Phil Fish thinks YouTube creators are effectively "pirates" and their ad revenue belongs to him

Posted on June 19, 2014 - 1:23pm by Sean Hinz

Phil Fish peeked out from behind his pretentious rock of superiority to remind us why we tend to loathe his opinions on the gaming space. Yesterday he took to Twitter to let us know that YouTube creators are effectively "pirates" and their ad revenue should be shared with the developers that produced the games.

Now of course this not only led to a massive Internet uproar and fueled the ongoing debate over IP law, but Fish then decided to run back behind his fucking rock and delete his Twitter account. Obviously I am biased because ScrewAttack has featured game footage in a majority of its videos and I frankly don't feel there is an issue using it to create an original piece of content, but here's the real issue... 

Popping out to drop a bomb in social media is fine, so long as you have the stones to stand by your ideals. Doing so and then shutting down the opportunity for dialog is a disservice to the community as a whole, and frankly you look like a fucking toss pot. I think we should all thank Marcus Beer for that astute observation.

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