PETA’s latest game is about protecting innocent Pokémon

Posted on October 8, 2012 - 1:22pm by Sean Hinz

So Pokémon Black and White 2 launched yesterday and PETA celebrated by releasing their own parody Pokémon Black and Blue. The game has you playing as Pokémon gone rogue in an attempt to save other Pokémon from a life of torture and imprisonment. PETA of course has an official message to accompany this:

"Much like animals in the real world, Pokémon are treated as unfeeling objects and used for such things as human entertainment and as subjects in experiments… The way that Pokémon are stuffed into pokeballs is similar to how circuses chain elephants inside railroad cars and let them out only to perform confusing and often painful tricks that were taught using sharp steel-tipped bullhooks and electric shock prods."

Right, Pokémon are just like elephants. And that’s why it is totally ok for Pokémon to teach their human masters a lesson by burning, electrocuting, and educating them on their shortcomings. Interested in trying this wonderfully misled look at the world of Pokémon? Well I happen to have a version you can play right here on 

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