Playstation teaming with Telltale for PSN promotion

Posted on November 2, 2011 - 10:20am by Sean Hinz

All this week from November 1st - 8th, you can pick up a free download of Jurassic Park: The Game, simply by purchasing an annual subscription to Playstation Plus. This works for current subscribers as well and will simply extend the current cubscription by 1 year. You can do this either through the PSN store or by redeeming a code, but whatever method you choose it has to be done before the 8th. 

As far as the game goes, Jurassic Park: The Game will contain episodes 1-4 aqnd is basically a $30 value. Since a years worth of Playstation Plus is $50, that is not a bad deal. The game will officially launch on November 15th and when it does, annual subscribers who are eligible will receive a notification that the game is ready for download. Now I am going to shill for a minute, any one who has a problem with that can bugger off.

I was a day one subscriber to Playstation Plus, because I thought since I already was giving Microsoft about $50 a year, why not Sony. Here is the thing, Playstation Plus is a better deal. Since subscribing I have downloaded nearly 100 games and numerous pieces of  content for free. That is a ton of free stuff! On top of that, I have automatic updates (never having to wait for updates anymore is wonderful) and Cloud saving. Here is something you may not know, if your PS3 dies (like mine did), you cannot get the save files off the hard drive without the PS3 working. Saves are encoded to the hardware they are saved on for Playstation 3. Thank god I had all my save games in the Cloud or else I would have been screwed.

I am not saying anyone has to buy this, but I am sharing my experience with you. An experience that has been extremely positive so far. Check out the details page to see if Playstation Plus is something for you.

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