Paper Mario: Sticker Star plans to be a star highlight

Posted on June 6, 2012 - 8:16pm by Ferret75

Paper Mario: Sticker Star may have been revealed at Nintendo's initial conference earlier this week, but a more recent event focused more on the gameplay. Not only will this be the first time that the Paper Mario series has shown up on a handheld system, but it was explained that this upcoming entry to the role-playing series was specifically designed from the ground up with the 3D features in mind.

The graphical style looks very similar to the Nintendo 64 original in terms of coloring, but the battle system has now been changed to an isometric view. It looks similar to Super Mario RPG on the Super Nintendo, but the main difference is the new incorporation of stickers. Instead of gaining new permanent abilities which use flower points, special moves can now be applied to your attacks via the use of collected stickers. These appear on the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS; some examples include an enhanced stomp as well as a koopa shell move. Instead of leveling up via experience, you now instead have to hunt down rarer stickers that can be obtained by completing specific challenges.

Stickers are central to the gameplay, often being hidden in the environment. But they aren't just used for combat purposes; they can also be utilized to solve certain puzzles. For example, Mario comes across a Toad who's sad about the wind blowing away his crops. By going to a paper map mode, you can place three attack flowers where his garden should be, which in turn restores the garden. This rewards you by giving you six flower stickers, which effectively doubles your sticker amount.

There were some other features introduced as well. Some hidden collectible stickers can be collected that resemble real-world items, such as a fan. By taking them to certain town areas, you can convert these realistic objects into stickers, which in turn can be strategically placed to solve environmental puzzles. Some of these in particular are needed to advance the plot.

What does the community think about these new changes to the gameplay? Do they sound innovative and exciting, or does the new sticker mechanic just sound like a bad gimmick? Leave your thoughts and comments about the upcoming game below!

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