PlayStation 3 is completely hacked, with PSN access

Posted on October 23, 2012 - 3:38pm by Sean Hinz

How poetic is it that less than day after Sony is cleared of almost any wrongdoings in the PSN hack, the PS3 is hacked to bits. In what could only be described as the ultimate hack, the hacking community has released a version of PS3 firmware that can now give modders access to PSN. The catch is that you have to be running firmware version 3.55 or lower to be able to mount this custom firmware. Version 3.6 made it incredibly difficult for anyone to hack the PS3 in its current state. That means we might see a lot more hacked PS3s gaming online, but this isn’t the bad news though…

The bad news is, after this firmware was released free to the public, another team of hackers called the “The Three Tusketeers” have released the LV0 decryption key for the PS3. This means that once the firmware is mounted, hackers can decrypt any new updates that Sony might try to send to the console. Even if Sony tries to change passphrase, hackers can repackage the new updates as ver. 3.55 and run the new features on the hacked console. The Tusketeers had apparently been sitting on this key for some time, but didn’t want to release it before the custom firmware was made public. That way no one would profit from their hard work. So today is a bad day for PlayStation.

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