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Posted on September 29, 2012 - 3:06pm by Woodyman


Decide on the films Woodyman reviews during WoodyWeen!


Hey g1s,


It’s that time of the year again g1s…

It’s my favorite month of all time, OCTOBER!

I love October for so many reasons. I love the leaves changing colors, I love apple pie, and I love Halloween. Therefore, I decided to spend the entire month of October just writing lists about Halloween, scary movies, scary games, and anything else in-between... it’s a made up holiday I like to call WoodyWeen…



In addition to all the lists, I'll be reviewing three films toward the end of WoodyWeen.


I have three giant Classic Features boxsets of horror/sci-fi films. I have Horror Classics, Sci-Fi Classics


What I want you to do, is comment below on which movie from EACH BOXSET!!! You wanna see me review. I'll put them all through a random generator.


Here are comprehensive lists of each boxset.


Horror Classics:













1.      Carnival of Souls

2.      Atom Age Vampire

3.      Creature from the Haunted Sea

4.      Nightmare Castle

5.      Black Dragons

6.      Invisible Ghost

7.      One Body Too Many

8.      White Zombie

9.      Attack of the Giant Leeches

10.  The Screaming Skull

11.  Beast of Yucca Flats

12.  The Terror

13.  Revolt of the Zombies

14.  The Giant Gila Monster

15.  The Fatal Hour

16.  Dead Men Walk

17.  The Mad Monster

18.  Maniac

19.  Metropolis

20.  The Vampire Bat

21.  The Ape

22.  The Monster Maker

23.  The Killer Shrews

24.  The Brain That Wouldn't Die

25.  Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde

26.  Bluebeard

27.  The Corpse Vanishes

28.  Night of the Living Dead

29.  Doomed to Die

30.  The Phantom of the Opera

31.  The Indestructible Man

32.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame

33.  Nosferatu

34.  Swamp Women

35.  The World Gone Mad

36.  Little Shop of Horrors

37.  Tormented

38.  The Monster Walks

39.  Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

40.  The Gorilla

41.  A Shriek in the Night

42.  Bloodlust

43.  The Amazing Mr. X

44.  Last Woman on Earth

45.  The Bat

46.  House on Haunted Hill

47.  The Last Man on Earth

48.  Dementia 13

49.  Phantom from 10,000 Leagues




Sci-Fi Classics:



1.       The Amazing Transparent Man

2.       Assignment: Outer Space

3.       Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon

4.       Hercules Unchained

5.       Killers From Space

6.       Laser Mission

7.       Lost Jungle

8.       Phantom From Space

9.       The Phantom Planet

10.   Planet Outlaws

11.   Queen of the Amazons

12.   The Wasp Woman

13.   Zontar, the Thing From Venus

14.   Colossus and the Amazon Queen

15.   First Spaceship On Venus

16.   Horrors of Spider Island

17.   Robot Monster

18.   She Gods of Shark Reef

19.   They Came From Beyond Space

20.   Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

21.   Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

22.   Warning From Space

23.   White Pongo

24.   The Astral Factor

25.   Attack of the Monsters

26.   The Atomic Brain

27.   Battle of the Worlds

28.   Blood Tide

29.   The Brain Machine

30.   Bride of the Gorilla

31.   Cosmos: War of the Planets

32.   Crash of the Moons

33.   Destroy All Planets

34.   Devil of the Desert vs. the Son of Hercules

35.   Eegah

36.   The Galaxy Invader

37.   Gammera, the Invincible

38.   Hercules Against The Moonmen

39.   Hercules and the Captive Women

40.   The Incredible Petrified World

41.   King of Kong Island

42.   Menace From Outer Space

43.   Mesa of Lost Women

44.   Prehistoric Women

45.   Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

46.   The Snow Creature

47.   Son of Hercules

48.   Teenagers From Outer Space

49.   Unknown World

50.   The Wild Women of Wongo




Sci-Fi Invasion:



1.       984: Prisoner of the Future

2.       Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe

3.       The Alien Factor

4.       Alien Prey

5.       The Amazing Transparent Man

6.       Assassin

7.       The Bat (1959)

8.       Battle Beyond the Sun

9.       Beyond the Moon

10.   Brain Twisters

11.   The Brother from Another Planet

12.   The Crater Lake Monster

13.   The Creeping Terror

14.   The Day Time Ended

15.   Death Machines

16.   Escape from Galaxy 3

17.   Evil Brain from Outer Space

18.   Extraterrestrial Visitors

19.   The Eyes Behind The Stars

20.   Fugitive Alien

21.   Future Hunters

22.   Future Women

23.   Galaxina

24.   The Giant of Metropolis

25.   Hands of Steel

26.   The Head

27.   Horror High

28.   Hundra

29.   Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star

30.   Invaders From Space

31.   It's Alive

32.   Life Returns

33.   The Manster

34.   Mission Stardust

35.   Morons from Outer Space

36.   Night Fright

37.   Night of the Blood Beast

38.   Primal Impulse

39.   R.O.T.O.R.

40.   Raiders of Atlantis

41.   Robo Vampire

42.   Rocket Attack U.S.A.

43.   Slipstream

44.   Star Knight

45.   Star Pilot

46.   Top Line

47.   Trapped by Television

48.   War of the Robots

49.   The Wasp Woman

50.   Welcome to Blood City




Okay, so after all that what should you do? All you need to do is pick and movie from each boxset that you want me to review and then comment below. Please pick ONE MOVIE from EACH BOXSET... (3 Total)...


The winner will be chosen randomly.


Happy WoodyWeen!!!

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