An open letter to Screwattack regarding Springboard and the Advantage Program

Posted on March 29, 2012 - 1:43pm by ChaosMazer


 For those whom are Advantage Members, if you are having the same issues with Spring Board that many others are. Please remove your Advantage Membership status until we get a player that works. We shouldn't be paying for a service that is broken.

Dear Screwattack,

Let me start off by saying that I love Screwattack. I've been visiting the site regularly since 2008. I watch Hard News and Screwing around on a daily basis. I watch Sidescrollers on a weekly basis and Death Battle as soon as the new one is up. But most importantly, as soon as I heard about the Advantage Program, I signed up as soon as I was able to because I wanted to support the site I really enjoyed. However, because of a certain new video player, I find myself on the verge of pulling my Advantage status.

Springboard just does not work on this site. Whenever I (and many others) pause the video to let it load, I find that it will not restart again. However, the player itself seems to think that it's working, as the slider continues to move while the screen is at a dead standstill. The only way to fix it is to simply reload the page, which reloads the video, which causes the problem again because we need to pause to let it load a bit. The only other solution would be to just sit and watch two or three second clips of it every so often while it loads, which is very irritating.

So how does all this tie into me pulling out of the Advantage Program? Simple logic. Why should I pay for something that does not work properly for me? I love Hard News, but I can watch it on youtube to avoid the player. And anything that is special to Advantage Members, like extended cut (which is hilarious by the way) I am unable to view because of the player. So again I ask, why should I, as a customer, pay for something that I cannot use?

There are ways to fix this issue however. The simplest one being to change video hosting sites all together. Another one that comes to mind would be to allow people to download the video file so they can just load it up on their own video player. That way the can enjoy all the good Screwy times that this site has to offer without having to deal with Springboard.

It is with great sorrow that I pull my support, and I ask that others do the same if they are having the same video player problems. I have missed out on a lot since I've been unable to watch new content. However until a new alternative is found, I will no longer be an Advantage Member. Please, place your customers and viewers first.

With a love that will echo through the ages,

Chaos Mazer

UPDATE: Well... I'm not sure if it was Screwattacks doing or Springboard, but it's working just fine for me now. I plan on renewing my Advantage membership. Thank you for reading and letting me at least vent my frustrations.

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