to recapture the magic of getting friends together in the same room to enjoy the game in each other's company, and nothing will beat that experience. But please understand Mr. Iwata, Mr. Miyamoto, and Mr. Aonuma, not everyone is blessed enough to have their closest friends and family members within a convenient travel distance, and being able to play and share games over the Internet with those who live far away is a great and meaningful way to stay connected. And oddly enough, some don't mind playing with strangers. 

Besides, It's 2014. The world-wide-web is can you not grasp this concept?!


Anyway, let's hope the online features (likely to be revealed on Monday) that will be offered will provide some sort of play mode that friends can enjoy together without having to be in same room. Miiverse is nice but players should be able to share more of the experience with one another than just messages. 

Oh and more thing, other Dynasty Warriors games have online co-op. So why not this one?!

Source: Zelda Musou via Destructoid

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