A plea to the Teams of After Dark

Posted on July 19, 2012 - 1:30pm by AgentKane


The teams have gone too far. The chat is either filled with people spamming whatever teams they are on or deaththreats.

Remember the 2nd 24 hour live stream? Man that fun. Of course the highlight of the live stream was Mario Party. Jared, Chad, Nick and Sam were amazing. The event was so amazing in fact that Chad, Sam, and Jared decided once in a while, they would play Mario Party After Dark for all of us. Us, being the community we are decided to follow each member AKA the teams.

Now at first, it was fine but things quickly got out of hand which brings me to the purpose of this blog. You see, the teams have gotten out of control. Instead of rooting for members we started to attack them and sometimes people were clever and even I was riffing on Jared and Nick. However not everyone is like that. Some users would send death threats to the crew and even death threats to the love ones of the crew. During MP3, one user told Chad whose wife was mere hours from giving birth to his child that he hoped his wife and child died while she was giving birth. Wishing death upon a single people you do not know is already bad enough but that goes way too far.

Thankfully this behavior isn't that common but that isn't the only problem with the teams. One of the best features of Screwin Around is chatting with other g1s and I would love to do that during After Dark but we can't since most users prefer to spam whatever teams they are on. It is the reason why the slow chat is on. Instead of having fun with each other and talking about the action going on in the game, we believe it is better to constantly tell everyone what team we are on. I won't lie, each After Dark has been getting worse. The only reason I watched last After Dark was because I was drunk.

I simply ask to control yourselves during After Dark. I want to chat with other g1s not be annoyed by them. Thank you.

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