Pikachu VS. Blanka DEATH BATTLE: My interpretation of the unlikely scenario

Posted on August 27, 2012 - 9:55am by crashandcortex

 When I first woke up this morning, I went on Screwattack as per my usual habit to see if they had uploaded a trailer for the newest DEATH BATTLE matchup. Having been constantly checking this since Spidey VS. Batman, I was pretty ecstatic to see a new trailer right in front of me, but I was equally surprised to see the silhouette of the one and only Pikachu in the thumbnail for the video. Immediately wanting to see the matchup, I proceeded to watch, and after having been blown away by that epic Red remix at the beginning, I heard a remix of Blankas theme from Street Fighter 2, and thought to myself "Oh my fucking god, Pikachu's going to get murdered and mauled. Are they really really doing this?". At the same time however, I felt the need to do my own research on the match for once, and see if I could come up with a really accurate conclusion as opposed to just assuming that one would win on petty factors as per usual. After all, most of my predictions ended up falling flat on their arses once the actual fight began (the only one I've gotten RIGHT since Chief VS. Doomguy was Thor destroying Raiden, but honestly that was a really easy match to predict), so it stands to reason that I might as well up my game if I loved DEATH BATTLE so much. Now that the research on my part has been done, I feel it best to share my opinion  with others who adore this show, as well as my personal take on the fight itself and how it may go.  So the eternal question once again arises: Who will win a DEATH BATTLE?


Pikachu (Pokemon Series, particularly anime)

Love or hate the Pokemon anime, let's be honest, we've all heard of and adored Ash Ketchum and his trademark Pikachu during at least one point of our lives. We all know the story too. Initially a disobediant, mischievous and shock-happy dick of a rat (to put it most honestly), after Ash showed his willingness to defend Pikachu from a flock of angered Spearow, that sparked the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and a bond which has seldom been broken, even after 16 +years! A quick, yet insanely frail glass cannon in the video games, Anime Pikachu is the biggest arse-kicking maniac the series has ever known, renowned for his incredible speed and proficiency with Electric attacks such as Thunderbolt, Thunder and Volt Tackle (as well as a few impossible circumstances involving aiming for the horn on a Rhydon and using Thunder as armour). Although normally under the command of his trainer, I'll be making the analysis under the assumption that Pikachu will fight just as well without Ash holding his hand as he does under Ketchum's command. The real question though, is can a sweet little Pikachu really stand up to the terrifying animalistic might of Blanka?

Blanka (Street Fighter series)

U.S Marine Corps agent Charlie Nash was once an incredible fighter and extremely dedicated soldier, having even won the U.S Martial Arts Tournament at one point before Ken Masters dominated the circuit. However, while on a mission to stop the evil M.Bison and his organisation Shadaloo from assuming global conquest, Charlie was kidnapped and experimented on by the wicked organisation, the result of which having given him electricity generating powers in addition to turning his skin green, resulting in his transformation into the feral beast known only as Blanka.


OK, so you all knew that was a bunch of bollucks. Here's the real story:

In the past, Jimmy was a young Brazillian boy known for his incredibly pale skin, being referred to as the "hombre blanco", the serving foundation for his later name change. However, an unfortunate plane crash had caused young Jimmy to be separated from his caring mother, and he had to face a hard life in the Brazillian wilderness. However, he adapated rather stunningly, using chlorophyll to disguise himself amidst the trees and gaining electric powers from his constant exposure to electric eels. (I SWEAR I'm not making this up). Now a savage feral beast, he goes by the name Blanka, and using his natural instincts in a self-made fighting style, fights to earn the respect of those who question his rather animalistic appearance and habits. His next challenger is the world-famous Pikachu, another creature capable of discharging electricity. But who is the strongest electric creature? There's only one way to find out...

The Lowdown:


+Incredibly fast, with other attacks such as Quick Attack, Electro Ball and Agility only serving to further consolidate Pikachu's superior speed.

+Is far superior at discharging electricity, being able to discharge in paralysing waves, mighty Thunderbolts, small projectiles and large balls of energy. Pikachu's electricity also contains far more volts, extending from around 10,000 volts (Thunderbolt) to approximately 1 billion volts (Thunder and presumably Volt Tackle).

+Can use an item which gives a 2.5X boost to its attacks (Light Ball).

+The ability Static discourages foes from physically attacking Pikachu, as although it has incredibly low defense, it also has a 1/3 chance of paralysing the foe, cutting their speed down by half and at points even causing a total stop in the foes movements, giving Pikachu ample time and opportunity to strike back.

+Naturally resists electricity as part of its type.

+ Very small (1,4) and thus incredibly difficult to actually land a hit on, when coupled with its natural speed.

+Ash's Pikachu particularly has considerably more endurance than any average Pikachu, being able to take constant fatal blows and still be left standing, ready for more.

-Pikachu is incredibly frail and thus can be easily taken down by a few strong blows. However, this being Ash's Pikachu, the flaw is negated somewhat.

-Can only utilise 4 moves at one given time. It may be able to learn a host of amazing attacks, but it can't use all of them at once. If we're going by the anime, then Pikachu's attacks shall be Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail and Volt Tackle or Electro Ball depending on what Wiz and Boomstick prefer.

-Is less intelligent than the average human.

-Relies on its battling instincts as opposed to any one specific fighting style as a Pokemon.


+Is far more muscular and powerful due to his intense years of training to survive in the jungle.

+Self-taught instinctual fighting style is nearly impossible to predict and contains techniques that can attack in all situations, such as close-up (Head Bite), far-away (Blanka Balls) and as self-defense (Electricity).

+Blanka Balls are incredibly strong and move very quickly, compensating for his average movement speed otherwise.

+Despite beastlike appearance is actually a human and thus has the intelligence advantage despite still relying on instincts.

+Above-average durability, can take a lot of attacks before falling unconscious.

+No moveset limits, can fight to his full potential and can use as many techniques as he wishes.

+Has the advantage in a jungle environment due to his many years of adapting to live there.

-Lack of experience, although he's fought many Street Fighter characters, he's never stated to have won against any of them in canon, and if we count the animated SFII movie, he's only beaten Zangief, who's one of the weakest DEATH BATTLE victors thus far.

-Despite looking fatal, Blanka's electrical attacks are only discharged at the strength of an electric eel shock (600 volts, although obviously due to how it hits multiple times it's more than that, but not overly so), and thus are considerably weaker than Pikachu's.

-Ironically has no stated resistance to electricity in canon, whereas Pikachu naturally resists it as an Electric type.

-Copes poorly outside of tropical conditions.

-Is very reliant on getting close to an opponent to damage them, has no projectile options other than launching himself in a ball, which although powerful is also very risky and can lead to Blanka getting injured due to being left wide open afterwards.

The Verdict:


After reading that concise description of their advantages and disadvantages, I'd say it's pretty clear that Pikachu would come out the victor in this scrap. Although Blanka has the strength advantage, can utilise environment far more effectively and could likely tear into Pikachu if given the chance, Pikachu is far quicker and can easily battle from a distance due to having far more powerful and long ranged electric attacks. Although Blanka has powerful electric attacks of his own (particularly the Shout of Earth and the Lightning Cannonball), Pikachu isn't as affected by them because of his own electric resistance. This could also force Blanka into coming in close to prey on Pikachu's lower physical stamina, which in turn has a very high chance of paralysing Blanka via Static and thus leaving Blanka wide open for Pikachu to decimate him with an absurdly powerful Volt Tackle finish. Bam, now how is Blankas mum meant to identify her little Jimmy when he's in pieces? The winner is Pikachu.

How I feel the battle would go:

So after that analysis, I bet you're wondering as to what my idea of the fight between Pikachu VS Blanka would be. Well, just for your convenience I created a word document summarising how I feel the Pikachu VS. Blanka matchup would go. Happy reading!

The match begins with Blanka walking around in the jungle, hungry and looking for food. Following this, he spots a Pichu frolicking around in a branch above him (trees surround the jungle) and mauls it, following that you hear a Thunderbolt being charged up, and the branch Blanka and the now deceased Pichu were on is destroyed by the attack. Blanka dodges and lands on the ground, a very angry Pikachu jumps to the other side, discharging electricity from its cheeks and letting out a clearly pissed off cry. Match begins.

• Pikachu initially dominates the battle with a volley of Quick Attacks Blanka can’t keep up with, which is ended by a quick forward smash (Smash Bros. style) knocking Blanka away. Blanka charges his Blanka Ball up, using the surrounding trees around him as a pinball propulsion, increasing his velocity and power, Pika tries aiming a Thunderbolt for him but it misses and Pikachu is hit, launching into a quick combo. Pikachu recovers midway though and hits Blanka with a flip, knocking him out of it and doing a few jab headbutts and little kicks, again interrupted by Blanka smacking Pika with his claw and then hiding in the remaining trees.

• Pikachu is unable to find Blanka at this point, and tries using his enhanced hearing to flush Blanka out. Blanka however stays still and smacks Pika with an Up Ball, which then turns into a Quick Attack and Blanka Ball collision, with Blanka as the victor. As Pikachu is knocked away, clearly quite battered, it prepares a Thunderbolt attack and shoots it out. Blanka tries protecting himself with his own Electricity, but the bolt overwhelms him and knocks him into a rock.

• Blanka gets pissed off and tries to launch his Lightning Cannonball, which destroys all the trees surrounding him as he pursues Pikachu with it in a little chase scene. Pikachu attempts an Electro Ball, which only temporarily slows Blanka down, and he then moves the other way and attempts to escape with Quick Attack, but eventually Blanka goes full pelt and smacks Pikachu with it, causing a huge light flash. However, Pikachu is injured, but not down, thanks to his resistance to electricity.

At this point, Blanka is latched onto Pikachu and is performing his trademark Bite throw (not the Head Bite!!) and Pikachu looks like it’s on the ropes as it relentlessly continues. Suddenly, Blanka groans, and sparks emit from him, indicating Pikachu’s’ ability Static has activated! Blanka is practically motionless at this point, latched on top of Pikachu, Pika knocks him away with a swift Iron Tail launching him into the air, followed by another volley of Quick Attacks and another Iron Tail knocking Blanka down to the floor. Pikachu charges up a Volt Tackle and does his typical “PIKAPIKAPIKAPIKAPIKAPIKAPIKA” cry while doing this, Blanka however, recovers from paralysis temporarily and attempts to finish off Pikachu with a last ditch Lightning Cannonball. However, as they collide, it becomes apparent that Volt Tackle is too strong, and as Pika says the final PIKA, Blanka cries suddenly as his body explodes into multiple pieces (ala Batman against Spider Man but more body segments at the end as opposed to just the torso), Pikachu temporarily suffers recoil damage, but then afterwards sighs with a quick “CHAAA...” as the brutal match is over.

So yeah, thank you very much for reading this humongous pile of junk! I'd absolutely appreciate feedback as well as a couple of people to discuss this with, I do ADORE my DEATH BATTLES... :)

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